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Favourite Manga

An incomplete list of my favourite manga or manhua series. 

List items

  • Favourite artist with some of my favourite characters. Set in a dystopian world, the character struggle with money, gangs, scientifically experimented on mutants, people going mising, hoardes of mysterious underground dog soldiers, gunfights, lost memories and the endless struggle to survive another day. Full of energy, drama and beautiful art.

  • It counts as a separate series to DOGS: BULLETS & CARNAGE, but this sole volume serves as an introduction to the characters and sets up plot points for the main on-going story to follow. Great characterisation, beautiful art, dramatic plots.

  • A little slow to start, but the art & plots improve quickly. A fun & energetic series. The more series subplots & romantic tension only begin to build when the character development finally kicks in.

  • One of the msot beautifully drawn manga ever. Extremely moving, with such a delicate yet dangerous subject; transforming innocent but damaged little girls into emotionally uncertain killing machines.

  • A series unlike any other. An epic journey through old Japan, but with a modern take on characters. Insane amounts of bloodshed & weaponary accomany great art & plots.

  • Witty beyond belief. Often too witty to take it all in at once.

  • Although a little too emo, it's a tragic tale of love between Heaven, Hell & Earth. Interesting theological structure. Shame the sequel was unfinished.

  • The modern take on classic boys manga; hero learns of powers, grows in power, beats enemies, is defeated by a powerful enemy, grows more powerful, defeats enemy who defeated him, is defeated by a more powerful enemy, grows more powerful... Spot the pattern? Topped with great sense of humour & action & beautiful characters to full in love with.

  • A charming & apathetic love story that will have you primping & preening.

  • The life of a fan-girl taken to the extreme. Proof that Koreans are just as insane as the Japanese.

  • Boy meets Goddess; The ultimate love story. Beautiful art, and beautiful machines. It's more about bikes & cars then it is about beautiful girls who are out ofyour reach.

  • The cutest manga, and one of my first favourites. Yes, I was once a CLAMP fan.

  • Love the art, and the quirky character twists. There's a 'Dark' side to everyone.

  • Mystical, funny, well thought out. One of CLAMPS modern masterpieces. Better than it's partner series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

  • A soap opera of love. Striking & distinctive art mixed with characters who feel real, and every day problems. Not one to help you escape every day life.

  • Moving, a little emo, very gay. Not sure why I like this, but I do.

  • Yes, I liked this. I really liked it. I'm sad to see it cancelled before it's time.

  • Cute cute rendition of the games! If you can't be arsed to play the games, then read the manga!

  • What Bleach is now, Saint Seiya was in the 80's. Classic manga based on constellations.

  • Take a while to get used to the giant eyes & pointy chins. Not finished this series, but it's growing on me.