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The worst kind of filler 0

To get started, let me say that PG is the only DC comic that I am regularly reading, and surely the only one that I will miss post-flashback. This issue makes me seriously wonder why.  Obviously, the issue is filler material, not trying to do much of importance to anybody. That, in itself, is understandable and not much of a problem, if well done. However, we do not get 'well done', we get moralizing and with more plot holes than Heavy Rain (yes, it's that bad).  Additionally, the artwork is sub...

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Do NOT miss this book 1

I will get right to the point. I, personally, think this is not only the best issue of Avengers Academy so far, or the best of the Fear Itself tie-ins, but one of the best comics I have read in a long time. The issue starts of with the team still in the war zone, fighting both with nazi mechs and their own inner demons.  At this point in the book I was a little afraid that the book might overstress this ground-level fight setup and become a little stale (we have seen this exact same scenario in ...

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The Crusade for Restoring the Scarlet Witch 0

Don't kid yourself. This mini series is not really about the Young Avengers. It's about restoring the Scarlet Witch after ... well, you know.  If not before, this has become very evident in this issue, where the YA are really just observers. Whatever happens, happens centered around the Scarlet Witch and because of her.   As in the issues before, a whole lot of things are going on here (which I will not detail to keep this spoiler-free), even if some of the events could deal with a little less a...

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(Un-)Lucky #13 0

Just finished Avengers #13. I'm usually not a big basher, but I can't think of a good reason to do such a comic.  Literally nothing happened.For people without years of Avengers experience the whole comic is just an incomprehensible mess.Some characters seem entirely out of character (Hawkeye? Wtf?). Usually I don't care so much about slight characterization oddities if they move the story along, but in an issue that is basically only characterization you should at least get that right.Art was w...

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