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A mutable list of titles that I purchase on a regular basis. The fact that it's so small screams volumes about the quality of titles available today.

List items

  • This is in competition with X-Men Legacy for 'Best X-Title'

  • It was the best X-Title... whether it remains so under the watchful eye of Christos Gage remains to be seen, but I still have high hopes.

  • Surprisingly funny & refreshing.

  • I was late to the Avengers party, but I made it in time to hook up with these kids.

  • The McCool strikes again... what is it with him & one-word capitalised titles??

  • I like Skottie Young & Clay Mann. So sue me!

  • McCool & Templesmith... Don't expect your sanity to emerge in tact.

  • Technically I've been picking these up for my Best Friend. But since he hasn't coughed up the dough, then I'm the one supporting McCool...