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Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Brood? 3

OverviewWolverine used Kid Omega's telepathy & super intelligence to raise school funds in an inter-galactic casino. Meanwhile, Beast leads a miniaturised team through Professor Pryde's insides to save Kid Gladiator and Broo is the only left to help Professor Pryde run away from the big bad Brood king.The GoodKid Omega & Wolverine working together for a change.Kitty Pryde back on her feet and proving that she is still the best at what she does (even in her condition).A wise-cracking myst...

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Avengers Estranged 0

OverviewIn the aftermath of defeating Hybrid, the staff of the Avengers Academy face-off in deeds & words with the graduates of the Avengers: Initiative. Should the Avengers Academy be allowed to continue, or should the students choose whether they want to risk a similar fate to those of the Xavier's Institute For Higher Learning?The GoodA few loose ends are tied up nicely, while leaving teasers for the future that involve their rarely seen nemesis, Jeremy Briggs, and the far flung future of...

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The X-odus Cliché 1

OverviewExodus is on a mission to kill Cyclops. Wolverine & Rogue argue whether they should warn the X-Men on Utopia while they're trying to stop Exodus. Generally there's lots of fighting; good guys against bad guys, and sometimes without the bad guys.The GoodIt's entertaining and there's plenty of flashy action. This is still Mr Christos Gage's first story arc in X-Men Legacy and it has been an entertaining & controversial start. As the action literally heats up (or cools off in Iceman...

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In Utero Infestation 8

OverviewAngel is financially cut off from his billions at Worthington Industries, the kids have a miniaturised field-trip around Toad's guts, Wolverine drags Kid Omega into space, all while Kitty's body plays host to a Brood infestation.The GoodThere's rarely a quiet moment in this issue! Lots of tantalising future storylines being hinted at, and of course the start of Headmistress Kitty Pryde's pregnancy problem. Even the dialogue keeps what would normally be a quiet scene lively. The kids &amp...

8 out of 9 found this review helpful.

Sinking Down The Chasm Of Disappointment 8

OverviewAfter enduring 4 boring & repetitive issues of Prelude To Schism, the so-called landmark X-Event starts with a minor riot in the United Nations. Quentin Quire has been released by 12 year old child genius Kade Kilgore. Quire promptly interrupts Cyclops' speech at the UN by telepathically forcing all the interional delegates to confess their darkest secrets over the live new feeds. A world filled with frightened human politicians lashes out by activating all of their secret-stash of o...

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Too Much Dessert 1

OverviewIn order to focus on the main cast, all the other mutants are sent in to the battlefield to fight for their lives against hundreds of thousands of armoured humans. While Basilisk, Cannonball, Frenzy, Gambit, Legacy, Wolverine & the Moonstar Cadre fight deadly forces, Katherine Pryde, Magneto & Professor X struggle to prevent 'Moira' from destroying the universe. Taking responsibility, Legion absorbs Moira. Gaining her power to manipulate reality, Legion makes the human forces dis...

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X Revealed 0

OverviewWhile the Force Warriors 'Moira' struggle for power, the rest of the mutants within Fortress X anxiously wait for the human armed forces that don't arrive. Assembling in the Command Room, Professor Xavier telepathically reveals the true cause of this distorted version of reality; 'Moira' is a new personality from within Legion's mind, born from Doctor Nemesis' cull of the other personalities. However, she has the power to alter reality... And therefore causes a storm of oncoming vehicles...

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Avengers Unassembled 1

OverviewTwo stories covering the activities of popular Marvel heroes in the warped reality of the Age of X.Legacy recalls the memories of Captain America. The Avengers were a clumsy incoherent bunch of psychotic murders who failed to keep a mutant riot under wraps. They're then sent on a mission to locate the newly constructed Fortress X, using Weapon-S to sniff out the mutants. Once the tower is located, new orders arrive to assassinate all mutants. Hulk relishes in the order by immediately kil...

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Betraying The Betrayer 0

OverviewAll the mutants inside Fortress X question Magneto' tactics. Rather unsurprisingly, Magneto didn't really kill Legacy & Gambit in the previous issue. In fact, he'd hidden them in an underground chamber where they exchanges all his suspicions about Fortress X. Magneto sends them on a mission to find the central most room (that he has no prior knowledge of) in the tower that he'd made. They exchange a kiss & skills (thanks to Legacy's powers) and discover Doctor Nemesis held in two...

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The Chase Issue 2

OverviewLegacy is labelled a traitor to her kind & is on the run from the Moonstar Cadre. Her escape from Fortress X create confrontations for Logan, and Gambit unexpected changes sides. Moira demands that the Force Warriors be included in the hunt, but the idea is mooted as Magneto enters into the action instead. After, he interrogates Box Magneto publicly executes the two traitors. Meanwhile, Wolverine & Basilisk conspire to reveal the lies that they're being told.The GoodThe art! Oh m...

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The Secrets Of X 7

OverviewIntrigued by the capture of Katherine Pryde, Legacy offers her services to discover what secrets she knows of the world outside of Fortress X. With her help rejected by Magneto, Legacy takes independent steps. Using her powers to reproduce other mutants' powers she infiltrates the Brig where the mystery deepens; Blindfold from regular Earth-616 continuity is a prisoner. Danger pursues Legacy, but during the escape she encounters the unconscious Xavier & is unable to control his immen...

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The Mystery Begins 0

OverviewBattling the humans for survival takes it toll on all the mutants in different ways.  They each struggle with the loss of another mutant, especially Legacy who wants to be seen as more than the "Reaper".  Despite the Force Walls constructed by the Force Warriors, a stranger has slipped through.  The mysterious X quickly organised a strike-force to deal with the stranger, whom Magneto reveals to be Katherine Pryde.  All events are observed by Legacy, who wants to help investigate.  Howeve...

7 out of 8 found this review helpful.

Apocalyptic X-Position 4

OverviewThe gathered mutant forces tell stories as they wait for the human forces to attack.  Each story becomes a flashback, giving an insight into how the world became warped beyond recognition.    The Good All of it.  In all seriousness, the entire issue simply oozes quality!  It's so rare that I enjoy an issue so much.  Each element of this one-shot has been perfectly honed to fit together as a perfect work of art.  Everything from the cover, art (internal & external), plot, characterisa...

9 out of 15 found this review helpful.

Blinded By The Quality 4

OverviewBlindfold's confusing premonition powers led her on a goose-chase around Utopia.  This rapid tour of the island brought her face-to-face with monsters of different kinds.  Most of whom were the inner demons plaguing other X-men, but none of them were the malevolent force that tormented her around the peripheral of her visions.  Meanwhile, Rogue took steps to warn the higher echelons of the X-Men & set about aiding Box in hunting down missing X-Men.    The overall plot of the issue is...

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