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Species: hybrid (Grizzlon and Sauroid)

Height: 3 m

Weight: 400 kg


Strength: can exert up to 9000 kg of physical force

Speed: can reach bursts of up to 60 kmh, but can only maintain this for several minutes

Endurance: Capable of exerting itself for up to several days before demonstrating signs of fatigue

Durability: scales act as armor, allowing it to shrug off attacks from weapons not calibrated for heavy armor penetration

Regeneration: can regrow damaged or destroyed tissue, including lost limbs and major organs; process can take from several hours to several days (depending on severity of injury) and requires rest and increased caloric intake (especially protein)

Senses: vision is in black-and-white, but functions in even complete darkness with no loss of range or clarity; hearing is sensitive enough for it to navigate using echolocation; 800 olfactory receptors in its brain give it a sense of smell allowing it to track prey from nearly 30 km away, and can sense minute biochemical shifts (allowing it to discern changes in mood, etc)

Natural weapons: fangs and claws can penetrate substances with up to the durability of tempered steel


Ring of Retaliation: created using a combination of Imperium science and magic, the ring will store up any energy used against its wearer, which the wearer can then redirect as blasts of force, the power of which are dependent upon the potency/amount of energy absorbed