Earth - 585. Part II.

I've always liked how marvel did alternate realities (the Marvel Multiverse). I like seeing familiar heroes with small or big changes. So I decided to write an alternate reality of my own. Earth - 585!

Continued from Part I:

This is the second part of the series:

X-Men Origins: Jean Grey:

Jean was born and raised in New York. She is the only child of John and Elaine Grey. One day, when she was twelve, she was playing ball with her best friend Annie Richardson when their ball rolled away. Annie followed it into the street and was about to be hit by a car . When Jean realized that her friend was in danger her mutant powers developed and she telekinetically pushed her friend out of the way. Annie, understanding that her friend is in fact a mutant, called Jean a freak and ran away. Jean knew that mutants were hated so she decided to keep her powers a secret.

For three years jean kept her powers secret, even from her parents, but she would practice her telekinesis at night when no one was looking. When she was fifteen her telepathy started to develop. Every so often she would hear peoples thoughts, and other people would hear hers. Most people thought she was talking to them which got her into trouble a few times. Jean decided that she needed help so she told her parents about her powers. At first they were scared and worried, but when she showed them what she could do with her telekinesis they were also amazed. They decided to home-school Jean but, since they both had full-time jobs, Jean wasn't getting the education she needed.

When Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) came to the Grey's home and offered Jean the chance to learn (in addition to normal studies) to control her powers at his school, she and her parents accepted.

(Max chose Jean because of the similarities between their powers.)

Part III: Here.

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