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The Spirit of Y-Intercept

In the Prime Universe, Xiao Zing, "Y-Intercept" sought to position herself at the center of the universe; by poisoning the mind of the 1st humans. Because of this, she crafted a singularity at the heart of creation, which time and space are drawn too. This place has been dubbed "Universe Y" by the Exemplar Theorist, who believe that in order to completely eradicate Y, Universe Y must be destroyed.

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Like "The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost" Y intercept can manifest in three forms, through the possession of a person's spirit, through possession of a person's mind, and through physical manifestation. While in possession of a persons spirt, Y can assume direct control over a person's action without any physical detriments to herself. She can withdraw her influence at any time; at the expense of the host. Y has possessed the spirit of Catalina Liafador.

Y Intercept Mental Possession

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Y intercept's mental possession works just like a Spirit Possession, with the exception that Y cannot directly influence the actions of the host. If the host boast strong physical attributes, Y can only occupy the mind at the same time as the host. If the host gives in to Y's manipulation; The possession can become a Spirit Possession.

This is one of Y's least favorite techniques because she can easily be dispelled by magic, Telepathy and Religious Ceremonies. Y's mental possession has been used on Maya Liafador.

Y Intercept The Physical Manifestation. (CVnU)

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"All I need is a group of idiots and an idea."

Name: Xiao Zing

Alias: The Graceful Assassin, The Green Dragon Empress, The Cocaine Goddess, The Flower of Carnage, The Eden Snake, Chaos Incarnate. Lethal Weapon 0,

Age: Died at age 24.

Height: 5'5

Weight: 133 IBS

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown Sugar Brown. (Can often be seen as Jade, as she channels her powers)

Orientation: Y practices "Flexuality" she will have sex with anyone or anything depending on what she's possessed.

Family: "Pensacola" (Prime) Snake Charmer (Prime)

Birth Place: Jiangling, China.

"The Cocaine Goddess"

"You May Not Last Five Minutes"

Having taken possession of an autistic homeless child, Y’s presence in the Nu was felt long BCE. Y’s influence over the child’s spirit gave her complete and utter control to use the girl how she saw fit. Y’s village was plagued with murders, rapist and thieves; in order to begin her rise; the Flower of Carnage sought to find a way to unify all like-minded people, and force them to serve under her.

Y moved across the city doing odd jobs and assassinations for local clan leaders, she became so proficient and clean with her work, she was known as the greatest assassin of the time. In 2 short years, Y had enough respect to raise her own banner, which worried many of the local clans that Y had previously been employed by. The clans sent many of their best men to kill the Green Dragon and her small followers, but the Flower of Carnage bested all who came, and set fire to the territories to deter anymore violence against her camp.

Y turned her attention to the last remaining lands to the north of Jiangling, a territory that was supposed to be littered with addictive plants. In truth these were the vast Opium Fields, which Y knew from previous experience was used in cocaine. Y's Green Dragon Banner rose through from profiting off Opium sells. Y supplied the surrounding Clans with Opium, and joined them regularly for smoke sessions. Because her body was trained for years for Opium use, Y would remain completely sober while her rivals experienced the full effects of the powerful drug. When the desired effect had set in, The Green Dragon Clan would attack and defeat her rivals into submission.

"The Green Dragon Empress / The Graceful Assassin"

"You wanted to screw me, or is it I that have screwed you"

Following the defeat of the Jiangling’s rival clans, The Green Dragon Clan rose as the majority, with Y- Intercept as the ruler.

Y’s time as the ruler of Jiangling was spent forging a legacy that’d see her influence last forever. As the Empress, Y dedicated fight schools for children dedicated to learning Y’s satanic doctrine. While Jiangling flourished under Y’s rule, the surrounding areas of China were in the midst of being conquered by the Hans. The Hans viewed the 20 year old as nothing more than a pretty face; Y’s Green Dragon Army fought the Hans through Attrition defeating them city-by-city, territory by territory; periodically expanding into neighboring territories to assist struggling regimes.

After Y personally decapitated one of his generals, the Han Ruler gave her the nickname “Graceful Assassin” on the belief that Y had actually slipped into the general’s compound and killed him while surrounded by more than 200 men. Y and the Green Dragons held off the Hans for 3 consecutive years, meanwhile the surrounding territories fell giving the an Hans Strategic advantage over The Dragons.

"The Chaos Incarnate: The Flower of Carnage"

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When it was apparent the Hans were going to attack Jiangling in full strength, Y made a pact with her father, and former lover—Satan. The deal was to grant Y’s physical body immortality through a blade called “The Flower of Carnage”

Y led 40,000 Green Dragon soldiers into battle to fight the 80,000 man Han army, The Dragons were soundly defeated with the exception of the Green Dragon Empress herself. Unbeknownst to Y, The Han Ruler had also secured a deal with Satan; which forged two more blades. The Black Rose Blade and The Green Dragon Blade. These two blades negated the natural immortality granted to the 24-year-old ruler.

Jiangling was defeated, and with it. Y was initially offered a spot in the Han Dynasty; instead she chose death. The Han Ruler tricked Y into entering a cave, where he locked he magically sealed the tomb with Y’s own blades. She would "die" a few days later. The reasoning Y was given for Satan's betrayal was that she was not to be his herald during this period, she was best saved for another.

The Eden Snake

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Y returned in spirit form to possess Ziccarra Liafador-Knightfall's daughter, Catalina. In order to achieve full control over the young teen. Y coerced the young teen to try cocaine, under the influence of cocaine Catalina was raped by four men, the resulting breakdown allowed the Eden Snake to assume full control over young Cat. Using Cat, Y sought to take over New York City by releasing a deadly fear toxin.

Y was stopped by Ziccarra, Quintus and Catalina's sister Isis. Since being dispelled from Catalina Liafador Y left bits and pieces of her spirit in the young teen that eventually became beneficial to her. An evil Ziccarra Liafador poisoned the heart of her purest daughter Maya's heart with the darkness in Catalina's heart. Because of it Y is now a mental possession in Maya Liafador.

Lethal Weapon 0


Martial Arts

During the time of Y's upbringing, many of the ancient chinese were teaching "in-house" arts, Y learned how to use Muy Thai efficiently from a peddler on the streets of her neighborhood.

Infinite Ressurection- Y is able to be physically damaged, and harmed; but she can ressurrect whenever and whereever she deems necessary. Though a ressurrection after the death of her physical form must be due to a spirtual or mental possession.

Shapeshifting - Y can transform into either a snake, or a crow.