Thanos Revamped!

I was going about developing a plot for Thanos(I'm making him more like Darkseid), and I'm stuck on "turn your idea into a story."
I don't know how to explain why the Titans are at war.

My Ideas So Far

Morvaxia is like Apokolips, and it is in Titan culture to "keep what you kill."

Thanos goes to Morvaxia to the king of the Titans, Kalibak, who lives on the
planet Morvaxia(they're at war with the Titans of New Eden, which is like New Genesis).

Kalibak, ordered a hit on Thanos, now Thanos is trying to figure out why
he was ordered to be killed. Thanos finds out that Kalibak is
his father(Kalibak orphaned Thanos wanting a son that didn't
have a mutation, Kalibak believed the mutation made Thanos weak).
Kalibak, to show how "weak" his son is, kills Lauresa, Thanos's lover.
In doing so, he angered Thanos and caused him to use his mutation(the
control of cosmic energy) to kill him. After slaughtering Kalibak,
Thanos sits in the throne of his father, grieving over his lover's death.
When he looks up, all of Kalibak's troops bow down to Thanos, and
Thanos replies "You keep what you kill."
(meaning he kept Kalibak's empire).

Thanos rules with a iron fist, due to the fact that his heart had
become cold and he eternally turns his back on love.

Origin of the Titan Civil War

My idea for the origin of the war is that The Titans had highly

advanced technology millions of years before any other race in the universe.

It was great power they had in their hands-the ability to cause
civilizations to either rise or fall.

And like all things that hold great power, some wanted it for good,
some wanted it for evil.

A great war broke out between the Titans. One day, the
planet Titanus(then the Titan's home world) was split in half.
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One half of the planet was claimed by Titans who wanted the power to be
used for good-they named the planet New Eden. The other half of the
planet was claimed by Titans who wanted the power to be used
for evil-they named the planet Morvaxia.

@Deranged Midget

What do you all think about my origin story?

Hawkeye #1

I've decided just to release chapters and not my plot summary(don't want any spoilers).

I'm revamping Hawkeye entirely, having him start off on a new foot.

Here it goes

Classic Hawkeye
Classic Hawkeye

The night is pitch black. The stars shine bright in the sky. Clint Barton looks up, wondering if it's possible to really achieve anything one imagines.

"BOOM!" Suddenly, it sounded as if someone was shoved into a wall.

Clint turns around and runs out of his bedroom(surrounded by posters of galaxies) and runs into the kitchen. There, he sees something that will change his life forever.

Clint's mother is on the ground, with a bloody nose and crying, Clint's father has his fists clinched on his belt buckle, about to loosen it.

"Mom! No! Get away from him!" Clint screams as he heads towards his mother and picks up her head, crying.

"So-so-so-son, go away, this is how normal parents resolve issues." Clint's mother says, stammering while having a semblance of fear hidden, both for herself and her child.

"No, I'm not leaving yo-"

"GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Clint's father says as he yanks Clint away and throws him towards the wall. Clint hits the wall hard, feeling a numbing feeling the back of his head. Clint's father turns to Clint, with a scowl on his face, dripping sweat pouring down on the floor with a strong finger pointed at his son. "You know nothing! And you will never be nothing! You understand? NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Clint's father turns around, getting ready to violate clint's front of Clint himself.

Clint knew being hit in the face and beaten when having done nothing wrong was his family's way of a good time, but this had never occurred before...and Clint was fed up with the abuse.

Just as Clint's father removes his belt, he gasps loudly "AAAAHHHH!" He looks down at his stomach, peering at a seeping hole of blood-Clint's mother had just stabbed clint's father with a kitchen knife.

"I-WILL-NOT-BE-ABUSED-ANY-MORE!" Each scream followed by a stab in Clint's father. She drops the knife and falls to her knees, now sobbing uncontrollably.

Clint's father, with his last remaining breath, picks up the same kitchen knife and stabs Clint's mother in the chest, right before he falls to his death.

With his eyes open and blood on the ground, a dark and gloomy cloud of death surrounds the cowering Clint Barton.

Clint, shaking violently, walks over to his mother. "It'll be all right, mom, we'll get a doctor to patch you up."

"No, son. This time, there is waiting for it to be over. Mommy....has to go away, to a far away place. You hear me?"

"NO! Don't say tha-"

"Shhh. I know you have been through things which many do not even know is possible, but know this: no matter has happened, no matter what your father has done to you, I have always loved you. You hear me? I.............have always loved. you." With that last word, a large but short sigh comes from Clint's mother as her head turns over, she dies in Clint's arms.

"Mom? MOM?" Clint starts sobbing, realizing the hell he has just witnessed(which made his abuse seem like paradise--For he had lost the only person who ever showed him affection while at the same time regret. But he just realized, it wasn't regret his mother showed, it was a promise-a promise that no matter what happens, he has always been capable of something great.

Clint, looks at the blood on his hands, and realizes if the police catch him, he'll be locked up in a mental institution for the rest of his life.

Fearing for freedom, clint runs out of the house.And into the woods, he runs even when his side starts hurting, he runs even when his head is throbbing with pain, he runs even when his chest starts tightening from his asthma. And he runs until he meets a group of people he always knew of but not about-people at the circus.

He goes up to a old man and tugs his arm. "Please, help me," Clint stammers, "" And with that last word, Clint falls into the old man's arms, unconscious.