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Name: Beckster Xzenix Flair

Alias: The Flair

Age: 26

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 210 Ibs

Marital status: Single

Sexual orientation: Straight

Alignment: Neutral

Identity: Secret

Place of birth: Gothic City

Universe: CVnU


Born and raised in the slums that is Gothic City, Xzenix quickly learned how bad the place was, and what he had to do in order to keep breathing in such a disaster of a place. And if it meant doing shady things then that's what he had to do. From robbing to being in several gangs, Xzenix has been through a lot over the years. However, he's never quite found his place in the world. Currently, he's (somewhat) of a vigilante that goes by the codename The Flair due to his extraordinary abilities.

Fighting skills

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Even though Flair is not a master of any martial art, he still has some hand-to-hand combat skills and can defend himself pretty well.


Beck possesses strength greater than the strongest human. A limit to his strength hasn't been shown as of yet, but it's assumed to be around peak human levels.


His speed/agility excels beyond the best athletes. He's exceptional at bullet-timing.


Besides hand-to-hand fighting, weapons are also a part of his arsenal. Xzenix's main weapons are a handgun and a knife, sometimes an assault rifle, smoke bombs and hand grenades.

New arm

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After losing his arm in battle, he was sidelined for a bit and got a new one. But this time a much stronger, improved one that's made out of steel.