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Familiar Names 0

This hardcover story follows a nurse for 24 hours through Arkham Asylum. On paper this is great. Kieth always has interesting art and interprets stories in a non-traditional manner. Simply put, these characters have worked in traditional Batman comics and what he turns them into are underdeveloped walking cliches. Here aer some examples of what does NOT work in this book:  Two Face - Though he is only in here for 4-5 pages, he is a do-rag wearing typical thug. They refer to him as 'half pizza fa...

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Megacity 1 0

Earth re-created Eden by programming people to lose negative emotions. It did not last. Someone is releasing evil "Pulses" onto earth and the demons are wreaking havoc on the innocent. It is up to a team of five to stop them.The good: To make this simple: If you like sci-fi comics, you will like Megacity 909. The creators of Defiance made a successful second series here. The art has well-done paintings and the detail is precise. This first issue gets all of the background information done in abo...

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Breed 3 0

Stoner is attacked by some of his own kind: Monsters. He then goes back to his town Elsewhere where he is part of a new battle emerging. The good: The first few pages start out well and make the character seem pretty fun. The art looks alright and got me interested in reading the whole book. Right away I thought, "This looks like old Malibu Comics art." Then I realized this WAS one of those. Unfortunately, this was no Prime after I got further into it.The bad: I'm really not 100% sure who the au...

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Mechanika 1 2

Note: I did not read issue #0.Story: We are introduced to a world obsessed with mechanical engineering. More specifically, mechanically engineering humans. The reader is also introduced to Lady Mechanika who tries to solve a new problem while we figure out parts of her past along the way. The good: Right away the cover art drew me in to this issue. I'm not sure what it why, but this may be my favorite cover art of the year so far. There's nothing flashy and it is quite detailed and classy. In fa...

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Moon Girl #1 (2011) 2

The story follows Clare Lune AKA Moon Girl in the 1950's while trying to get over her past of attempting to enforce a new social revolution. However, this does not go as planned for her as she now resides in New York City.The good: The art in this book is phenomenal. A realistic, yet colorful and surreal style of painting is used that makes the pages come alive. Some pages that would normally take about 20 seconds to flip through take at least a minute to look at due to the detail and high quali...

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