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My Top 10 Marvel NOW Series

In my opinion, will change if I change my mind or a new series that is better. (I don't pick up every Marvel NOW book) All recommend these series.

Honorable Mentions: Amazing X-Men and Guardians of The Galaxy

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  • #1-25. A lot of people will disagree with this choice. When I started collecting last year, I was focused more on DC, but that all changed. I look at the list for the Marvel NOW series and I found All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. So I had to choose between those two, so I went with All-New X-Men. I did pick up Uncanny X-Men and hated it. But back to All-New X-Men, I read the first issue and just loved it. I love the story, I got hook right away. The story's about The Beast brings back The Younger X-Men to show them what they are in the future. Like Cyclops making a whole new mutant revolution. The art is really good, the writing to me is great, I just really love this book. Like I said a lot of people will disagree with my choice for Number 1. It's my opinion and to me All-New X-Men is just awesome.

  • #1-2. Their are only 2 issues out so far, and I just loved it. I didn't know who was Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel was, so I jump on it. And I was so glad I did. The main character in this story is Kamala, who has family and school problems. She makes these FanFic about the Avengers and how she wants to be like them. She got invited to a party but her parents didn't allow her to go. So she sneaked out and went to the party. In the party a lot of stuff happen and she goes back, while going back she sees mist everywhere, she accidently inhaled the mist and passed out. She had a dream that she was talking to Captain Marvel and The Avengers and Captain Marvel says that she's going to pass her powers to her. So when she woke up, she got the powers of Captain Marvel. Thats the first issue. So to me, this is just a awesome series even though it's only 2 issues, Ms. Marvel is just Awesome.

  • #1-11. I wasn't really going to pick this up, but I did because it was a new Number 1 and I was so glad I did, it was a probably the best Marvel series out their. I mean it's funny and it's clever. I love the story about the worse villains trying to make a team called The Sinister Six even though their 5. I think it will go back to spot number 2 when they continue the original story because right now their just doing filler issues, I mean their good but it's not the best. But still, The Superior Spider-Man is still an awesome.

  • #1-36 (Before they rebooted it) #1 (The Rebooted Series) I'm still counting the Daredevil series before they rebooted it. Daredevil is one of my favorite Marvel characters, so I gave it a shoot and just loved it. I thought the art and the writing was great and just loved it. Then they rebooted it, I was thinking of dropping it, but I found out it was the same creative team just $1 more, so I gave it a try and it was still awesome. The first issue of the rebooted Daredevil issue was just fantastic, so I decided to still pick it up. So all in all Daredevil is just a great series, highly recommend it.

  • #1-27 Deadpool is my favorite Marvel character, so I decided to give this a shot, and it turned out to be one of my favorites. Deadpool is funny like always, I really like the art and it's enjoyable to read. A lot of people has been let down f the new story arc Deadpool vs Shield because before that The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Story arc was one of my favorite story, but I'm still sticking with Deadpool till the end because he's awesome.

  • #1-15 I never knew who Nova was, so I decided to give this a try, and I thought it was great. So it's about Richard Alexander's son Sam Alexander who is having school problems, he's been bullied a lot and he just didn't like his dad. He was telling his stories about him being Nova and Sam didn't believed in the stories his father told him. But then he's father ran away all of a sudden. So Sam wanted to find him, when he ran re tripped and hit his head and fainted. Then he woke up in front of Gamora and Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of The Galaxy, and Rocket says "We Need You". That cliffhanger made me wanna read Nova and it became one of my favorite Marvel NOW series. The art and writing is just great. So now Nova is one of my favorite Marvel Now Series.

  • #1-30 Again a lot of people will say why is it so down on your list. I just didn't like it that much as other people did, I mean it's a great series but not that great. The story was really interesting about Doc Oc is in Peter Parker's body and everyone is like has has Spidey changed because he wasn't like that before. It's a great series, the art and the writing are great. This book's cliffhanger made me like I gotta get the next one which a comic book should do. Superior Spider-Man will be ending next week and Amazing Spider-Man will return. But Superior Spider-Man is a great series, get it in trade if your interested because this book is ending next week.

  • #1-20 A lot of people will say why is this so low on your list. The reason, their are more better series in my opinion. Thor God of Thunder use to be my favorite Marvel Now series, the first story arc was just fantastic, Thor was always book of the week until it hit issue 15, to me i just lost it. It wasn't getting book of the week anymore, so I was sad. But still Jason Arron those a fantastic job with the writing, I love the art and it still one of my favorite Marvel Now series.

  • #1-2 2 issues in and it just has been great. I wasn't really going to pick this up then I heard that this book is really good, so I picked it up and it was great. The first Issue didn't really do it for me, then I read the second issue and it was awesome. I can't wait to see more of Moon Knight, but the first 2 issues were great, check it out.

  • #1 The first issue of this was just fantastic. I was either going to choose Amazing X-Men or Guardians of The Galaxy. But I just loved the first issue a lot. So I can't wait to see more of this series, check it out.