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Epic Rap Battles Of ComicVine History pt. 4

Thanks to internet problems (grumbles about lazy phone companies and even lazier tech guys) I can finally put on my newest installment in the epic rap battles. This time it will be really epic because I chose two vernerable legends to have a go at it. So enjoy SHA VS. FERAL NOVA!!!

I’m Sha and I’m Legion

And I’m the Vine’s best dead on.

Queen of Ninjeta

Wife of Gambla

Who could be betta?


I coined the Supergirl style

And all this while

Your icon became Jean Grey

So stop your silly way

‘Cuz tell me who of the two is still alive

Not to forget once you were MY wife


I’m so good all my 365 mes came from outer space

Because earth couldn’t handle my multitude pace.



Feral Nova  


That’s one of my titlesssss!!!

That already says enough

I’m going to whoop your butt and… stuff.


Queen of Ninjeta?


I’m King of the Vine!

This title is eternally mine!


On Ninjeta I already put you into the grave

With a gigantic fire wave

Before DC destroyed your planet.

You couldn’t stop it!

So you have to take this hit!




I can lift a hundred tons

My genius pulled a thousand cons.

My endurance is legendary

And you’re just merry.

From WAL you couldn’t even beat Larry.


Use all the funny emoticons you can

I’ll show you who’s the man

And recycle you into a metal can.

I strike with the speed of light

Thus I gonna win this fight.



Feral Nova  

I burn brighter than a thousand lights

And I won a thousand fights,

You’re just a blonde bimbo in spandex tights.


I burn hotter than a thousand suns

My adamantium skin makes me laugh about guns

Even Wando admires my puns.


Founding member of WE ARE LEGEND

That alone should tell you this is   the end.

I’m the best at this hero thingy

Already acknowledge you can’t beat me!


Epic Rap Battles Of ComicVine History pt. 3

Okay, the long awaited Gambler vs. Darkchild is up. have fun with it. ;)



Dee Cajun’s gonna send you on a tour

Through dee lands of pains

Where you won’t be treated like god in France.  

Mon good looks, mon charme, mon trademark smile

Make up mon unique swagga style

With which I’m able to beguile

Every woman I want to have

Even after my dozenth death.  

When was dee last time, son,

You had sex without having to rape one?

You may be dee one true child of darkness

But dee only thing that trademarks you is protruding ugliness.






And now my power’s gonna break the floor!  

I take what I want

Even if its your land!  

Seducing is for sissies

A real man like me always swims in pu$$ies!

Go away, Frenchman, and eat some frogs

And have sex with your women who look like dogs!

King Of Kings? My @$$!!!

You’re nothing but a bag of hot gas!

You make things explode

While I’m in constant god-among-men-mode!!!




I beat dee best a dozen times

Dat means I won’t be beaten by your lame rhymes!

You’re only hording crumbs from my table

Your fat @$$’s seat on France throne is everything but stable!

Your reign has come to an end

And I’ll slit your throat like I did to Kurrent

So you better accept being my servant.

Shut up, slave, and bring me a tea

‘Cuz your best is a mere inconvenience for me!




I gonna flat you out!

Do that loud!

Make a new flag of you!

Squish you under my kingsiize shoe!

I’m big, I’m bad

And I’ll prove you that!

You don’t stand a chance

To ever regain your loved France

No matter the count of your “friends”!  

I’ll simply crush ya!

Toss you over the mountain, maybe you can conquer Russia! 

Who won? Who's next? You decide!
You know the procedere. ;) Throw some epic battles out there and I'll surprise you next time.

Epic Rap Battles Of ComicVine History pt. 2

And the new one is done. I hope you enjoy seeing our two star spangled heros battle. 


I am the original

The real true blue

And I’m going near postal

When I see a lame copy like you.  

I’m not only old school

I’m oldest school

Even in the ICE-age I was cool!

I’m the all times greatest hero

While you’re nothing but a phoney zero.

I’ll teach you some respect

Till you detect

You’re nothing but a copy defect.  

My punches and optic blast will make your head swirl

Till you think yourself to be a girl.


War Killer:

I broke the dimensional wall to stay

And I won’t go away

‘Cuz now I’m part of CoP’s fray.  

You may have been an ancient legend

But now your time has come to an end!

Dinosaurs became oil

And like them you already rest in soil.

I’m the new sh1t

You better recognize it

Before you, old man, get hit

And I throw you back in your pit!



Son, how are you talking?

For your own good you better yield

You’ll be lucky if you’ll still be walking

After I bash you with my shield!  

You started the wrong fight

‘Cuz I own the people’s hearts

And will whoop yo @$$ with Martial Arts

So stop being a plight!


War Killer:

I’m the new premium boyscout

And I won’t let YOU call ME out.

I became better than you could’ve ever hoped to be

I even got a killer girlfriend and she loves me!  

Already feeling the Talon in your back?

That’s the female support you lack!

You call me son, old relic?

That’s a term I totally don’t dig.

You’ll never beat me because of my dedication

To god, freedom, justice and world’s greatest nation!

Who won? You decide!

Hope you liked it. Sorry but the next one is already picked, it will be the much demanded Gambler vs. Darkchild

Epic Rap Battles Of ComicVine History

Okay, I really needed to beat my current writer's block but could not come up with anything so I decided to do something that was not as demanding as onne of my usual rpg posts. 
Some of you maybe know Epic Rap Battles Of History on YouTube. It's a cool idea were a guy pits several people from current and past world history against each other in a rap battle. Although I'm not a hip hop or rap fan I enjoy those quite a lot and decided to give it a try. Here is one of my favourites from the original series:

And here is my own attempt at it. For the start I chose two Viners of great reputation and great skills and pitted them against each other. Hope I caught their styles adequately.


Mistress Redhead:


Yo, I’m Missy Redhead

I’m the legendary CoP’s head

And gonna smite you dead

With the data of my files

And my multitude of styles.


Tech is my thing

And you gonna feel the sting

Of defeat soon enough

Cuz’ you’ll be bound you in some high tech cuff

When I drag you through the street

To show everyone yore dead meat.


You’ll die more times than Gambler or DC

When I show you what batman is for DC

Is me for the Vine

Simply the epitome of Fine.

Even doubting that would be a crime.


Dark Huntress:


Boobies McGee in the house, yah…


You may be my mother

But I’m a fighter like no other.

I’m official King Of the Vine

And you dare to call yourself the epitome of fine?


I studied under the best

And simply kicked the @$$es of the rest

In the care of the Cajun

I learned the boom

Of his swagga

And only got betta.


Many tried to break me but failed

So you should’ve better bailed

‘Cuz I have a mutant’s might

And you gonna lose this fight

My telekinesis will send you to flight.


Mistress Redhead:


How do you dare to speak with your elder

In the greek Alphabet I’m Alpha and you’re not even Delta.


Sovereign Son is my other baby’s daddy

So watch out would be baddy

Or else we’re going double ninja on yo sorry @$$

If you do not cut your sass.


Dark Huntress:


Even as a duo you’re not good enough to beat me

I tell you this gonna be too easy.


I’m more than just an update of you

I’m so awesome I can divide by zero

An all around better version

I went through all the pain and managed to be my own person.
Who won? Who's next? You decide!

So tell me your oppinion and who you won in your oppinion. It would also be appreciated if you dropped some suggestions for the next battle as I plan to continue this series as well.


One Risk Too Much...

Darkness. All around her. On her skin. Under her skin. Inside her. Everywhere.


How long she had lain in this small dark room, days, weeks or even months, she could not tell. Everything melded together into a single uniform blur only hardly differentiated by the change of   bright and dark infront of the curtains. Bright grey for the day and black for the night. People casually passed by, bringing things in or looking after her. With her mind clouded by the drugs used to pacify her it was hard to decide who was who, if the visitors in her little world were friend or foe at all. She just lay there in a sedated stupor and drifted from moment to moment, gliding almost limitless from subconscious being awake to the sweet forgetness that is sleep.


The sleep brought strange images. Weird images. Images with no meaning at all. Just forms and colours without a connection to anything much less each other. When the images became to unsettling she wanted to move, throw herself around in her bed but the cuffs wouldn’t let her. From time to time that familiar darkness swallowed her whole and it was all good.


Seldomely she remembered another darkness in the back of her head. A darkness that submerged her, drowned her. That lay on her breast with tons of weight and denied her breathing. Impotent and weak she just lay there and felt how something warm constantly dripped on her face. This darkness was unlike any other she had ever experienced, it invaded her mind and body, crept down her throat and choked her, deprived her of air till she thought she would die. With all of her will she wanted to scream, expel that darkness in a ghastly spit all at once. This was usually the moment when she drove up from her bed and screamed into the emptiness of the room before she sank back into blessed oblivion.


With time came the rediscovery of herself and the tearing of the veil that the small pharmaceutical wonders had created. But that was not the only things that came. With them came self-loathing, despair and worst of all memory. Hour after hour she sat there fighting the pain and going over what had happened again and again.


It had been an easy job. A simple anti-terror-assignment in a corner of the world most people did not even know. Officially they had not even been there. Officially this place did not even exist. Inofficially it had been a terrorist training camp of some unnamed fundamentalistic organization. Easy prey. Maybe too easy. She should have had known it. But she had been too cocky, too self confident, too risky. For her it had all been a game where she could have sated her never ending craving for adrenalin and hunger for action. Now it seemed as if the game had ended forever. She had run out of luck finally. No games, no fun anymore. Now her life was serious business. Had she only shown the same intelligence back then.


Like god’s wrath they had came down on the terrorist trainees. Literally. Black Hawk helicopters had stood in mid air and spat out her and the government unit. The inmates of the camp, some of them children of not more that 14 or 15 years, had had no chance. Their resistance had been minimal. Bullet after bullet after bullet had found a new place lodged deep into flesh. The unit swept through the camp like a hot knife through the butter. And she had been the worst. Arrogantly she had danced over the battlefield, doing somersaults and backflips to dodge bullets and had dealt out death like free candy. Hyped up by adrenaline and the hateful cheering of WAR in her head she had lead the assault on the main building, kicking in the door and killing even more people. With horror she remembered now how the spilled blood had made the floor all slippy.


Enticed by their own power they had rushed through the building and had dragged more people out under the hot desert sun. Risky had taken it on herself to clear the last room. The memory already became hazy here. She remembered how she had destroyed the door with a single burst and had jumped into the room her MP ready to deal death in cold blood. She had witnessed the bearded man standing in the right corner of the room operating some mysterious device. The next moment everything had already became dark.


The next thing she was able to recall was that horrible scene that haunted her in her dreams. Helpless she had lain in the debris of the former bunker and had not known what to do. Had not even known what had happened. Now of course she knew with the wisdom of the temporarily displaced. The last man had set off the safety switch. The whole base had been consumed in a gigantic explosion. All had died but her. Her luck had saved her once more. A piece of the roof had crashed down on her and had saved her from most of the blast. Where everyone else had died she had been the only survivor once more. The guilt of the survivor. Her eternal fate.


For day se had been buried under that rocks until another unit had found her and had brought her to that military hospital where she currently resided in.


Instead of death she had only suffered serious burns. Nothing that her healing factor could not take care of without scars. It might not have been as strong as Hunter’s, Talon’s or, god beware, Ronin’s but it was sufficient. But there was something different, a souvenir from the battlefield that it could not take care of. She had lost more on the battlefield than just her exaggerated pride.


The strangest experience when waking up had been focusing on objects more than a few feet away. Somehow it would not work as well as she was used to. Distances were different, seemed to be smaller than before. At first she had ascribed that to the sedatives but in her first wake moments the doctors had rushed at her and had described her situation in cold clinical terms. For her it had been obvious.


She was a cripple now, useless. The explosion had her cost an eye and, even more important, an arm. The whole right side of her body had been crushed under the concrete but she was lucky that only her arm and eye had been destroyed without any hope. They had to be removed. Slowly, coldly, cruelly the knowledge of her new status infiltrated her mind and left her in shock. As soon as the doctor had done his work and left her alone with the horrible certainty of never being able to live a normal life again.


Three nights ad she brooded since then. The visits of great friends like Hunter, Hawk, Mistress Redhead, Kurrent and other had only been short lived due to her unwillingness to let anyone see her in her shame. No, she would sulk alone and try to cope with being a useless tool. If the government was merciful they would give her a desk job. If they were really merciful they would kill her. But somehow she doubted she would be so lucky.


It was the evening of the fourth day since her reawakening when the strange man stepped in. He was not remarkable of all, another suit working for the agency. A face easy to forget. Not bad in his chosen field of business. Brown hair, receding hairline, green eyes, no other feature in his face that was worth recalling. His suit was plain, black with a white shirt and black tie. Nothing cheap but nothing expensive either. His whole gestalt was intended to be as inconspicuous as possible. With slowly fading interest Risky watched him as he entered the room like he owned it, grabbed a chair, put it beside her bed and began to speak:

“Okay Captain Glassmann, you might have a lot of time on your hand but I have not. Excuse the unintentional pun. In about half an hour the night nurse will see after you and at that point I want to be gone already.


We know who you are and we have watched you for some time. And we have taken some interest in you. “We” are an organization whose name shall not be named at this point. You may know the old series of the six million dollar man. Yes, we can rebuild you stronger, faster, better. At this point you might want to know what we demand in return. Well, it is pretty easy.


We are an old organization, maybe more of an order. How old is unknown even to us, we have files predating the death of Christ but we know our order existed before that. Don’t wonder, you have probably never heard of us since we work in the shadow. A modus operandi that is not alien to you from what I know. We are not many and decade after decade we become less and less. Our credo is simple:


A single person can change the world.


We are not secret conspiration of the high and mighty, our approach is a different one. Our members come from all layers of society be they CEOs, judges, office workers, soldiers, cleaners or even beggars.


As you might have already noticed things go wrong in this world. Whenever we see one of our members in the position to change it we contact him or her and give him all the resources he or she needs to solve that problem no matter if it means toppling dictators, killing someone, redirecting the traffic or simply let a file disappear. We know you see the world as it is and do your part to change it. Well, you did. With our help you can do it again.


Why we chose you? It’s simple. By the old rules of our order membership is not only exclusive… It’s hereditary by bloodline. Only the eldest child of a member will be invited to join our cause and it is a once in a lifetime chance. When you decline I will walk away and you will never her of us again, you will even be unable to ever find us again, no matter how hard you try. In your eyes I see the question who of your family had been a part of our order. It was your father. Colonel Edmond Glasmann. He was an initiated member of our order and honestly he died in our service. When all of the military had withdrawn he had still stood there because he knew his responsibility. That monster could not have been allowed to destroy that city. So he delayed its progress till we were able to bombard the Hulk with a soundwave attack that would make him go away. We still pity his death. He was a good man…


So basically what we offer you is a chance to take up the legacy of your father, make the world a better place and be the person that you have been again. So how o you decide?”


For a moment she was speechless. Was this really happening? Was this really the truth? Had her father been one of them? Was this all real or just another drug-fed delirium? All that moved to fast for her to comprehend. Her mind and pulse raced with a thousand miles per hour. Given that was real, should she take this chance? All or nothing, all out in a one chance only game. Her choice would decide over the course of her still young life. But on the other hand… What was there to loose? With a smile she accepted.


For the first time since they had started their talk a smile like a mirror image of her own showed on his face. With a content look he stood up, grabbed her remaining hand and said:

“Welcome to the SENTINELS, sister Glassman!”


Six months later:


Still amazed how something like this was possible Risky flexed her new bionic arm and actually FELT the artificial muscles work under the fake skin. The data feed in her new eye showed her intriguing details about the working of the new limb, the temperature around her, her position on GPS and a lot of other things. An incoming string of endless data flooded in her head through the endlessly open gates of the infra red connection.


She was ready for the next task, ready to do her part as SENTINEL. The sword of her family, symbol of the SENTINELS, that had hung in her father’s office rested now firmly in a sheath. Harder than usual steel and able to deliver mighty electrical shocks like in T.S. Eliot’s famous poem it would not see a lot of action but always remind her what she had become now, more than ever before. For once she felt closer connected to her father than ever before through taking up his place. In this moment she knew he looked down on her and that he would be proud. The SENTINELS gave her more than just a new arm with a lot of gimmicks and a new eye, they made her complete. And the world would soon see what the new Risky could do.


Just wanted to say it with the governator's words. ;) 
I finally finished my three jobs and will be around more often now that I have more time for my own than what is required for six hours of sleep and a short stop at McD's to grab some fast food. Just wanted you to know and make a few XP's while I'm at it. ;p
Thank god, you can't imagine how much I missed you people.
Love Risky



I'm very sorry for the time I've been silent. Believe me. It's just that my computer has crashed and I haven't been able to fix the problem at this time. My cooler broke and unfortunately that means my main processor went to hell a few minutes later. So far I haven't been able to find a replacement which unfortunately means I won't be able to post till the beginning of November, more likely the beginning of December. The resulting lost of posting time means a lot of posting time in rpgs and usual ofrum posts. I'm, sorry for everyone who I promised to post and especially for my team, I didn't mean to do that but as usual technology chose to cross my plans. This excuse comes late but I hope you will accept it because I don't have much time for I'm writing from a firend's computer.
Sorry for the bad choice of words, that's all I could do in the short space of time I had.
I love you all and I miss the time with you


Come on, the whole series was based on her having bad luck

Her mother died when she wqas really young, she was obviously raped by her father from a very young age, never had any real friends, never stayed in one place long enough to get used to it and her powers are basically her being a gateway to the nightmare dimension. Everytime she used her powers she suffered unbelievable pain and sent one more monster to plague erath. She killed her father, burned down her house, was wanted by a well trained and well equippped government unit, killed her love's father, had to leave her true love because of her powers, lead the life of a homeless without ANY money and was still hunted by the nightmare creatures. She didn't even graduate from high school. And all the time her intellect and her looks promised her the best a human could get. Can it get any worse? You know, who I am speaking about.

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The one and only, the unbelievable Ariel (Dark)Chylde.

Best one I ever did...

Some of you might remember it but some of you weren't even on the Vine when Ronin and I wrote this. It is still one of my absolute favorites and I just thought I would put it online again where people could see it. So enjoy it:




 ronin had been on the fence about the registration for the past 2 months ever since it was passed. he didnt follow the resistance nor did he follow the orders of gambler. ronin would continue his heroic acts doing what he thought was right. when the law would come to arrest him ronin would simply vanish.

this game that was being played was a deadly one between gambler and kurrent. both of them were charismatic players and could easily convince players to join either side. ronin could only sit back and watch as these to factions would tear each others heads off one by one until nothing was left. what could one man do against two powerful alliances as the resistance and the initiative. ronin spent many a nights hid out sleeping when he could and riding when he wasnt.

ronin was riding through a large town one day. the sun was up and the weather was fair really it was a gorgeous day to ride. on one side of the town were the military recruiters office was once set up was the now initiative recruiting depot. as ronin rode by his face was covered by his helmet so he didnt worry about being recognized. ronin could see many people standing outside the office one by one signing up for the initiative. ronin couldnt help but wonder if they knew what they were signing up for. sure things seemed to be black and white but there was very much to the grey side of things.

to sign up for the registration seemed to be the way to go. it would give heroes a right to do what they do and pay them for it with out the worry of being arrested and charged for a crime because of vigilantism. but on the other hand this was america the land of the free. what right did the president have to propose this unconstitutional act. to force a american citizen to sign up for something they didnt want to seemed unlawful. sure this sounded alot like the draft that ronin had seen back in his day as a soldier. He could understand the need for the draft back then it was during a war time. even if gambler called this a war it wasnt no matter how it was put. this was merely a vendetta. he wasnt fighting for another country's freedom and he surely wasnt fighting for the freedoms of the American people hero or not.

as ronin rode by the depot he shook his head and slowly rode by as to not draw any attention. on the other side of the town ronin witnessed what seemed to be a ferocious attack.

get off of me a girl screamed as 2 cape killers pulled her out of a house. we know your on the resistance shouted out one of the cape killers while at the same time bashing her over the head with a stun club. quickly ronin laid off of his throttle the sound of his exhaust roaring as the engine break slowed him down. with a fist full of hand brake ronin came to a screeching halt. instantly ronin was off to the races. SNIKT the sound of ronin's claws sounded off as he charged at the unknowing soldiers. ronin quickly jumped in the air. both of his hands out in front of him and his claws aimed for the back of both men. "AAAAHHHHHH" the screams of the 2 men could be heard for blocks as their blood splattered all over the girl's face and body. ronin stood imbetween the two men his claws still sticking through their bodies. within in seconds both men dropped to the ground falling to their knee's and then sliding off of ronin's claws.

the girl sat down on her knee's crying. are you ok the voice of ronin sounded off to her ears. I I I I I'm fine the girl said weepingly as she tried to contain her tears. ronin reached down to her face placing a finger underneath her chin and raising her face up to catch his eye's. "your safe now" ronin said to the young lady. "ar ar are you part of the resistance" the girl asked ronin. ronin just smiled "no girly im not but i refuse to join a band of killers." the girl began to hold back her tears as she gazed upon ronin's rough exterior. "i need to get out of this country" the girl said to ronin. once again ronin smiled. "Are there any more of you around here that you know of that want to leave the country" ronin answered back to the girl. "yes there is but we cant escape the president has shut down all air traffic and all borders leaving no exit for us" the girl said to ronin. "so your not on the resistance then you refuse to fight against the the inniative yet you refuse to join them?" ronin asked the girl.

ronin couldnt help but smile for the first time since this whole fiasco. for the first time he realized his purpose in this pointless fight. ronin would be the escape route for all the shades of grey. he could help the helpless and at the same time not bring the war to his friends. ronin then spoke again firmly to the girl gather up all of the people you know that refuse to fight and meet me at this disclosed place and i will help you to escape. the girl quickly stood up are you serious but how the girl asked. ronin simply said "leave that to me" while patting her on the back. the girl nodded them ran off.

ronin had given her the place and time where they were to meet and he had the power to move them.

in a small warehouse just south of new york city many mutants were gathering. inside the warehouse it was dark and gloomy the only light was shining in through a few windows and through some cracks in the ceiling. ronin stood next to his new friend juno. juno was the girl that ronin had saved back in a somewhat large town just outside NY city. she was short about 5ft tall and weighed about 110lbs. her hair was as dark as night and her eyes shined an emerald green. juno was a telepath so it didtn take her long to round up a bunch of mutants that wanted to escape persecution with fighting. juno was a sassy young girl around the age of nineteen and even though she may seem helpless at points but she as proven to be a valuable asset in the involvement of what now can be deemed the underground railroad.

peered down at juno as he stood next to her still with all that has been going on he couldnt help but smile as she made sure to greet every person that entered the warehouse. juno was very good at making people seem safe. the truth of the matter was though they were not safe not even close. in the time ronin had been transporting mutants he has already been forced to deal with several cape killers. these so called soldiers took it upon themselves to attempt to find code name ronin. they would do anything to draw him into the open. At one point ronin was asked to travel into brooklyn were cape killers were stringing non registering mutants up by their feet. The animal in ronin begged him to shed the blood of these monsters but the human side told ronin to handle things differently. since ronin started on his crusade to free the mutants he hadnt once seen his feral side.

something just seemed different to ronin he no longer felt the lust for blood. his feral side seemed dormant. mutants entered the warehouse by the dozens and just as quickly as they came they were gone. there were several country's that hadnt fallen under gamblers rule yet and those were the places ronin would take them. "ronin that looks like the last of them" juno said very cheerfully to ronin. ronin simply replied "very well" followed by a smile as he looked down at juno. her innocent face made ronin not want to fight his urges for the hunt seemed pointless. this feeling wasnt an attraction at all it was as if he was her brother or her father give or take which conversation they were having.

ronin and juno knew they had to move quickly there could be no dilly dollying around as the cape killers always seemed to be hot on their trail. ronin walked over to his ZX 10 motorcycle and tossed his leg of the tank them took his seat. "come on juno lets move out" ronin shouted. juno laughed at the command she could tell ronin was once a soldier and by reading his mind she could tell he had been through alot. juno grabbed her book bag tossing it over her shoulder and walked toward ronin.ronin being the man he is grabbed his helmet off of his mirror and handed it to juno. he wasnt thinkin he was going to have passengers on this journey so he didnt bother bringing a spare helmet."whats this for" juno said as she looked it over. ronin simply replied "put it on" as he turned the ignition switch and hit the start button firing up the four cylinders that sat just beneath him. juno not being the type to argue with a man 2 times her size quickly placed the helmet on her head strapping it on. ronin kicked the bike into first gear as juno got on slowly letting the clutch lever out while taking off.

things seemed to be quiet around the warehouse not a person in site. the 2 friends slowly rode through the busted garage doors. BANG BANG BANG BANG out of no where bullets flew through the air echoing off of the building. ronin didnt have time to react he didnt see this attack coming. with his feral side being dormant for the time being he must have lost his enhanced senses. bullets whizzed through the air hitting ronin several times. immediately CRASH the bike was on the ground as both ronin and juno hit the ground. ronin had taken several hits blood was trickling out of his wounds. time seemed to slow down drastically as ronin lay on the ground things were hazy for the first few seconds. there was no sounds in ronin's head his eyes flashed open and shut all he could see was the sun shining down on him.

BANG BANG BANG BANG suddenly his hearing came back and he felt himself began to move. within seconds ronin was up to his knee's. he could see several vans and trucks and several men dressed in black uniforms holding automatic weapons. SNIKT the sound of ronin's claws rang through the air as he quickly began to charge at one of the soldiers. ronin leaped into the air flying quickly at a soldier his left hand reared back to take the swing. BLINK instantly ronin was behind the soldier stabbing his claws through the back of his head. blood spayed out quickly mudding up the ground. within seconds ronin was back on the attack. BLINK ronin teleported as the body fell to the ground with 2 holes were his eye's once were. slash after slash blink after blink ronin dismembered and decapitated the soldiers.

the battle field seemed clear for the moment as ronin could only see red. his breath was fast as he inhaled and exhaled. soldiers hit the ground within in a matter of seconds leaving a puddle of blood in their wake. ronin's head turned from left to right quickly scanning the battle field looking for his next victim when he saw it. "JUNO NOOOOOOO" out of the corner of his eye he seen her. the limp body laying on the ground with a helmet on its head. BLINK ronin didnt waste a second as he teleported to her side kneeling down on the ground scanning her wrecked body. blood seeped out of her wounds she too had been hit several times. the helmet was cracked in the front from the entrance of a bullet. tears fell from ronin's eye's as he grabbed up her body cradling it in his arms shaking back and forth. "why god why" ronin screamed out loud as he frantically tried to wake the lifeless body up.

CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK the sound of weapons taking aim surrounded ronin as he cradled the girl in his arms. ronin was surround by several heavily armed soldiers. "mutant your under arrest for failure to adhere to the mutant registration act do you comply" shouted out the captain. ronin just sat there holding the girl in his arms as he was covered in blood from head to toe. THUD the sound of a club bouncing off of ronin's head echoed in his ears as ronin was dazed for a second. "bag em and tag men lets move out" shouted the captain. quickly 5 soldiers jumped on top of ronin with shackles attempting to arrest him. ronin didnt care any more his purpose in this fight seemed pointless if he couldnt even save the girl that started it all.

within minutes ronin was shackled into a blacked out ice cream looking truck. ronin couldnt move his head was strapped back against the wall along with his hands and legs. sure he could easily teleport out of the shackles but to him his role was pointless and he no longer cared as to what his fate would be

seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours on ronin's trip to the captured mutant facility.  in the truck the cape killers would punch ronin in the face and stab him with knives into his body. still ronin just sat there. his wounds would heal but his mind was blank. to the guards it seemed as if ronin wasnt even in his body. they would mock him hoping to get a rise out of him but still nothing ronin was silent. the journey was long and the guards didnt seem to mind so much as they had a fine play toy. what better to play with than a living breathing person. ronin was strung up in the truck pressed back against the wall. there were shackles around his waist holding him in his position. his arms  were  stretched out above his and shackled against the wall of the truck. his neck to was shackled. his legs were spread apart and shackled to the wall there was a chain that ran between them. 

they drove through the night continuing to torture the fallen hero. when they arrived the truck came to a sudden halt and the rear doors flung open. several guards with MP5's stood outside the doors awaiting the release of ronin. the captain walked over to ronin from his seat in the truck.. he reached up above ronin's head hooking wat seemed like a solid steel bar to the wrist shackles. The captain then unhooked ronin's hands and placed another steel bar on to ronin's neck shackle. with a quick snap ronin's head was drawn down as the bar from the neck shackle was hooked into the wrist  shackles. ronin peered down at the floor his face covered by his hair. his waist shackle was then connected to his wrists these cape killers were gonna take all the precautions with ronin as they could. ronin was almost unable to move his entire upper body as the steel bars kept him pretty much inline. then last his ankles were unhooked and the guards began prodding ronin with electrode clubs. "Move it hero get the f#ck out of my truck" the captain shouted as he continued to bash ronin over the back of his head with the club. as ronin walked out of the truck one of the guards standing outside saw the blood were ronin was standing and began to puke.

ronin's entire body was covered in blood his hair seemed to be dyed red and there was a long trail of blood from where he was shackled up. "suck it up soldier" the captain yelled out to the guard as he was puking. several guards caring automatic weapons led ronin into the facility. one guard asked another that was on the truck "whats up with him he's the first mutant hero eve had that aint fighting back"
the truck guard replied with i"m not sure he beat him the entire time and he never spoke a word not even a yalp came out of his mouth it was as if he was a walking dead" the guard looked stunned for the moment he had dealt with many mutant heroes and none of them acted the way ronin was.  "whats his name" the guard asked the truck guard. "were not sure really the only thing we could get out of the mutant data base was his name was ronin"** the truck guard replied. the prison guard stopped dead in his tracks. several flash backs acured in the guards mind.


"sir were being pinned down here charlie has surrounded us were down to 25% troops what do you want us to do" the sergeant shouted out through his radio. "soldier calm down were sending in back up as we speak a captain replied back."! "your sending in back up you better be sending in the batallion were getting murdered out here"the sergeant replied. **"soldier hold your ground backup should be there ETA 1 minute"** the captain replied. bullets whizzed through the air the screams of fallen marines could be heard miles away. blood covered the ground as body's laid lifeless all around. the sergeant was laying down firing away over top of his dead radio guy. suddenly the sound of a apache helicopter was heard flying over head at top speed. the sergeant looked up for a brief moment as he caught a glimpse of the helicopter fly over head. he could see a man hanging off of the skids of the helicopter but was really unsure as to if he was just imagining things.

ronin was riding on the landing skids as the apache flew through the air. as soon as it seemed that they were past Charlie he dove off of the helo.  flying through the air about 50ft off the ground his body tucked in his hands pressed against his sides his heels touching. a loud thud was heard as ronin hit the ground tumbling end over end then suddenly bouncing to his feet. The lust for the kill in his eyes.

the sergeant screamed at his men to hold there ground yelling that backup was on its way. the soldiers continued to fire away at Charlie in hopes of living to see another day. suddenly screams of vietcong filled the air and thier direction of firing seemed to change. Charlie was now firing in the opposite direction of the pinned down marine squad.  time seemed to slow down as the sound of rilfes firing echoed through out the valley. the marines continued to fire away littering the ground with shell casings.

after 2 hours of the vietcong firing in the other direction there screams for help could be heard as there weapons stopped firing. the marines paused still aiming into the jungle waiting for the next wave of vietcong to come bursting out. the sergeant yelled for his men to be ready. "if you see a gook so much as fall out of that jungle fire at will" the sergeant ordered.the marines sat patiently sweat rolling down their face. suddenly they seen a man walk out of the jungle covered in blood his knuckles seemed to be busted open. his hair covered his face but they could see the master sergeant ranking on his shoulder. "stand down men stand down" their squad leader shouted out. ronin continued to approach the squad leader his eye's just barely visible through his hair.  he's one of ours the suqad leader shouted out as he stood up with a smile on his face. ronin now stood infront of the sergeant reaching his hand out to shake his hand. ronin didnt speak he just shook the squad leaders hand and kept walking. the squad leader caught a glimpse of the mans name tag as it read out RONIN. for a few moments the marines just sat in their positions wondering about what had just happened. the squad leader stood in amazement for a minute silenced. "alright men move out" the sergeant shouted out as ronin no longer was visible through the jungle.


the prison guard stood still his body not moving as he realized who the man was that he was now leading into the prison. get the lead out soldier the captain yelled out at the stunned man. quicky the guard rushed back up to the prisoner and took his place amongst the guards. they lead ronin down many hallways he didnt so much as turn his head to look at the other cells ronin just walked his head hung in shame. "welcome to your new home” the captain said laughingly to ronin as they hooked him to the wall in his new cell. they shackled him up once again just the same as they did in the truck. **"dont even think about teleporting mutant that device around your neck keeps you in this dimension so it looks like your gonna be with us for a long time"** the captain said to ronin as he made his exit out of the cell. the prison guard that recognized ronin stood still for a moment looking at ronin and still admiring him. as the guards left following the captain that fellow marine stayed behind jut staring at ronin speechless.

several days past as ronin was left for dead like a caged animal. his wounds healed slower than normal as the power reducer around his neck almost left him human. the guards hadnt made their way to his cell in days his hunger had taken it's toll just as his thirst followed. for the first time in his life he was weak. his eye's would open and close but his stare was blank. fighting his hunger and thirst made him forget about the pain of all the stab wounds he had suffered at the hands of the merciless cape killers. sleep was no longer a natural state for ronin as he would pass in and out of consciousness.  blood covered the floor below him even after most of his wounds had scabbed over. His hair was crimson red from dried blood as several streaks of dried blood covered his face. the cell was mostly dark with just a little bit of light shining down the hall through the cell bars. not a sound was heard in ronin's ears since the first day he was locked up. from what he could tell he was the only one on this cell block.

ronin hung in the cell he feel feel himself falling weaker and weaker. his eye's opened and shut then suddenly they were shut and he couldnt open them.


the sound of crying tears filled ronin's head as he was brought back to one of his worst memories he could remember of his past.  "why do you do this to our son" a woman shouted out. the voice was muffled as ronin could see a small child laying on his bed. his face was burried in his pillow and the muffled sound of crying could be heard even through the pillow. as ronin watched on he could looked around as the walls were covered with pictures of marines and billboards of uncle sam pointing at him the sign reading I WANT YOU. ronin smiled for a second as he looked at the picture. war and combat was all ronin knew. since the weapon X project he could no longer remember anything prior. Suddenly ronin's attention was taken away as he heard the sound of glass crash up against a wall outside of the small bedroom. ronin watched as the crying child flinched still keeping his face buried in the pillow. ronin felt himself wanting to comfort the small kid but still he had to walk into the other room he could feel himself being drawn that way. CREEK the sound of the door knob echoed in ronin's head.

ronin walked down the narrow hallway the wall's were painted white and several plaques were on the wall honoring a marine. ronin stopped for a second as he seen a large picture frame. the picture frame held many war medals in it as he could tell the man of the house had been a hell of a soldier. once again ronin smiled as he admired the medals within the large frame. ronin could respect a man that had served his country so bravely. "he needs to be ready for war" the voice of a man was heard through the small hallway taking ronin's attention away from the frame. ronin slowly walked through the hallway following the voices of the man and woman that seemed to be arguing. As ronin neared the end of the hallway he turned left into a doorway that lead to the kitchen. as ronin entered the kitchen he seen the man and woman that were fighting. the woman was crying as the man continued to shout. "pete is a strong boy he can handle what im preparing him for" the man shouted as he slammed his fist onto the counter. "he's just a boy jesse" the woman spoke through her tears. ronin wasnt quite sure what the argument was about but he felt forced to listen. "i watched to many men fall and to many of my friends die because they had not been able to do what they were told" the man said as a small tear fell from his eye's. ronin could tell that the man had seen alot of action in war. ronin knew exactly what the guy was saying as he too watched several of his friends die because they were not ready for combat.  "the war is over jesse there is no need to raise him to be a soldier" the crying woman said.

"i will raise my son the way i like darla" the man shouted as he clinched his fists. "He is my son to and i cant just stand by while you treat him like an animal" the woman said as she wiped her tears off of her face. AN ANIMAL the man shouted as he reared his hand back slapping the woman across the face. she fell down hitting her head against the counter and then to the ground. a small trail of blood followed her wake as she sat leaned up against the counter. "you wouldnt even know know what it was like to go through what i went through and if the time comes i want him to be ready" the man shouted as his fists clinched tighter. ronin quickly made his way around the counter reaching for the mans fist trying to pull him away from the wounded woman that sat down on the floor. As he grabbed for the wrist his hand went right through as if he was a ghost. ronin would be forced to just stand by and watch as this fight continued.  "Im not gonna stay here and allow yo to raise our son to be like you" the woman said sobbingly as she covered her face with her hands. "YOU can go were ever you want i dont give a fu*k but your not taking pete with you" than said as he once again slammed his fists down to the counter cracking the top. ronin could see some suit cases sitting next to the door leading outside. "IM taking pete with me and if i have to i will call the cops" the woman shouted as she stood up reaching her hand behind her head feeling the wound on the back of her head.  ronin smiled as he was hoping the woman would take her son away from all of this. your not calling anybody the man said as he pulled the phone off of the wall swinging the receiver at her. CRACK the hit made a sickening sound as the woman fell to the floor. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" ronin screamed as he once again tried to attack the man but to no avail as his fists and claws phased right through the man.

the man stood over top of the fallen woman as he breathed very heavily the receiver covered in blood. the woman lay sobbing on the ground as blood leaked out of her head. "pete pete pete pete" the woman muttered tryin to scream for her son to come into the kitchen and help her but her voice fell on deaf ears as she could barely speak. "YOUR NOT TAKING HIM ANYWHERE" the man shouted loudly as his voice echoed through the house. suddenly the man fell to one knee and began bashing the woman over the head several times. CREEK ronin heard the sound of a floor board creeking. quickly he turned around and seen the young boy turn around quickly and run back down the hallway and into his room. tears fell from ronin's face as he couldnt do anything to stop what was happening. ronin turned back around to see the man still hitting the woman over the head. blood covered the floor as the woman laid there lifeless. ronin could no longer bare to watch turning around quickly leaving the kitchen and walking back down the hallway and once again back into the kids bedroom. when ronin walked in the room he could feel the presence of sadness but the look on the boys face was blank. the boy sat on the edge of the bed his feet placed on the floor. his posture was perfect as he sat staring at the picture of uncle sam. his hands were placed on his knee's and not a tear fell from his face.


suddenly ronin's eye's opened as the sound of footsteps echoed through the hallway and the cell. tears fell from ronin eye's mixing with the dry blood and falling down to his torn shirt. ronin could see a man standing at the cell door but his face was dark as the only light in the cell was from the end of the hallway. the stared at the man as the man just stared back him. for minutes both men were motionless.


The Guard

he just stands there motionless shackled up and caged like an animal the guard thought to himself. the guard was ordered not to feed or give water to the caged mutant. but the guard could not just stand by and watch the man that saved his life just wither away. suddenly the guard hit a button opening the cell door and entering it walking right up to ronin knowing that the prisoner was unable to move. ronin just stared at the man's dark face he could see all the features of the mans face but still the shadows covered his face not allowing ronin to see the mans eye's that stood before him. the guard then bent down and placed something on the floor then stood back up. "do you remember me" the guard said as he opened up a bottle of water. ronin just stood there in silence. "nah i didnt think you would a man that has seen as much combat as you have probably has alot of trouble remembering faces" the man said as he raised the bottle of water to ronin's mouth allowing him to have a drink. within 30 seconds ronin had already gulped down the bottle of water quenching his thirst for the moment. " I too am haunted by all the enemys i have killed but nothing has haunted me more than the day i met you." the man said as he bent down grabbing for the plate he had placed on the floor. "the look in your eye's that day was the most fear ive ever felt in my life as you passed by me". the guard spoke as he raised some bread up to ronin's mouth. ronin quickly ate the bread as he had not eatin in what seemed to be 4 days. "I often thought about what it would be like to see combat through your eye's master sergeant and the thought of the things you were forced to do makes my stomach twist and cringe" the guard said as he took a couple steps back leaning against the steel cell bars.  "I dont know why your in here but what i do know is you dont deserve to be" the guard said as he raised a cigarette to his mouth and sparked up a lighter burning the tip of the cigarette. "I dont care what anybody says about whats going on in this war the one thing i know is your a hero" the guard said as he took in a deep breath inhaling the smoke from the cigarette.

the guard then walked over to ronin as keys dangled from his belt. i cant let you out master sergeant but the one thing i can do is pay you back for saving my life.   the guard said as he reached up to ronin shackles with a key releasing the shackled man. ronin fell to the ground just in front of the guard kneeling down on the ground. the guard then reached down with a small chip and placed it into the power reducer collar. quickly the collar fell to the floor. ronin reached his hands up to his neck feeling the freedom. suddenly his wounds began to heal. ronin could feel some strength coming back to his body. ronin then looked up at the guard with a piercing gaze. how do you know that i wont just kill you ronin said in a deep tone. the guard then smiled as he looked down at ronin. "master sergeant i dont know much about you but what i do know is your a hero and there are alot of people out there that still need you.  the guard then turned around and began walking out of the cell. i have stood by and watched the way these heroes have been treated over the last few weeks since the mutant registration act has come in to play the guard said as he stopped dead in his tracks. the guard then turned around facing ronin once again quickly clicking his heels together and rasing his hand to his brow snapping a quick salute to ronin saying. "do something about it sarge" the guard said quickly turning around and locking the door behind him.

the guard walked down the hallway and made his exit through the hallway door. sweat dripped down the guards brow as he didnt really know if ronin would kill him or not. he felt that if ronin had killed him he probably would have deserved it. the guard knew what he had been doing over the past few weeks was wrong and even if these mutants werent following the law they didnt deserve to be treated the way they were being treated. the guard walked down several hallways and through several rooms passing by several hero cells he couldnt help but smile. the guard then began to start whistleing as he made his way to the time clock. "what do you think your doing" the captain said as he watched the guard clock out. i quit the guard said as he passed through the exit leading him to his car.


ronin sat kneeling on the ground still trying to recover from his loss of strength. ronin couldnt help but smile as the words of the guard replayed over and over in his head. ronin had been in war all his life he had watched several friends and fellow marines die. everyone of them weighed down on his shoulders. ronin forever had nightmares of his fallen comrades faces. he never could let it go. he always felt responsible. like there was always something he could have done better. Even though many friends died in his arms ronin had saved far more people friends and marines then he ever had die in his arms. the one thing that his father had never taught him all through his childhood was that he couldnt save everyone.  this was something that he just realized as he sat there on his knee's.  ronin had lost a good friend but she died to save many. ronin replayed the events of the warehouse in his mind. All those mutants that he led to freedom so they wouldnt have to face the same fate he has over the last few days. ronin then thought about how many cells he had passed by on his way to his cell. suddenly ronin raised his head up looking out the cell. "this ones for you girly" ronin said as he stood up and walked over to the cell bars. SNIKT the sound of ronin's claws echoed through the empty hallway.



 She flipped the glossy card through her fingers. Up and down, down and up. The dim light of the bunker they were in flashed over the surface. It had been mere hours since the registration act had been put into function but the registration itself had been going on for days. She had been one of the first to register. She wanted to stay in the job and when she continued to fight so called super heroes as she had done in the recent past she would have to register. It was that easy. Better to say this was where the easy part had ended. During a routine examination they found a strange amplitude on the scanner. It had driven her crazy during the three days she had to wait for the result. Was it just a minor mistake of the scientists? Or... did she really have dormant superpowers. Waiting didn't improve her mood and she had been a total beast in the last few days. Then, yesterday, the answer finally came. Risky was a mutant! It seemed that the luck accompanying her to the present day had been more than simple luck. "Beta Level Mutant: Minor Probability Manipultaion" said the cold letters on the shiny little card. She smiled. All the years she had secretly envied the heroes for their vast superpowers and now she had some herself. Probably ever had. Funny. She wouldn't even have to get used to it. It had been this way as long as she could remember. Now she had superpowers and nothing in her life would change. The best way to be.

She returned her thoughts back on the bunker as she slid the card back in her pocket. The readying of her weapons had happened automatically while she was occupied with her inner ongoings. Her partner Tenjin and the rest of the Wildcardz hadn't been lazy too. Everyone of them was preparing his weapons of choice for actions. Around her she saw blades, firearms and far more exotic weapons getting ready to do their purpose. The team leader Akira had not been with them though. He was out to plant some bombs beneath Alcatraz as president Gambler had ordered him to do. The rest of the team would have to wait some time to see action.  Gambler exactly knew his appeareance on Alcatraz would stir the heroes to action. It all was a well planned setup of the Cajun. As soon as the heroes started their attack in an attempt to assassinate Gambler the Wildcardz would step onto the stage and take care of some of the most troublesome dissenters.

Her preparations were just finished as Akira The Ghost stepped into the room. Obviously he was done with his preparations.  Risky knew he was not a man of great words but this time he even set new standards for himself.


Akira reached for small circular disc and distributed them to his team and began to explain.

"These are teleporters,use them whenever you can to move from place to place and get out of different situations.Now Move out!"

Before she could say anything Akira was out again. But on the other hand her instructions were clear. The small metal disc found its way on her left thigh. A simple command word brought her also out...

...into hell! Alcatraz was gone, the bridge destroyed, the city almost entirely wasted, dead soldiers, husbands, sons and loved onnes of humans, lay dead everywhere, giant winged beasts rode through the ash filled sky. Everywhere was fighting death and doom. Risky was a soldier and had seen a lot of things but the pure destruction of this left her in awe. Some of the comabatants were nothing less than godlike when they breached the earth crust or summoned whole battleships of magical water. This was definitely not her place. Her ear-com cracked.

"Cape Killer Squad 13 here! D@mn, we need support here. They're slaughtering us. Repeat: We need support here, we're getting slaughtered. Please send any available support to coordinates..."

Before he was finished Risky uttered the command word to teleport her the desired coordinates. The sight there was only a bit better. risky knew the outskirt they were fighting in but since she had seen it the last time it had been greatly changed. Smashed buildings and burning cars lined the scenery od the once abandoned inndustrila district.  A ray of fire raged towards her from inside an old warehouse, consuming everything in its path and risky was barely able to dodge it. Maybe she had involuntarily used her mutant power another time. If it continued working like this she would continue being content with it. As she rolled of she came to rest behind a brick wall where a young officer was hiding in terror.

"Give me a report, Soldier!"

The officer was not able to answer. The shock had utterly consumed him. Risky knew that. Battlefield neurosis. She slapped him in the face.

"Give me a f@**ing report soldier!"

He seemed to awake from  his shock. "Oh my god, they caught us... by surprise. We were just designated... to watch this place in case of some Johnny-come-latelies arriving. This  was a meeting point for those muties, you know. Suddenly a group of them arrived... and we tried to arrest them. That... was when their elemental manipulators... started to attack. Their fire guy... hit us especially hard. Oh god, our sargeant is dead, burned to... a crisp, and half of us fared no better. We need a sniper and a whole supersquad to take them out.... Don't tell me you're our reinforcements! God, we're dead, dead, dead... They're all ldead, dead, dead..."

Risky let him loose his last tenous halt on reality. She did not have the  time to care about this one soldier whenn dozens of others were dying in the fire out there. The soldier said they would need a sniper and a whole superssuqad. At first she thought of requiring an assault rifle and use it as a sniper but then she threw this plan into the bucket.

"Even if I manage to take them out one by one it will only make them angrier which will result in even more victims as they push up their own mutant powers. If I  want to  save those kids here I will have to get inside. That's quite dangerous but they can't use their powers on that  distance all too well and i think  I'm much better in meelee than they are. D@mn, I hope this works!"

 The last thirty seconds had been a real nightmare. After dodgin another fire ray the earth itself suddenly burst up infront of her. With a mean curse on her mouth she threw herself to the right and watched how the giant earth plates crushed together. If she had stood there she would be a pancake by now. Those guys over there were really fighting with hard bandages. So no reason for her to play nice. A fast touch on her belt loosened a grenade and off it was towards the barricades erected infront of that old warehouse. To her surprise it was deflected by an invisible force field and landed almost next to her. Her facial expression under her mask suddenly reminded very much of
Charlie Brown lying on the grass after getting tricked by Lucy about the 100th time with that football.

"I hate telekinetics!" The grenade did not explode. "I love probability manipulation!" But where did this strange sound come from?


With a nasty crackling the lightning struck where she had stood only moments ago. This was the thrid elemental manipulator she counted among the group of non registrees . While she took cover behinnd a destroyed van she took two seconds time to reevaluate.

"One fire, one earth and finally a weather manipulator. Geeeez, they seem to have a nest over there. Not to speak of the nasty surprises they have for me when I finally arrive like that telekinetic. But what can you do? I promised those soldiers support so they will get their chance."

Suddenly rain splashed down on her as she left the cover of the burned out pickup. It cloudied her vision, set her in the danger of slipping and soaked her suit with water which would make her a few miliseconds slower. But it also had its advantages.

"Fine, at least they're not used to working as a team. This rain really does not do me any service since I can't shoot acurately but it does also hinder the earth guy because he can't see me not to speak of that f@**ing flamer!"

Avtivating her last resources she did what no one had exspected of her. She teleported. All the dodging and hiding had been nothing more than a pure fake to force them to focus on the space infront of them. If she had had the power to teleport she would have used it from the beginning in the eyes of this mutants. By letting them underestimate her and prepare for a distance battle Risky had took them by surprise as she appeared right next to the earth manipulator in the pouring rain. He was a young boy of perhaps 17 years, brown hair and big brown eyes. One of the shy type. Probably he had never kissed a girl to the present day. And he never would. But it was not Risky who would decide this. Sure he was a rebell but she was paid to stop him, not to kill him. If he had been a few years older she would have taken the safe way and kill him but so she shot two bullets into his right knee and went he sank forwards she rammed her army boot into his face. Not kill him didn't mean not hurt him though. While he still fell into the mud where the blood from his face and his knee would mix with the rain Risky broke the nose of a young girl standing next to him that looked to her in awe sending her into unconsciousness too. Although there were still plenty of other mutants in her action radius she decided to confront the fire manipulator, a red haired boy of seemingly Irish heritage whose rain wet hair hung into his face, next. with that one she would have no mercy. He was just to dangerous and had proofed numerous times before that he was able to kill. She brought up her 9mm and aimed for his head as she noticed on her rear sight how a giant shadow landed upon a building not far ago. She could barely see it through the veil of the thickly falling rain but she knew it was large.

"Oh sh... What the... is this?"

Not ime to react to this at the moment. Hesitating meant death. The mutant before her seemed to think the same as he lifted the hands with fire in it. Risky pulled the trigger as another lightning flashed...

Lightning flashed as the two opponents fired.

Risky's 9mm bullet hit the boy right between the eyes. From there it entered his skull and tore through synapses and grey tissue further sending sharps of the boys own bone as shrapnells into his brain. It needed only a half a second to kill the boy and to splatter the interior of his head over the concrete behind him. Unfortunately it also triggered a learned reflex as the corresponding synapse was disconnected from it's biological base. From the boy's hand he already had raised shot a large cloud of fire towards her. Risky stared in amazement.

"Oh sh..." I need to get out of the way. FAST

The fireball was big. Large to be correct. Fed with all the rest energy of a dying body. Looked as if her luck had gone out. Nevertheless she took a try. If there really was an afterlife like the rabbis of her childhood had said she would forever curse herself for not trying. So she jumped in hope of somehow evading this big blast of death. Her thoughts and vison sped up to  make this few seconds an eternity. But she seemed to make it. Yes, yes, YES!


Pain rushed through her nerves right from the moment on the fire hit her. An excruciating pain, burning to the literary sense. It lasted only for a second before her nerves shut off to isolate her from the pain but it was enough to give her an impression of what the damage had been. Considering her whole left arm being numb she knew she wouldn’t be able to use it for the rest of the war. She was even surprised it still dangled more or less intact from her left shoulder. Burnings of 3 grade but lluckily it didn’t felt as if she would loose it. The shock stunned her for a moment so her perception didn’t work right but only a few seconds later she realized her arm was still burning despite of the still downcoming rain.

“Oh f…”

Reflexes took over again. There was just one way to extinguis it real fast. She threw herself to the ground and rolled all over the mud to deprive the flames of oxygen. New colored flowers of pain bloomed before her eyes everytime the arm came in contact with the dirt but she didn’t really have another choice than to grit teeth and go through it. Sure she was vulnerable while doing this and the mutants recognized this too.

“Jason, get her! Kill this b1tch!!! She killed Adam!”

Next thing she saw were two boneblades cutting down towards her. Only another rollinng over her wounded arm that made har scream in pain saved her from being decapticated. Her attacker’s blades drove deep into the ground. Looked as if the heavily built man infront of her was able to moorph his hands into bone blades. Coming back on all fours she thought:

Bone is a nice tissue. Hard but flexible. But even this has it’s boundaries.

She showed him the boundaries of his appreciated bone claws as she executed a horse-kick against his arms while they were still in the concrete. They broke. Screaming the man fell back and looked shocked at the amputated stumps where his hands once used to be. Risky even did him a favour when she knocked him out with a kick during she started to fire with her Uzi SMG at the rest of the mutants. She didn’t intend to kill them but now she was wounded what meant the time for playing nice was over. So she aimed deep. A dozen of young people fell to the grounnd being hit in the lower body or the legs with high caliber manstopper ammunition. Risky shielded her mind against the screams of all this teenagers as she had learned back in her extended tour of duty. They were enemies. They had wanted to kill her. It was only self defense. And she could deal with her own moral complications after surviving. The only one standing after her initial burst was a young blonde girl, about the age of 15 with a very self-righteous smile on her face. The bullets lay before her.

“So we finally meet telekinetic sl@t! Telekinesis is a very nice power, indeed!” But you need to conncentrate on it. 

A bolt of telekinetic power darted towars Risky which she evaded by dodging. She fired a single bullet. The ugly smile wided as the bullet stopped an inch before her face. And froze as Risky suddenly stood behind her and knocked her out with the grip of her weapon. She had used the distraction of the bullet to teleport behind the girl where no telekinetic shield protected her and dipose of her in the easiest and fastest way possible.

This was the moment  when Risky took a second to take a breath. Around her lay mostly teenagers, one dead, many wounded but all neutralized. The sreams of the injured still haunted the former battlefield and she could feel the pain of her burned arm rising up in her but she didn’t let this get through to her. She had a job to do and the payment was more than sufficient. Not only the financial one but also the output in adrenaline. But why did it not feel good then? She did not know and she did not have the time to care. Another transmission came in.

“… president Gambler under attack. I repeat, president under attack. Need all support we can get. Move here, fast! San Francisco city. NOW! President under attack!”

She sighed. She would have preferred someone taking care of her arm first but you can’t always have the circumstances working for you. With another sigh she teleported in the destroyed city center of SanFran.

Just to get shocked again. It was even more destroyed than the last time she had seen it. Dead bodies, crushed cars, wrecked buildings everywhere, almost as bad as her time in Iraq. And suddenly, like a fallen angel, the man that was repsonsible for all this landed in the rubble. Risky knew him and had studied him for the about the last month. He was Kurrent. The leader of the resistance. The one man who had stirred up all the trouble when he insisted that all the superpowers should go on remaining unchecked. After this war Risky knew more than ever before he was wrong. The evidence lay around them in form oof dead humans, victims of the superpowered terror. She would stop it now.

Want to kill the snake? Severe the head!

She raised her voice and her weapon simultanely at him but did not wat to shoot him if she could avoid it: “Kurrent, leader of the superpowered resistance, you are arrested according to the Superhuman Registration Act!”

She held her weapon up, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. One single move of his that seemed wrong was enough to pull the trigger and unleash a burst of highspeed lead bullets towards him. But then again she didn’t really want to…



And so they meet




the feral ghost stood there locked behind bars beaten and bloodied. his claws were extended and his cami's were drenched in blood. for the past few weeks the warrior had been locked away and left for dead. but as fate would have it a former marine couldn't just stand by and watch the man that once saved his life die. ronin was weak of course he hadn't eaten in days and for most of the time his wounds were unattended to until the power reducer collar was removed. from outside of the cell the only thing that could be seen was the light bouncing off of the ghosts adammatium claws. ronin was a master of the shadows. for several years ronin was trained to be a ghost to his enemy's. 



with two quick swings of his adammatium claws ronin could now feel the freedom only moments away. ronin quickly raised his left foot up and kicked the cell bars watching them fall to the floor leaving 2 clean cuts at the top and bottom of the bars. the sound of the cuts bars echoed through the dark hallway as they tinged against the floor. quickly ronin stepped out of his cage. He peered down the hallway only seeing a bit of light shining through the window in the door. ronin slowly walked down the hallway taking in the smell and sense of freedom only being moments away. As he neared the end of the hallway he could hear several voices on the other side of the door. finally his senses had come back. ronin peered through the small window being ever so careful not to be seen. He could see 2 guards standing outside the door one to each side.

A devilish grin came across the enraged warrior as he planned his next move. ronin slowly stepped back away from the door almost walking back to where his cell was. Quickly the marine took off running as fast as he could. with his keen sense of hearing he could hear the sound of his claws chiming in the wind as he neared the end of the tunnel. with a leaping bound ronin took to the air leaping shoulder first into the door. For a normal man the steel door would do nothing but break his shoulder but for ronin the situation was a bit different. Ronin's impervious shoulder slammed against the door his weight knocking the hinges loose and sending the door crashing through. BLINK BLINK ronin used his blinking powers for the first time since he had been let loose and the attacks were flawless. when ronin blinked instead of following the door he had teleported and came back out just in front of the guard. His were extended as his fists were pushed out infront of him cutting into the guards shoulders and slamming him against the wall while his claws pinned the guard against the wall. the second blink was used to teleport the steel door before it hit the wall that had been in front of him. when the door came out of the portal in was too right in front of the other guard its momentum slamming against the guard and knocking him out.

ronin quickly yanked his claws out of the guards shoulders and watched as the guard fell to the floor leaving 6 blood trails against the wall. ronin could feel his freedom drawing ever so closer. ronin raised his nose to the air taking in deep breaths smelling his surroundings. quickly ronin turned left down the hallway and took off running for the clean air. as he ran down the hallway he passed several doors that looked like the one he had just came from. the animal inside ronin told him to keep on going and make a clean break for the exit but the human inside him begged and pleaded with him to just stop and at least take a peek. had ronin not suffered the way he did recently he would have been more in control of him self and stopped but the human inside him could not be heard as he passed every door.

Ronin could see the end of the hallway approaching and he could smell the scent of several more guards just on the other side. ronin snarled as he drew closer and closer to the end of the hallway.the rage inside him was gonna allow him to kill each in and every guard that stood between him and freedom. just as ronin passed the last cell door his enhanced hearing picked up a voice that the animal inside him did not want to hear. instantly ronin put on the brakes coming to a quick stop and turning back around running toward the last door he passed.  ronin could hear the sobbing of a young girl on the other side of the door instantly allowing him human side to take over.

"h h h he he he hel help me please so som somebody"
the little girl cried out as ronin peared through the glass window of the steel door. ronin could see what appeared to be a little girl chained up to the wall. quickly SLASH SLASH the sound of ronin's claws cutting through the door was like nails on a chalkboard.ronin stood still for a second while he watched the out line he had cut into the steel door slowly fall to the floor. the yellow eyed girl fliched as the door banged off the ground. ronin could see a shackle wrapped around the little girls neck and he could tell she was a mutant by her furry blue skin and her yellow eyes and the prehensile tail that lay under neath her bottom. the little girl looked up at ronin with tear filled eye's and he slowly walked over to her. in a child's mind a man walking toward her with six knives coming out of his hands can be a scary thing. quickly the little girl curled up into a little ball coving her face out of fear. ronin could sense the fear in the little girl as if he was an animal standing over top of its prey. ronin slowly began to sing a lullaby as he walked over behind the little girl and slashed at the chain that held her against the wall. fear not young one i am freeing you ronin whispered as he kneeled down next to her placing his hand on her shoulder.

the little girl slowly stopped crying and looked up at ronin. He could feel her sense of fear slowly fading away and she slowly sat up. "your here to save me" the little girl said as she wrapped her arms around him hugging him tightly. "yes young one but i need you to stay here and be quiet until i return for you" ronin said as he stood up. "why cant i come with you" the little girl said as tears filler her eyes once again. "because my young friend im about to do alot of terrible things and its best you dont see it but i promise i will return and free you along with all of the others" ronin said as he peered down at her patting her on the head. "pinky swear" the little girl said raising her hand with her pinky finger extended at ronin. ronin smiled as he lowered his hand to oblige the small girl then quickly turning around and running back down the end of the hall.

ronin ran faster and faster down the hallway his heart filling with rage because of what had been done to the small child along with the many others that still remained locked up behind closed door for the time being. as ronin neared the end of the hallway he quickly turned his upper body side ways throwing his shoulder out in front of him. Instantly ronin crashed through the door knocking it off of its hinges. ronin stopped as he looked around his heart beating quickly as the sound of alarms going off filled the air.


"holy sh!T
" a guard yelled out as he seen the feral beast slam through the door. fire at will boys the guard said as he raised his rifle. quickly he took aim and began firing as suddenly his target disappeared. one after another he watched as his fellow guards and cape killers hit the ground in a bloody mess. quickly the guard raised his hand to his ear hitting the button on his mic that was in his ear. "calling any support calling any support were getting killed out here"



"calling any support calling any support were getting killed out here"

No! Not now! Not now when she was just about to brinng an end to this bloody mess that had taken its beginings as the so called "Registration Act". Not now when she  had the resistance-leader right infront of her gun. She tried to blend out all the screams of dying soldiers. Young men screaming in agony over the mic. Fathers crying out for god. As her father may have cried out when this big green berserker grabbed his tank and crushed it like a toy. Friends and comrades calling out for each other when they got their limbs hacked off by a cruel animal. Like her teammates on that special mission.

"Focus girl, focus! You are about to end this mockery of a war! Don't get carried away now!

Her Uzi remained on the target. It did not twitch once. She was a machine built for this job. she had no emotions at all. The screams coming over her com had no effect on her. But if this was the truth why hadn't she pulled the trigger yet? No, no, no, no she woud shut this terrible screams out now and do her duty. With a shiver she remembered the last time she came late to such an event and her left arm started to hurt again. A nasty little fire that started right in that arm began to creep up her body until it affected her mind too. All the while Kurrent stand there silently. No effort bigger than pulling the trigger would have been necessary to blow his lights out forever and rob the resistance of a strong leader. Why was it not that easy then? Was she really able to ignore all the men dying there in the facility?

"Heck, I'm not!" She wouldn't let something like this happen again. She wouldn't let some brave soldiers die because some kids with superpowers thought they could play god and kill and maim as they liked. This was what this war was about and she would not betray its ideals. Decent soldiers were dying out there and she would not let this happen again!

The Uzi sank down. Risky stood alone in the devastated ruins of San Francisco while a fresh breeze coming from the ocean blew through her hair. The ruined buildings lining her left and her right had become wittnesses to her testimony. Kurrent had become a minor cause, almost nonexistent. This boy didn't even know what he had started. She on the opposite did. In the one second she had needed to make her decision sure other men had died. Now it was her turn to take care the remaining survived. A punchline that she already had used at Lexi's wedding entered her mind
: "Life is just not fair!" With another cure he teleported away.

Slowly but surely Risky began to believe she didn't like teleporting. It wasn't the strange feeling that overcame everytime she used that teleporting device. She even liked the tickling sensation that ran through her body everytime she used it. No, it seemed everytime she used that cursed thing she teleported into another slaughterhouse with dozens of dead people lying around. This one was even worse. Risky was used to the cruelties of the war. She was a soldier long enough to have seen everything. Death-camps in Bosnia, torture-chambers in Iraq, mass-graves in Afghanistan. Everywhere people tried to get rid of their neighbours in the cruelest and most efficient way. But even the Hutu-Tutzi-masssacres she had wittnessed in Africa seemed pale compared to what she saw when she arrived in the  underground facility that was meant as high security prison. It looked as if a feral animal had raged here. Dead soldiers lay everywhere, limbs hacked off, throats and bellies slit open, their faces till twisted in pain and terror. For a moment she wondered what beast could do something like this but then she remembered the oother monsters that evolution had brought forth and stopped to  wonder. A single mutant, a single abomination could wreck that much havoc. The thought that she herself was a mutant didn't really come to her. It was too new and didn't want to cling to her mind properly. At the moment she had other fears that even worsened when she started to run towards the screams coming fromm the end of the corridor. Steel cling under her army boots as she passed more dead soldiers and even an armored door that got ripped from its angles. Which creature was able to do something like this?
She got her answer as she entered the room at the end of the hallway. In the mid of the room stood a man. He was not as big as she had imagined him but that didn't mean anything. From his knuckles extended six metal claws that shimmered in the obscure light of the underground facility. She couldn't see his eyes, she could just see two red spots where his eyes were supposed to be. Chills ran through her body as she noticed the dead bodys laing around him, ripped to pieces by this wild animal. He was bent over so she couldn't really estimate his built but she assumed it was heavy. The normal Uzi wouldn't be enough here, she needed something bigger. Normally she would have taken the SMG into the other hand but her left arm still dangled useless from her side still numb of the shutting off of her nerve after the severe burnings. So she simply dropped the gun and reached for the holster on her reight thigh where she kept her reliable old double barreled sawed off shotgun. Since she knew she would have to deal with some major calibers in this she had loaded it with armor piercing lugs. This proved as a good idea as she pointed the two barrels at her opponent while he turned towards his last victim that curled himself up against one of the steel walls.

"Don't try anything wrong here, caveman! I'Ve had a very bad day and I'm not willing to play games with you!"

That said she tightened her grip around the weapon and got ready to fire...



When ronin burst through the door he could see about 15 guards all standing watch caring M-16 rifles. for a moment as ronin stood there ready for battle there was complete silence. the silence was almost frightening all in its self as you coulda heard a paper clip hit the ground. Suddenly the alarms sounded off in a deafening blare as red lights flashed above. the sound of automatic weapons went off instantly as the guards all took aim firing at ronin. Instantly the feral ghost was gone blinking in and out slashing at anything that moved. the bullets ricocheted off of the metal walls as the guards tried with everything they had to stop the ravaged beast. after just a few minutes ronin stood still in the middle of the battlefield as several guards lay dead. bodys and limbs littered the ground as blood flowed through the cracks in the ground like a river.

the alarms were still sounding off as ronin quickly turned around and ran back into the building. When ronin entered the building he was caught off guard as several more cape killers stood in the hallway with rifles aimed in his direction. "Give him everything you got men" the captain shouted as ronin entered the hallway. instantly BANG BANG BANG scores of bullets flew through the hallway. ronin didnt have time to react as the guards were already firing as he took his first step into the building. within in milliseconds the bullets collided with the skin of the savage beast."AHHHHHHH" ronin shouted as the lead ripped though his skin and bounced off of his adammatium skeleton.  ronin was quickly dropped down to his knee's holding his gut with both hands. ronin peered down the hallway for a second as he tried to hold his blood in with his bare hands. the guards were still aiming at ronin as they slowly walked toward him. ronin could feel himself growing weaker as he could no longer keep his hands pressed against his wounds.

"dont let your guard down men" the captain shouted as he and the cape killers slowly approached the fallen warrior. ronin took in one last breath as he fell down face first on the floor blood seeping out of his wounds and covering the floor as if he lay in a pond of crimson water. for minutes ronin could see nothing but a white light but the sound of the guards footsteps drawing closer and closer kept him patient. the light in ronin's eyes was drawing closer and closer as the foots steps approached him. he could still feel the enormous pain of the bullet wounds but he could also feel his healing factor working double time as the blood slowly began to stop flowing.

this ones dead boys bag em and tag em the captain said as he kneeled down placing his hand on ronin's back. NOOOOOOOOO the voice of a small girl shouted out as she ran down the hallway at a tremendous speed nearing super human. quickly a guard turned around as he seen the girl lunge for his face.  light a rock the guard hit the floor his face being damn near ripped off by the little girls finger nails. FIRE AT WILL BOYS the captain shouted as he watched his comrade hit the floor in a gory mess. suddenly the white light disappeared as ronin's eye's opened up. before the guards could squeeze the trigger ronin swung his left hand aiming his claws for the captains Achilles tendon. instantly the captain let out a horrocious scream as he fell to the ground holding the back of his foot. the guards didnt even turn around to take aim at the girl as they watched in horror as the beast that lay at their feet seem to come back to life. Instantly the guards opened fire aiming at ronin.BLINK ronin teleported as the bullets bounced off of the ground just missing him.

BLINK ronin teleported twice once behind the guards and a second time grabbing up the girl and teleporting her to safety. i told you to stay here my young blue friend now do as i say ronin said in a firm voice as he walked out of the cell. the guards were trying to help their captain back up to his feet as ronin entered back into the hallway. OH SHIT the captain shouted out loud as he watched the feral ghost began running down the hall right at them. quickly the guards dropped their captain and aimed their rifles at ronin firing with everything they had. BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK ronin teleported several times as he drew closer and closer to his assailants. several bullets colided with ronin's body but for the most part he managed to evade the lot of them. as ronin ran down the hall he could feel the bullets ripping through his flesh but in his state the pain was no longer there as he lept into the air slashing at a guards throat. blood sprayed out as the guard wrapped his hands around his throat out of shear reaction. instantly ronin went to work slashing and cutting at every guard that still stood on his own two feet. within second the battle seemed to be over as the bodys littered the hallway.

ronin now stood over the captain drenched in blood his claws shining in the light. "you will pay for what youve done" ronin said in a deep voice. the captain sat on the ground still holding his ankle from the wound that ronin had delivered earlier. the scent of fear lingered in the air as ronin kneeled down to the ground placing his claws at the throat of the captain. "please please dont kill me" the captain muttered out as he placed his hands together intertwining his fingers begging for ronin to have mercy on him.  ronin smiled as he reared his fist back as if he was gonna shove his claws through the eye's of the captain. SNIKT ronin's claws drew back into his fist as he drove his fist forward slamming his knuckles into the captains nose. quickly the captain raised his hands to his nose feeling the blood pouring out and on to his hands. ronin smiled as the guard fell backwards slamming his head to the ground. ronin then reached his hand down to the captains waist and pulled his handcuffs out and dangled them infront of the bloodied captain. "Im placing you under arrest for crimes against mutant kind there will be no judge or jury as this is war and i charge you as guilty!" ronin quickly rolled the captain over and placed the cuffs around his wrists.

ronin was kneeled over the captain as a voice caught him off guard.  "Don't try anything wrong here, caveman! I'Ve had a very bad day and I'm not willing to play games with you!" ronin smiled as he turned around to face his new foe. blood poured off of his face while sweat dripped off of his chin. ronin could see that his new foe was indeed a woman her scent flowed through the air almost beautiful ronin thought to himself as he took in a deep breath. "just what do you think your gonna do my friend?" ronin said as he stood up and began to take several steps closer torward the female that stood in front of him. ronin knew she could tell there was no fear in him as she clinched the grip of her weapon ever so tightly.

ronin could tell that the female that stood before him was a real soldier not just one of these rent a cops that he had just massacred. she stood straight as an arrow her posture was flawless ronin could hardly sense any fear in the woman. he knew that she was for sure a trained killer just as he had been. ronin didnt doubt that she would pull the trigger but the only question was would she pull it quicker than he could move. "you dont want to shoot me my dear were in fact the same in many ways!" ronin said as he continued to approach her. ronin then stopped dead in his tracks waiting for her reaction.



"Just what you think your gonna do my friend?"

This was not a question to her. Shoot him like the rabid animal he was. You just had to look at him and what he had done to know he was a cold blooded killer, a slayer, a monster. His clothes hang in rags from his body which was stained with the soldier's blood everywhere. It was the soldier's blood for sure since no one could loose that much blood and still be alive less much conscious. It was all over his body and still dripped of his chin and his claws and left pools everywhere.

She tightened her grip on her shotgun even more as he made his first move towards her. In her eyes he was stumbling like he was in great pain or extasy. She guessed on extasy. All this killing and maiming seemed to have put him in a rage that left him totally uncontrollable. All the corpses with their throats slit and their guts hanging out of their stomachs the faces frozen in the moment of death gave clear proof of this suggestion. No one did this to a man without enjoying it. Rip them apart, limb from limb and throw parts of them all over the room did not happen if you wanted just to kill your enemy. This only happened if you wanted to destroy him, ashame him. This happened in full cruel conscience. His nose moved as if he tried to catch her scent like an animal on the hunt and his metal claws remained unsheathed while the blood still dripped of them. He truly was not more than a savage beast. Her eyes narrowed in cold disgust while he made her way towards her. But there was somethng about his whole bearing that let her bother for a moment. This was when she found his eyes.
They spoke of an untameable pride and a will to survive that matched her own. It was like her minds had found a common platform to communicate. There, before her, stood a soldier. One that stood on the opposite side of this war she began to loose faith in but nevertheless a soldier. An opponent that demanded not only caution but respect. She had seen his eyes dart over her and estimating her like a trained fighter would do but there was more to this when their eyes finally met. It was if his feral side spoke to hers, the one that just wanted to dodge bullets, jump over the battlefield and empty a M16 in one long burst, that wanted to drive a ferrari at 120 mp/h, that not wanted to just survive but to LIVE. Their hardly surpressed desires and urges seemed to crash in the air between them and electrify them. It almost seemed they merged and produced a stronger understanding for each other. Seconds stretched to an eternity when they were caught in this moment, the beauty and the beast, standing infront of each other not able to tell who of them was the beauty and who was the the beast. She could feel now he paid her the same respect she gave him, that of a very dangerous opponent. Warrior's honour bound them together and she stood there with a shotgun loaded with armor piercing slugs aimed at his broad chest. This did not feel right even as he progressed further.

Once again she began to doubt herself. Again she was not able to do what was necessary and simply kill her opponent. This would have been the easiest way but it did not seem to be the right way. She wondered what happened to her in the last time. Even the simpliest things began to give her thoughts about the consequences. She definitely was not the little adrenaline-addicted girl any more. Sure, she still loved the familiar caress of an adrenaline rush that made her body feel sensations no lover ever could have hoped to but... she couldn't right describe it. Best description was that she started to regret things she had done. She had never regretted anything and now this started. Anger rose in her. Anger that had to go out. Anger that found a a thing to concentrate on as he spoke...

"You don't want to shoot me dear, we're in fact the same in many ways!"

Than he did the unthinkable: He stopped dead in his tracks. If he had made just one more step Risky would have been able to shoot him without thinking twice.It would have been simple self-defense and totally justified. So he put himself on her mercy. What was he doing? Was he playing games with her? It took a second of silence while she was realizing what he was doing but then her anger bursted forth with never known intensity. And it had just one target:


Tears rolled down her face as she sreamed at him because she knew she was lying.  She knew from that short intense moment when they had locked eyes that she perhaps had never met a spirit that similiar to her. Not in her family, not in the army, not in the Green Berets, not even as a merc. There was someone who seemed to understand what she was going through. One that also had to fight a fight between instinct and moral. And he happened to be her enemy. She knew she had to make a decision that might change the rest of her life now. It didn't matter how she decided. Something would change. Either she would be an egoistic hireable mercenary caring only about her own desires and her lust for adrenaline living in adventure and luxury or she would be what her father had been: A brave soldier that stood up for her believes and accepted that she might die to defend what she believed in
The thought of her deceased father let even her cry even more and as the first teardrops hit the floor in an tiny explosion of salty water and mingled witht the blood of the fallen soldiers on the floor she made a decision.

She pulled the trigger...



ronin stopped dead in his tracks he was giving the soldier that stood infront of him the chance to redeem herself. then his soul his heart his mind all fell apart as the brave soldier in front of him spoke. "I'M NOT LIKE YOU, YOU D@MNED BEAST! JUST LOOK AT YOU! YOU'RE STANDING HERE IN ALL THAT FILTH AND GORE, IGNORING ALL THE MODERN WARFARE-RULES, THE BLOOD OF THIS BRAVE MEN STILL DRIPPING FROM YOU F***ING CLAWS AND TRY TO TELL EM WE WERE THE SAME! YOU ROBBED CHILDREN OF THEIR FATHERS, WOMEN OF THEIR HUSBANDS, YOU BRANG F***ING MISERY OVER WHOLE FAMILIES! HOW CAN YOU THEN SAY THAT WE ARE THE SAME? YOU'RE NOT LIKE ME, YOU'RE A BUTCHER, A MONSTER THAT IS ONLY FIT TO KILL AND STRIKE HORROR IN THE HEARTS OF MEN! F*** YOU!!! F*** YOU!!!" tears began to fill the eyes of the feral warrior as he knew what she had said was more than just true it was the way he had once felt at the beginning of this war. several thoughts filled ronin's mind the thought of how he refused to fight on either side of this war the thought of how he had done his best to save and rescue as many victims of this war as he could. as the 2 soldiers stood infront of each other they shared a moment a moment of respect. timed stood still ronin's reflex's were at their peak level as his eye's glanced around the room.

ronin could see all the fallen men around him as they lay slaughtered like animals. this was not what ronin had wanted not since the beginning. then ronin thought back looking for answers as to why and what he had done wrong to lose it like he had. thoughts of smiling mutants crossed his mind he could see each and every face that he had taken to safety. No that wasnt it ronin thought to himself then he continued to search his mind. then the thought of juno crossed his mind. he could remember how she was the one that helped him to find his place in this whole mess. ronin could see her smiling face and how innocent she was. he remembered how they met when she was being beating by the cape killers and how he had come to her rescue. he could remember how she helped him to rescue scores of fellow mutants. then ronin found it. the memory that was the source of all his anger. He had tried so hard to block it out and forget it. But the soldier that stood infront of him forced him to remember.

ronin felt the rage building inside him as he saw how everything went down. how him and juno were leaving the warehouse and out of nowhere they were shot down in cold blood. most the time in his feral state he couldnt remember anything but in this case he had to. ronin could smell the flesh and blood of all of those soldiers he had cut down in an instant. he could remember the smile that came across his face as he stood there over top of the men that had shot him down. then the vision of juno laying there on the ground lifeless. he could see himself run over to her and grab her up in his arms.

ronin could still feel the wounds that covered his body from when he had been arrested. he could remember how he was tortured and left for dead. ronin could remember all the rage that was being built up during that time he was starting to remember where all the rage he had built up inside had come from. finally he found it. it wasnt the memory of juno that filled his heart with so much anger no that wasnt it. his plan when he was leaving the prison facility was to make the quickest exit he could not to cut down each and every man that stood. then he found it. the vision of the little girl in her cell came to his mind. she was so young barely even a teen from what he could tell. she was locked up like an animal. ronin found his heart filling with rage at that moment when he seen how the little girl was being treated. he couldnt allow himself to run when there was so many being treated the same way he had. ronin wanted to make each and every guard suffer for what they had done. for a human to treat another living being the way the capekillers were there had to be justice.  ronin would be the judge jury and executioner for all the pain and suffering they had caused.

ronin thought about how the soldier that stood infront of him talked about how he could kill these men as he did. she spoke of their familys. but ronin couldnt think about their familys when he was executing them all he could think about was the men women and children that were locked up and tortured. these men that ronin slaughtered didnt care about their prisoners when they were torturing them so how could he care about whether or not the capekillers had family.

ronin stood still allowing the soldier infront of him to make her decision.  he knew that either way she would be right. he knew he was guilty but he also knew that the massacre he had done was just.

ronin smiled as the female that stood before him pulled the trigger. he chose not to react as the rounds flew through the air. ronin just stood there allowing the bullets to rip into his flesh. ronin flew through the air as the shotgun rounds collided with his chest. the sounds of screams filled the air as ronin landed on the ground. the screams didnt come from ronin as he lay on the ground smiling motionless. for the second time in minutes ronin could see that white light that he had heard so much about. but still he could hear the screaming.

the little girl shouted as she ran out to ronin sliding on the ground and placing her head on his chest. the little girl sat next to ronin on the ground crying as her head lay on his chest. the little girl didnt even look at the woman holding the shotgun all she did was cry. ronin could feel the little girl as she pressed her face against his chest but he couldnt move nor speak. the white light was drawing closer and closer. ronin was ready to die he knew that he deserved what had been done to him. the only thing that kept him from walking toward the light was the thought of the little girl. ronin had hoped that she would have listened to him when he told her to stay in her cell. then that horrible memory came back to his mind. the memory of himself watching his father kill his mother. he remembered how he was told to stay in his room and he didnt. he then remembered how he was never comforted after what he had seen.

all ronin could think about was comforting the little girl. he wanted to wake up. he wanted to wrap his arms around her and tell her everything would be okay but he knew he couldnt. the white light was getting closer and closer as he stood there in the long tunnel.




With a deafening, thunderlike roar the shotgun spat out its projectile.This was the short precious moment when risky locked eyes with her opponent once more. And froze in terror. He was smiling at her. After all the horrible things he had done but most improtant after all the horrible things she had said to him only a second agohe was smiling at her. Not a mean "I still got an ace up my sleeve so shoot at me" smile but another one that that  was much more terrifying to her. She had exspected some trick, maybe a dodge on the last chance, something like an iron hide or even something more revolting so a self-satisfied appeared on his face but that did not happen. Instead he just stood there with another kind of smile. One that she had not exspected at all. It was a peaceful, distant smile and the look in his eyes said he had made his piece with god and the world. A terribble soul-pain struck her as she realized it had been her words that reached so deep into  his soul that he gave up. He, this seemingly feral beast had given up because of her mere words.She had felt a unity with him like with no other creature on this world before. He was a soldier like her, a soldier who was forced to do things in this war he had not been proud of but that had to be done. It was like her when she had to attack those mutant teenagers back in that warehouse. She didn't knew for long she had been a mutant but that didn't change that she had been onne all of her life. The she was forced to fight against her own people, half children to make the matter worse. And she had acted like a good little dog of war and neutralized every one of them. She didn't know what would become of them but it sure was not pretty. She had betrayed her own people on now she was about to do it again. She had desecrated that one moment of wholeness those two had shared, a tiny little moment where they two had found a familiar soul. This was the one thing that made her mad.
The other was that in the moment of his death he, the very being that she had called a monster and a butcher before, showed more humanity in the moment of his upcoming death than she had shown anytime in her life. In that moment she wished she had never fired. But it was too late.

Her armor piercing slug hit his chest in an explosion of blood. She could almost see it in slowmotion as his smile even widened when the bullet tore through his flesh and sprayed his blood all over the room. Floor, walls, ceiling even herself got sprinkled with his blood that flew around inn big gusts and experienced seemingly never ending support out of his massive chestwound that gaped so impossibly wide in her eyes. The whole sight of this was aweful that she even didn't care when drops of it splashed all over her face and her body turning her into a macabre simularum of what had stood before her only a second ago: A wild beast drenched into the bloood of its fallen foes.Never before had she watched with so much regret as an enemy fell, his innards almost falling through the big hole in his chest while he was catapulted back at the once clean wall of sterilized steel. A big smear trail of  gore marked his way down that wall after he was smashed against it like a broken ragdoll. But the smile on his face remained. Not once did it disappear. Not as she fired, not as the bullet hit his upper body, not as it rended his flesh, not even as he slid down that wall dying.

Now that he lay there his empty eyes still focussed at her. Parts oof his guts lay around him and his blood built a pool around him in which he was laying like in a legend of old. He had even stopped blinking and so his eyes did not stop looking at her. those eyes that were so different from waht she had exspected when she first faced him. Now they gave forth not only of a wild savagery but also of a fierce code of honour and protection of loved ones. And a far more gentle hidden side. Thanks to her these eyes would never look at one of his loved ones again. But still he was breathing. There was so  much life force in this body it even now refused to die. Like a real warrior. One she had always wanted to be.

She couldn't bare the sight. She had made her decision. With him she had killed everyting that was noble and altruistic in her. By being covered in blood she had transformed into the same being she had accused him being of. She had chosen the merc, the ruthless killler always on the search for profit with no moralic restricitions at all. And no way would lead back. His gaze would forever reminnd her of this. Still he breathed although his eyes had lost focus a long time ago. It was time to end this...He would not bother her with these eyes again even if this meant she had to shoot them out by herself. She opened her shotgun, let the rounds fall out and fumbled two new out of her ammunition bag to put them in the chamber


her shotgun made as she finished reloading it by closing it again. A strange coldness of emotions filled her as she walked over to  the corpse-to-be. At this moment she recognized his wounds were healing at an alarming rate but she doubted it would be enough to cope with the blood loss and the loss of several important organs. Everything else just happened automatically.. She wasn't herself as instinct took over again and reduced everything she had done and felt before to a pure mockery of itself. It didn't matter to her. She had chosen her way and it would be that way. Nothing would change that. Her emotions, her feelings, her moral all that was good in her was locked into an armored box and buried deep inside her to never resurface again. Slowly she made her way across the room in strong, pproud steps not caring she was still covered in blood. She was like a wargodess striding over a battlefield to collect her last well-deserved sacrifices. If he could have seen the two barrels of her shotgun that were pointed at his face they would look to him like two sinister caves where his doom would come from. Something inn his face told her he didn't see it. Maybe it was better this way. He had placed his trust in her, believed that she would not shoot a fellow warrior that was exposed to her mercy and failed. So at least his grin remained on his face.

"You will die with a smile on your face. How fitting..."

A smile appeared on her face when she realized his smile would disappear like his eyes would when she fired a shotgun blast into his face from a distance that near. Actually his whole face would disappear and it even might rip his whole head off. What a suiting end for the whole legend. The legend of the death of a wild animal and the noble dreams of a naive little girl. That she now realized. You couldn't live, breath and eat war for so long without becoming war itself: brutal, cruel and inhuman. She had finally become this now although she had fended it off so long. Money and her fun were all she was interested in from now on. and it was somehow good this way. At least she wouldn't bother any more in the middle of a assignment as she had done the last few times. She would just finish the job and be done.... And now it was time to end this job. Her finger strengthened the pressure on the trigger ore. Just one miligram more and it would fire. A half and...


Her finger retreated form the trigger right in the last moment to swirl around and point the barrell at a strange being running down the hall. It had the vague shape of a twelve year old kid but it was covered in blue fur, had a tail, yellow predatory eyes and seemingly razor sharp claws for nail. it darted down the hallway with almost superhuman speed, faster than Risky ever could hope to react.  Her calculating cold eyes evaluated the situation and recognized by this speed the little girl's claws woulld slice her up like the strange warrior had been sliced up by her shot. No time to react, not even to pull the trigger. One single shot would have been enough but she simply didn't have the time. The irony of this did not miss her and made her smile. Moments ago she had found herserf and now she would die. At least she would die as an evolved woman. She prepared for death... Which didn't come. The little devil-like looking girl rushed past her towards the dying body and placed her head on the large wound in his chest crying. Okay, this really just a little girl. Another freakish looking mutant. Her weapon swung around again to be poinnted at the warrior. Time to end this finally. No more doubts, no more relays, nothing any more. The girl didn't even seem to notice her. She just kept on crying and crying, everything else didn't matter to her. even as she dirted herself with the blood she did not lift her head. She just cried and risky would just let her  have gone on with that if she had not blocked her line of shooting.

"Get out of the way girl!"

"No, I won't!" Her voice was really that of a panicked twelve year old girl, high and almost shrieking in panic.

"I will just say it once more: Get out of the way! He is nothing more than an uncontrollable animal and I will treat him as such! He slaughtered all these men and I will not let him live to do this again one day in the future."

"No! You're the real uncontrollable animal here! He is a true hero! I was caught by the capekillers several days ago and they beat me, gave me nothing to eat and insulted me. He was the one to rescue me and all these men deserved to die. tey had tortured and abused hundreds of mutants. There is a little chance this honourable man survives. I have seen him regenerate once from a wound like this and I will not let you shoot at him to finish the job he started. I don't know why a great warrior like him just allowed himself getting shot by someone like you but I know you are the real beast here. I have heard what you have done in the warehouse in New York! Some of the survivors came here and spoke of you like a demon that came over them. they were so  in terror a single person could wreck so much havoc. Look at yourself: You're standing here your left arm burned to unrecognizeability, covered in bloodand the only thing you can think of is killing him. I heard your speach to him. You did not speak of him. He was the one compassionate enough to rescue me. You speak of yourself. If you want to kill him, fine! But you will have to kill me first!" Then she stood up, stretched her arms out and stood before her like a blood stained little cross, ready to defend the fallen comrade.

"No problem!"
Risky pointed the shotgun right at the girl. Risky knew the  girl was tight but she just didn't care if she was the moonster now. Considering the mass of the little girl it was not even necessary to reload after she shot her. The force of the shot would just go  through her and kill the one she defended so fiercly anyway. So the gesture was in vain. If she had hoped to stop Risky that way it was hopeless. Brave yellow eyes looked up to  the female mercenary and awaited her decision without fear. Doubt snuck into the eyes when a smile crossed Risky's face whenn she pulled the trigger. She could see how the hammer came down to ignite the blackpowder which would send send the bulllet through the little shiloutte infront of her before it entered the body behind the girl. But then, miliseconnds before the hammer hit, she realized something terrifying. And it happened. A dead bullet, a bullet that would not fire. One thing that had never happened during her whole life because of her powers. When everybody else had ammunition jams because of mistreatment of the weapon or just because of bad weather she never really had that problem. And now she had TWO dead bullets in the chamber. What did that mean? The scientists told her her powers worked in the way of always working possibility towards her ends with minor events. Like a bullet misfiring. This had happened so often but never to her, always to the ones that wanted to harm her. What did it mean then? Was that misfiring really in her favour? Did fate knew something she didn't? She couldn't decide. There was too much happening in so few time she couldn't tell anymore. With a loud scream she threw her reliable shotgun, the same weapon her father had used in Vietnam as a sideweapon, across the room and dropped to her knees. It was just too much. What did fate want of her. What did fate, a force she had never really believed in, want her to be? Tears started to run downn her face again. her first sentence was a whisper that even the girl could hardly hear, the seconnd onne was a scream that echoed through the whole deathchamber this hallway had become.

"What am I... WHAT THE HELL AM I???"

Overwhelmed by a mighty sadness she buried her face in her hands. It was only seconds before she felt hher hands removed and looked into the blue furred face of the little girl. For a moment they just looked each other in the face before they fell into each other's arms over the body of Ronin. Firmly they held to each other and cried while the tears they shed fell upon his body...



"What am I... WHAT THE HELL AM I???" risky shouted as her words echoed through ronin's head. ronin stood there watching as the light drew nearer and nearer. he could hear the painful screams of his murderer as the sound of tears hitting the floor rang through the long narrow hallway. ronin had dodged death several times in his life. this surely was not the first time he had stood face to face with the light at the end of the tunnel. for ronin it was almost a dream state. Every time he found himself in the hallway he would always follow the path that lead him to the light but always just before he reach it his eye's would awaken. But for ronin this time felt different this time he knew if he approached the white light there was no return. this was the first time he had ever witnessed the light come to him and for the first time ronin turned his back!!!!!

ronin turned away from the light and began to walk in the opposite direction. RONIN a voice echoed through the hallway. ronin's eye's widened as the voice bounced off the walls. ronin peered down the hallway as he could see a shadowy figure approaching. instantly ronin stopped dead in his tracks as he could see the figure slowly approaching him. ronin stood still as he waited nervously for the shadowy figure to draw nearer to him so he could see him.  minutes seem to pass as the man walked toward ronin. "for far too long i have watched you come and go as you please ronin" the man said as he stood almost toe to toe with the feral warrior. "yea what of it bub" ronin replied sharply. "the names lazear and this time im taking you home" the man said as he drew a long katana from its sheath. "if getting through you is what it takes to revive myself then so be it" ronin replied angrily. SNIKT quickly ronin unsheathed his claws and lunged at lazear.

lazear side stepped ronin quickly slashing down at his back. the blade sliced through ronin's skin like butter clinging off of his adammatium spine. AHHHHHHHH ronin screamed as blood splattered the walls from the sharp blade. "you can not beat me ronin" lazear shouted at ronin as he nonchalantly took his stance.  ronin hissed in anger as he quickly pushed himself up off the ground and back to his feet. "WHO ARE YOU" ronin shouted as he once again dove at his foe slashing with both hands. lazear quickly lept into the air as if he was moving in slow motion. as he flew through the air once again his blade met ronin's body slashing into his arm and face. the sound of metal hitting metal echoed through the hallway as lazear seem to gently place his feet on the ground. ronin shouted in pain once again as he fell against the wall holding his arm and admiring the skill of his opponent. "I have many names ronin and one of which you will soon realize to be your fate" lazear spoke softly as he ran toward ronin. lazear moved quickly as he approached ronin he feet seem to be floating across the ground as he slashed at ronin's face. "AHHHHH you son of a b!tch ronin" shouted as the sharp blade met his face slicing into his cheek and across his brow leaving blood flowing down the warriors face.  ronin fell to the floor his back still pressed up against the wall. he could feel his wounds quickly healing as he tried to regain his composure.

once again ronin could hear the cries of his murderer as she and the young girl held each other across ronin's body.
As if he found a second wind ronin was quickly back to his feet. "I refuse to allow myself to die when she is so close to making the right decision" ronin shouted as he rushed toward lazear. ronin ran toward lazear at peak human performance as he jumped in the air bounce his left foot off of the wall and quickly BLINK. he teleported just before his claws would meet lazear's abdomen. milliseconds later ronin came out of the portal attempting to place his claws through the back of his foe. ronin's attack seem to be in vain as lazear was one step infront of ronin already slashing his blade at ronin's arm and twisting to the side just evading ronin's attack. ronin screamed in pain as the blade sliced right into his arm coliding with the metal surrounding his skeleton. ronin once again met the ground as he lost his balance from his last attack. she already chose her fate when she pulled the trigger ronin! she is a lost soul just as you were o so long ago. lazear said as he prepared for his next attack. quickly ronin rolled over to his back and sat up facing his opponent. fate is just a word humans can forever change for the better and i wont give up on her so easily ronin shouted as he held his arm still sitting on the floor.

"humans what a pathetic excuse for a word. god created you as a play toy and he watches over you like he's your own mother! humans are worthless beings forever killing their own they will never change just as she wont change. she is a killer born and bred she will never do what is right and you wont ever get the chance to change that
" lazear said as he lunged at ronin waving his sword through the air. ronin watched in terror as his assailant flew through the air attempting to thrust his sword into ronin's abdomen. ronin's animal instincts took over as he rolled his back onto the ground and kicked his legs into the air pressing off of the ground with his hands above his shoulders. within seconds ronin was back to his feet. SLICE ronin wasnt quick enough as the blade tore into his flesh just below his rib cage. ronin came toe to toe face to face with lazear and the sword punctured his lungs. lazear smiled as he held the sword seeming to have finally defeated ronin sending him to his forever resting place. the names azreal the angel of death and im sending you home ronin azreal said to ronin with a devilish smirk on his face as he still held the base of the katana between his hands. ronin's met azreal as his lungs filled with blood. ronin smiled as he stared down his maker. the names ronin and im sending you to hell the feral warrior shouted as he grabbed the blade of the katana pulling it further into his body. the blade exited out his back as ronin's claws were forced through the bottom of azreal's jaw and out the top of his skull.

ronin's eye's opened as he saw the to females laying across his body sobbing. he couldnt speak as when he opened his mouth blood spewed out. ronin lay on the ground for a few seconds as he tried to get the right words out. "you were right" ronin said as blood flowed down his chin. "but im here to show you that there is a different path than the one we have both chose to take our entire lives" ronin said as he placed his hand on risky's shoulder blood still flowing out of his mouth. most of ronin's wounds had seemed to have healed from the time he had officially died.



He was gone. That was for sure now. Risky had lost her chance for redemption once and for all. But somehow deep inside her she refused to believe this. Deep inside something had to die for this. And one single moment she felt something break, being shattered into a thousand little pieces. One single moment she hovered alone in the emptyness that was  the universe. That was then she had decided to shoot the little girl that lay crying in her arms now. But then something had happened. Her powers had stepped in and forbade her to do that. Her powers she was aware of only since a short time but she knew now they had protected her all the time. Sometimes they had even mended reality to absolutely unlikely events to save her. All of her life her hidden powers had been a hidden guardian angel and had taken great pains to save her from harm. And now they had saved this little girl and the feral warrior. That had to mean something. She didn't know what but it had stirred something in her. She came to realize that thing inside her had not been shattered.It had changed.  She didn't know into what but she knew it felt good. Although she sat there crying over the dead body of a friend she barely knew, although she was covered in blood from head to toe, although she held a crying child in her arms, although one of that arms was covered in burns of mostly third degree she felt something warm inside her. Something that was not there before but seemed to be such an integral part of herself now as if it had been there forever. A smile ran over her face when she realized it might have been there all the time, laying dormant like her powers, waiting to be forced to the surface in the right moment. As always she had no idea what was really going on on the epic metaplane that dictated life on earth but she knew it was to her advantage once again. For some obvious reason she was in favour of god, fate however you would call it. And for the first time in her life she was consciously thankful for that while that warm feeling began to widen in her body.

The little girl had stopped to cry now and looked up to her out of that unfathomable yellow eyes with the slit pupills. her whole cute face that reminded her so much of an amalgam of her little cousin that died when she was about the age of the girl and a little kittycat expressed only one feeling. That lovely little creature, that mutant, looked up to her and showed HOPE. Mutant. She thought about that word. Now it seemed she had come to terms with it. She was a mutant herself now. The very force her father had endlessly ranted about as a matter of  "social security". The very thing he alwyas had said that would kill him. Ironically he was partly right. He was not killed by a mutant but a mutate. A fine but important difference. Now she felt more of a part of the mutant society than the human. Funny how things could go. But why was she looking at Risky in that way. The smile on Risky's face froze as the little girl spoke:

"And now bring him back!"

"Why... I... I can't!"

"No, you can! I know you can! You have to!" Her voice signaled of the panic her hopes might be not fullfilled and her catlike eyes in the blue furred showed signs of tears already.

"I... I... I can't... I... I am..."

"Yeah, you are a mutant! We can do stuff like that! We're superheroes. No one ever dies when a superhero is involved!" The panic had crept further into her voice and the tears started to roll freely as thick teardrops.

We! How fast she had adapted to this we as mutants was amazing to Risky. She didn't even know if she would ever feel human again. "Some of us can do such things sweety. I don't belong to those. I'm just a soldier and it's a Soldier's Fate to see his comrades dieing on the battlefield..."

"No!!! You gotta bring him back! You gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta!!! He prommised! HE PROMISED!!!" Her tiny clawed fist pounded at Risky's chest and shoulders with little effect due to the kevlar embebbed in Risky's combat suit. Risky just took the little devilish girl in her arms again and felt how she continued to pound her chest and how her tears sopped her clothes. Slowly her powers weakened and she did not much more than clinging to Risky and cry. Risky just wanted to say something comforting to her, only if it was a sad request to go, as another voice tore through  the morbid atmosphere.

What in  the name of god the almighty are you doing there, soldier?" There he kneeled, the officer, a captain named A. Hurts, and pointed Risky's own shotgun at the pair.  Risky almost snapped as she realized the same weapon that had protected her dad in Vietnam and that had killed Ronin threatened her own life now. How could she throw something that was so dear to her away so carelessly? She had almost forgotten the officer who had lain there in the corner bound with his own handcuffs and cut Achiles tendon. But how did he get to get out of the handcuffs anyway? Sudden recognition flashed through Risky's head. His OWN handcuffs. Of course he did have the keys to his own handcuffs. Ronin had not to care for that because he thought he would deal with the captain swiftly but Risky did not have that benefit. Now she stared into that big barrels that looked like the gates to hell itself while she cradled the child in her arms. She could almost read the old "Wanderer who enters here abandon all hope". However, he had asked a question and she would answer truthfully.

"What does it look like, captain?I'm protecting my people!"

"These friggin' mutie freaks are not your people, soldier! We are your people! And now get away from that little monster that ripped the face of one of my soldiers off! You killed the big monster and now it is time for me to kill the little one! Get out of the way, this is a command!"

Risky stood up and towered over the captain. She brought the little child behind here knowing the armor piercing slugs in the shotgun would kill her but the kevlar would prevent that they shot through her body and killed her little protege. Now she knew she would never  count herself to humanity again. Two represantatives of the two people she belonged to were near her and the mutants definitely got the better part. If this was her last decision she didn't know, but she would be proud of it. No regret there.

"No captain! I entered the war to protect my people. To protect the weak. At first I thought I would protect humans from supers that abused their powers. Now I see I protect mutants from sadistic @$$holes like you that take their governement approbation too far by killing and torturing innocent U.S.-citizens like the child behind me. I am not part of your people any mor! I am a friggin mutie myself! And I am proud of it!" That being said she snipped her registration card towards him so he could see the bold letters of  her mutant affiliation.

His  eyes narrowed in pure blind racistic hate.
"Then die you f***ing monster!" His voice was cold as ice when he pulled the trigger. Risky closed her eyes and prepared for what would come. She had not to follow her instincts and dodge else the girl behind her would be dead.  She thought a last time about her loved ones, all the friends she  had found in her live: Chris, Lexi, Paladin and all the others, even the ones she found recently: Ronin and the little girl whose name she did not know. The thoughts warmed her heart as she heard the sound of the shotgun...


He had forgotten to reload. Oh how Risky loved her luck! With suddenly widened eyes the captain looked terrorized at the shot gun. His face expressed pure awe about his own stupidity. "D@mn mutie b1tch!" He let go of the shotgun and dived for the M16 of a fallen soldier. He almost made it before Risky's army boot hit him in the face and threw him on the back. As he tried to stand up Risky pressed herH&K Road Patrol 9mm under his nose. A sadistic little smile appeared on her face. This man had tried to kill her, but not enough he had killed and tortured dozens of mutants before. The words she spoke then came freely to her as from far far away. Intuitively. "I'm placing you under arrest for crimes against mutant kind there will be no judge or jury as this is war and i charge you as guilty!" His eyes spoke of sudden recognition. She could see he had heard this before. But she could also see something else.He was about to react. He reached for the gun infront of...

BAM! The sound of the gun echoed through the death chamber like distant thunder. Risky turned away from the mortal remains of captain A. Hurts and went back to the girl, feeling no regrets at all. "Good to know I can still do it! I am a soldier, a killer and bred for war. But I choose what I kill for!" she thought for herself. Her good mood vanished a she and the girl returned to the corpse of Ronin.

"Let's get him out of here. That is no place for a brave soldier like him! Can you do that? Okay, darling, what is your name anyway?"

”J… Julia…”


"Okay, Julia, I'm Risky. Heave..."

A singel tearfrop fell out of Risky's eye on Ronin's body. She prepared herself to lift the heavy body as suddenly something unexspected happened.The dead Ronin grabbed her shoulder. Risky almost screamed at first but then she was so happy to see he was alive that she shed further tears. While he still spat blood he spoke: "you were right but im here to show you that there is a different path than the one we have both chose to take our entire lives."

Risky laughed and cried at the same time. This was too great to be true. Maybe one of the happiest moments of her life. Still laughing she asked

"Hell man, don't shock me like that!
What happened?"


Ronin smiled as the blood continued to drip down his chin. "Good to know I can still do it! I am a soldier, a killer and bred for war. But I choose what I kill for" the words risky said couldnt have been more true. ronin always fought for what he believed in. he was an american citizen born and raised. ronin was one of the most patriotic men to ever grace US soil. this was indeed the reason he refused to choose sides during this civil war conflict amongst the american people. he couldnt find the strength to fight when his country bled so much. so many lives wasted for what? for the revenge of a corrupt president? for vengeance of a blind vigilante that couldnt see past his own grudge? so many questions as to why brothers were pinned against one another yet there was no answer. only the blood of fallen americans. Ronin stood by during the beginning of the war watching his friends and family members sign up on both sides. he stayed silent as he stood in the darkest corner. there was no right side to choose only the wrong side for both.

ronin was indeed a soldier born and bred. he was raised to be a killer a machine used for war. but this war was waged against his own people. he couldnt fight. his honor wouldnt allow it. he couldnt speak out against the war just as he couldnt fight. to speak out would be choosing a side something he refused to do. the only way ronin would ever fight on US territory would be to protect and serve the american people. this war was indeed niether. how could he protect his people when they were fighting one another. hadnt it been for juno ronin would never have taken his place in this conflict. but to decipher what was wrong and what was right was to go against everything he ever stood for. ronin knew he was indeed a criminal for the crimes he commited. he went against his commander and chief and led hundreds of rogue mutants to safety. this was against the law but it was the only thing he could that felt right.

ronin never wanted to kill the soldiers in the prison he never dreamed of it. but the animal inside him begged for freedom. the animal inside him spoke of right and wrong. it seemed that even an animal can decipher the difference between right and wrong when he himself couldnt. the feral beast that lay dormant inside of his cold heart made him understand what was right and wrong. the animal knew what had been done to him and all the fellow mutants that were locked up in the facility was wrong. For the first time since he could remember he allowed the animal inside him to take over and judge every man that stood outside the cage that held him at bay. ronin would no longer ask questions he would tear the enemy to shreds and allow god to pick through the victims.

"Let's get him out of here. That is no place for a brave soldier like him! Can you do that? Okay, darling, what is your name anyway?"

"Okay, Julia, I'm Risky. Heave..."
ronin's eye's opened as he heard the 2 females attempt to lift him up. quickly ronin spoke. he could see that both risky and julia were surprised at his resurrection as risky answered him back. "Hell man, don't shock me like that! What happened?" ronin laughed as he continued to spit up blood. it's a long story hows bout we talk about it over some coffee ronin said smiling. in reality ronin didnt really know what happened. he couldnt really remember much except the things that went on around him and for some reason the name azreal was on his mind.

ronin reached down on the ground placing both of his hands on the cement floor and pressing down forcing himself up to his feet. Slowly but surely he could feel his lungs healing inside his body but it seemed as if it wouldnt be enough. instantly ronin's eye's widened as he watched an estimated 50 soldiers run through the entrance fully armed and locked and loaded aiming their rifles at the trio that had already been through so much. Instantly ronin reacted SNIKT. ronin wasnt ready for another fight that was for sure. but he had a plan of his own as he growled at the soldiers. Im tired of fighting ronin shouted as he slammed his fist against the wall. I say it's about time the american people fight for themselves ronin said sharply as instantly BLINK he was gone. ronin was tired and worn out his strength was at 50% but his will to live and help his people was at 110%. the gaurds and soldiers were stunned as they watched ronin disappear and reappear over and over again. a brief slashing sound followed by the sound of metal hitting metal echoed through the massive hallway.

after just a brief time ronin fell out of the portal landing on the ground next to his new friends. ronin smiled as he looked at the guards. okay i surrender ronin said as he raised his hands to the air. but i dont know about them. in an amazing sight instantly all of the cell doors shot open almost at the same time as about a 100 mutants burst out of their cells staring the cape killers down with a burning rage in their eye's. in a matter of no time bullets flew through the air as the soldier quickly began to fire at the free mutants. ronin quickly went to war as he jumped to his feet and rushed toward the guards dodging and get hit by bullets. within in several minutes all of the innmates overwhelmed the soldiers showing their will to fight for their freedom just as ronin had when he first made his escape.

ronin stood at the door his clothes soaked in blood as he and scores of other mutants stood over the remains of the fallen cape killers. the feral warrior smiled as he watched the remaining soldiers sit on their knees as they were handcuffed and forced into the cells that once held hundreds of mutants. ronin looked over at risky saying. well my friend hows about that cup of coffee.


Awesome song... but who does still remember it?

Had enough of my old emo-blog and decided it was time to make a new one. So I ask you, who is old enough to still know this song? I remember it from a commercial when I was about ten or twelve years old. It's "Far Far Away" by Slade. Still like it, hope you do too, just don't pay attention to the eye cancer creating looks ;)

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