Earth - 585. Part IV. (X-Men: First Days, 1)

I've always liked how marvel did alternate realities (the Marvel Multiverse). I like seeing familiar heroes with small or big changes. So I decided to write an alternate reality of my own. Earth - 585!

Continued from Part I, Part II and Part III:

This is the fourth part of the series:

X-Men: First Days (Part 1):

“Welcome to the Xavier Institute for the Gifted!” Exclaimed Max as Bobby stepped out of the limo. Bobby gaped as he stared at mansion.

“And I thought the limo was nice! Speaking of which, can I use this whenever I want?”

Max laughed, “Please come in.”

Following Max into the school Bobby mumbled, “I was serious…”

Max and Bobby entered the mansion. In front of Bobby stood an enormous room with a large statue in the middle and a staircase on the left leading to the upper floor. The walls were covered with paintings.

“Pietro!” Max called out. A white haired boy zoomed into the grand hall from the next room, lines of color following him as he moved. He stopped right in front of them.

Max introduced them, “Pietro, this is Robert. Robert, this is my son, Pietro.”

“I prefer ‘Bobby’.” He corrected.

“It’s nice to meet you, Bobby,” said Pietro.

“Pietro is also a student here, and a member of the team,” said Max. “Dinner is at seven o` clock. The other students arrived yesterday, so classes will start first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, and if you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask,” he added. “Pietro, please take Bobby’s bag and show him to his room.”

Pietro was already at the top of the nearby staircase, holding Bobby’s bag.

“Come on!” said Pietro, “I’m waiting!” He zoomed off into the hallway.

Bobby quickly ran to the top of the stairs. “Slow down, I can’t keep up!” He called out, not knowing where Pietro went. Pietro appeared at the end of the hallway, “Stop whining,” he said, and disappeared as quickly as he came.

“Stop running off like that!” Bobby yelled as he ran down the hall. After turning the corner and not seeing Pietro, he stopped to take a breath. Pietro zoomed back from the next corner, “Are you coming?!”

“I… said …” Bobby panted. He felt a familiar cold rush down his arm. “… Slow down!” A cold, pale blue beam shot out of Bobby’s hand and hit Pietro in the face.

Bobby felt a gust that forced his eyes closed. When he opened them he saw Pietro standing an inch away, staring at him. Pietro’s face was turning red where the ice blast hit him.

“That hurt!”

Suddenly they were both lifted into the air and moved apart.

“Pietro, stop harassing the new kid,” said a red-haired girl who had one hand at her temple and her other hand pointing up.

“Buheblastedme!” Pietro said too quickly.

“Slow down, I can’t understand you when you talk in super-speed,” said the girl.

Pietro took a deep breath. “I said that he started it.”

“What are you, five?!”

“Just put me down.”

“Do you promise to behave?”


She put her hands down. Pietro fell to the floor, while Bobby floated down softly. Pietro zoomed off.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Bobby. My name is Jean Grey,” the girl introduced herself.

“Nice to… wait, how do you know my name?”

“Sorry, I’m telepathic, I accidentally read your mind,” Jean explained. ”I can’t really control it yet, but hey, that’s why we’re here, right?”

“If you’re telepathic how did you lift us earlier?” Bobby asked.

“Telepathy is only my secondary mutation. My main power is telekinesis, which I can control just fine,” Jean answered. “I’ll show you to your room if you want,” she offered lifting the bag telekinetically.

“Ya, that’ll be great!”

“I would offer to give you a tour, but this place is so big that I spent all day yesterday exploring, and I still haven’t seen the entire place.”

Bobby laughed.

“Oh, and… thanks,” said Jean.

“For what?”

“For thinking I’m pretty.”

Bobby blushed.


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Earth - 585. Part III.

I've always liked how marvel did alternate realities (the Marvel Multiverse). I like seeing familiar heroes with small or big changes. So I decided to write an alternate reality of my own. Earth - 585!

Continued from Part I:

See also Part II.

This is the third part of the series:

X-Men Origins: Bobby Drake (Iceman):

Robert "Bobby" Drake was born in San-Francisco, California. He has a younger brother named Louis Drake, who is two years younger. When he was thirteen his family moved to Long Island, New York. Bobby and Louis started at a new school in New York, and being the new kids were often bullied. One day Bobby saw his younger brother being bullied by the biggest kid in the school. He tried to help his little brother but was no match against the bully. Bobby Started getting mad, but instead of getting red with rage he felt cold and his face turned blue. Then as if by instinct he froze the bully in a thin layer of ice. The bully broke the ice and ran off scared and shivering with cold.

Bobby quickly learned to control his powers. At first he used them so scare off bullies, but soon he started threatening other kids at his school to get what he wants. He became a bully himself.

When Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) came to meet Bobby and ask him to join his school in order learn to control and use his powers, Mr. and Mrs. Drake agreed. They saw what their son was becoming and thought that this school will help. Bobby, on the other hand refused. He had already changed schools once and did not want to go through that again. Louis, who was listening to the argument, confronted his brother. He told Bobby that at first he used his powers against bullies, but now he used them to become one. Bobby was convinced.

(Max chose Bobby because of the fact that his powers were a great addition to any team.)

X-Men Origins: Peter Rasputin (Colossus):

Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin lived in a collective farm in Siberia, Russia, during the Communist era. They had a son whom they named Mikhail. Mikhail died when he was a baby. The Rasputins blamed the Soviet Union and communism for the death of their son. They decided to leave Russia and they escaped to the U.S.A. They started a farm of their own in the countryside of New York. They had a son, Peter, a little more than a year later, and a daughter, Illyana, ten years after that. Peter was raised on the Rasputin farm, and started helping from a young age.

One day, when Illyana was four years old, and Peter was fourteen, Illyana was playing in the barn when part of it suddenly collapsed, and trapped Illyana. Peter heard her scream and came to her rescue. He tried lifting the pieces of wood and metal that trapped her, at first they were too heavy, but he wouldn't give up, he had to save his sister. At that point his mutant power developed and he turned into metal, and lifted the wood and metal with ease. When he picked up his sister she stopped crying and said "shiny!"

Peter didn't have to worry about hiding his powers because the farm was isolated, so he used them freely to help around the farm. Until one day two years later when he went into town to buy supplies, and the store he was shopping at was robbed. He used his powers to stop the robbers, but instead of gratitude the people around just feared and hated him because he was a mutant. Peter ran back to the farm.

Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) heard of this event and used his electromagnetic powers to find Peter at his farm. Max offered Peter to join his school, at first Peter didn't want to leave the farm and his sister, but his parents wanted him to get a good education. Peter who also loved the feeling of saving people and doing good decided to join Max.

(Max chose Peter because of his selfless act in the store, and because of how his powers can increase Peter's.)

Part IV: Here.

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Earth - 585. Part II.

I've always liked how marvel did alternate realities (the Marvel Multiverse). I like seeing familiar heroes with small or big changes. So I decided to write an alternate reality of my own. Earth - 585!

Continued from Part I:

This is the second part of the series:

X-Men Origins: Jean Grey:

Jean was born and raised in New York. She is the only child of John and Elaine Grey. One day, when she was twelve, she was playing ball with her best friend Annie Richardson when their ball rolled away. Annie followed it into the street and was about to be hit by a car . When Jean realized that her friend was in danger her mutant powers developed and she telekinetically pushed her friend out of the way. Annie, understanding that her friend is in fact a mutant, called Jean a freak and ran away. Jean knew that mutants were hated so she decided to keep her powers a secret.

For three years jean kept her powers secret, even from her parents, but she would practice her telekinesis at night when no one was looking. When she was fifteen her telepathy started to develop. Every so often she would hear peoples thoughts, and other people would hear hers. Most people thought she was talking to them which got her into trouble a few times. Jean decided that she needed help so she told her parents about her powers. At first they were scared and worried, but when she showed them what she could do with her telekinesis they were also amazed. They decided to home-school Jean but, since they both had full-time jobs, Jean wasn't getting the education she needed.

When Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) came to the Grey's home and offered Jean the chance to learn (in addition to normal studies) to control her powers at his school, she and her parents accepted.

(Max chose Jean because of the similarities between their powers.)

Part III: Here.

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Earth - 585. Part I.

I've always liked how marvel did alternate realities (the Marvel Multiverse), especially in Exiles. I like seeing familiar heroes with small or big changes. So I decided to write an alternate reality of my own. Earth - 585!

This is the first part of the series:

X-Men Origins:

In 1947, after the Holocaust Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) made his way to New York City. Alone with no money the nineteen year old wandered the streets of the city for a few days. On one of those days he was attacked by muggers. He was about to use his mutant powers on them when they suddenly just walked away. Professor Charles Xavier walked out of a nearby alley and introduced himself as the reason the attackers left. Xavier took Max under his wing, and taught him his philosophy and ideals about the human-mutant conflict. One of the things he always talked about was forming a super team of mutants to help humanity, but he never did.

The Professor helped Max finish school and go to college. In this time Max fell in love with another holocaust survivor named Rebecca Stein. The two wed in 1959. Three years later they gave birth to twins. They named the boy Pietro after Max's father, and the girl Wanda after Rebecca's mother. When the twins were one year old, Professor Xavier died at the age of 72 of brain cancer caused by his telepathy. Not having any kids of his own, he bequeathed his mansion and his fortune to Max.

The twins were often bullied in school, which caused their mutant powers to develop when they were fourteen. Pietro got the mutant power of super-speed as well as his hair turning white, and Wanda the ability to cast Hex-Bolts. Shortly after their powers developed Rebecca was murdered by an anti-mutant gang for being the mother of mutants. When Wanda heard about this she was possessed by The Phoenix Force. The Phoenix was about to kill the murderers but Pietro managed to calm his sister down first allowing her to regain control.

After his wife's murder Max understood that the mutant-human tensions were on the rise, and the time for a mutant super team had come. He also decided that it had to be more then a crime fighting team it had to be a sanctuary for young mutants. He decided on turning his mansion into a school so that his kids and other mutants could avoid bullying. Not being a teacher himself, he asked his old collage roommate, Professor Hank McCoy, for help. Hank, who always liked mutants, accepted. Hank helped Max build a master computer for the mansion as well as The Training room.

In order to find young mutants to join the school Max and Hank made a program that hacks into government and police records and lists all the cases involving mutants, they called it the Mutant List. Max looked through the list and chose three mutants from New York (state) based on their apparent powers (what he can make out from the files) and their need for sanctuary. He chose Jean Grey, Robert "Bobby" Drake, and Peter Rasputin.

Part II: Here .

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