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My favourite X-women

11 because everyone does 10 ;)

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  • Do I even need to say anything? ;P

  • Tough woman, proficient with weapons, original and creative mutant powers plus a sharp tongue, I simply like her

  • It is simply refreshing to see a character so culturally diverse (and lets not lie also a bit difficult ater 9/11) added to the X-Men roster ad see how she fits in.

  • That girl does not only have "mad stylez" but also an interesting combination of powers.

  • I still want her back into the greater picture. The early history of this character might be a bit confusing but I liked the tragic figure they made out of her in the end.

  • Finally back after a long break. Thanks. She makes Ninjutsu-butt.kicking look REALLY good.

  • You can't withstand the mystery that surrounds this woman. Her refreshingly malicious personality is only a bonus.

  • Despite hordes of annoying fanboys the Black Queen still manages to be one of my favourties with her dignity and impressive style.

  • At first I didn't like the character but X-Force (and the intended look into her head and how she thinks in the first few issues) let her grow on me.

  • The bad girl of the X-Men. Helped to shape the team into what they are today and lets be honest, I never liked Jean to begin with, so better her as the First Lady of the X-Men than Ms. Grey.

  • Colossus sister. Snowflake. Awww...