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Shhh... It's A Secret!

This is xerox-kitty's list of fictional crushes past & present. Some are younger characters, but I used to be a younger girl :p

List items

  • No, really... what's not to love?!

  • Not as Robin, not as Batman! Dear old Nightstick and his lovely perfectly formed acrobatic bottom! But take note, DC... he ONLY looked good in blue, not red!

  • Two words... Beardy Thor!

  • I miss the luscious bouncing blonde boy who made with the funny... But at least he's back to Speedball (instead of Penance).

    Also, let the poor kid grow up a little! Now, it's bordering on 'inappropriate' for me to like a character who used to be older than me!

  • Yes. Even when blue. Hell, especially when blue!

  • Tall blonds rule, and the accent is cute too.

  • I'd even fight Babs for him, the delicious older man who would double as a fantastic magical mentor.

  • Not the Apoca-lips guy, but the guy he used to be when he first joined Generation X. In fact, I saw him before Husk :p

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is wrong on so many levels. But he's got long hair, could drink me under the table & has a wild side... ;)

  • Hot alien. Alien, who is hot.

  • An old crush from old X-Factor

  • Another old X-Factor crush, but back from when he was light-hearted, witty & didn't sleep with ALL the girls in his team...