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Favourite Teams

Teams, Past & Present, Who I've Loved

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  • Original X-Men, Government sponsored team & Investigations... good characterisation wins every time.

  • The new team starring Firestar, Gravity, Toro, 'Spider-Girl' and Nomad won my heart. I know they weren't popular with everyone, but I found them compelling and wanted to see more. Although I was bitterly disappointed that the series was cancelled, I'm thoroughly pleased to see a string of mini series & cross-overs. Keep 'em coming!

  • An absolutely brilliant collection of unhappy & incoherent teens. This is not the usual team of super heroes. They're dying from their own powers, and keep failing at every hurdle... yet are all thoroughly intriguing. A worthy heir to the Avengers: Initiative!

  • A great lively team with a lotta heart... And proof that I do DC too. Shame this wasn't in the "relaunch".

  • What's not to love about these guys? Characterisation-heavy is the way to go!!

  • It may be kids' stuff, but it's great! Don't knock it till you've tried it!!

  • One of my first, and therefore an all time favourite... both the classic & newer versions are pure gold.

  • What started off as a mediocre teen mutant team, the Xavier Institute pruned away the excess to focus on the best of the new generation. It was such a shame that this series was ended so abruptly, but these young mutants will remain firm favourites for years to come.

  • The classic team was the best, but the new guys were good too

  • A team that lasted for little more than a four-issue limited series before being absorbed by the New Mutants. Yet they were daring, brave, argumentative, and thoroughly likeable. When will Wheezey get around to writing X-Terminators Forever??

  • It's been nearly 15 years, but I still love these dorky, goofy, ill-fitting bunch of intergalactic mutants. Ah, the maany ways my fan-girl mind has often dreamed about bringing them back...

  • They used to be the best team of all time... even when Liefeld killed the fun. Sadly not now that they've been forced through dreadful stories in the new series.

  • New & old, this has been a long favourite of mine. Yep, that's right... I still liked the original series!! But not this current "Uncanny" crap.

  • They may be freakish, but there's something about the inhabitants of the Blue Area of the Moon that I love. Possibly because in the last decade they have been character driven, dark, moody & secluded. Interesting stuff.

  • Great team members from a great series, scattered all around. Wish I could see more of these guys...

  • The best Justice League of all time... God I love DeMatteis & Giffen. No, I'm not bothering with the "DCnU" stuff.

  • It started great, but sadly went downhill... But it was still a good idea that could have been good.