Want List: Spider-Woman

Over the years, on & off, I've managed to pick up a few Spider-Woman back issues from second hand book shops. Ironically, never from comic book shops. Although not a huge fan of the character, I have a great sense of nostalgia for the character because of the cartoon I used to watch as a little girl.

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Posted By renchamp

Am I to assume that you already have #s 37 and 38 because of the Siryn appearances? That's why I own any Spider-Woman issues.

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Posted By xerox_kitty

@Renchamp: I own a lot more than just those two issues. As I said in the List intro, I'm getting this series purely for the nostalgic love I had for Spider-Woman when I was a little girl. Siryn's appearance in those issues is beyond recognisable reom the strong young compasionate woman she's grown into.

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Posted By renchamp

Agreed. The scowl is gone. I like seeing where she's from, as it is a testament to where she is now. Good luck getting those back issues.

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Posted By Last_Guardian

Awww..good luck to you.  The animated shows of my childhood are what originally got me into comics too.  Guess that's why I love the X-Men so much.