Favorite female comics characters

This list goes up to 11!

List items

  • Jessica Drew's mysterious spy past is just fascinating. She really deserves her own series again.

  • I've always thought Betsy was a great character, although I am biased because she's British.

  • No list of comic female characters can really leave off Diana. Probably the most important female character there is?

  • A recent addition to my favorite Marvel characters, Natasha is too cool to leave out.

  • Sword-wielding, pegasus flying, ass-kicking. Any more questions?

  • Jennifer is hilarious, but also a strong character. Definitely a must-have on this list.

  • Her significance in the Marvel Universe is greater than she is given credit for quite often. Sue is a great leader and a powerful woman.

  • I'm glad Carol is finding her way back to prominence. She has so much potential. More please.

  • Tigra is great. A former policewoman, now in a leadership role in Avengers Academy? OK then!

  • Ah, Felicia. Slinky, mischievous, crafty and deadly. Spider-Man is a lucky guy.

  • Too awesome to leave off this list. Especially now she's on the Defenders.