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Favourite Comicbook Artists

Random list of artists whom I believe make the best eye candy!    

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  • Love this guy! Love him SO much!! Ever since I saw Impulse #1, I've just adored his style. Why hasn't his style been adapted into an animated series? It's bold, bright & bombastic. Love it!

  • I own Skottie Young! Well... I own SOME Skottie Young. I'd own a whole lot more if I could afford it! This guy's art is off the wall! The passion & intensity that goes into it is barely visible in print, but up close & in person who can appreciate the amount of effort & hard work that goes into it. Bloody legend!!

  • It's strange how tastes change. When I first saw his art on X-Force #44 I hated it. I genuinely hated it. But now, I think the fact that it is so different from the usual comic book style has made this more endearing over the years. And I highly recommend his Angel: Revelations mini series to anyone & everyone. The art is so detailed, ornate & unique. It blows my mind!

  • As much as I love Mike Choi's art, there's no denying the power that his partner in crime (and lady-wife-to-be) adds. Her painting is absolutely stunning!

  • I'm lucky enough to own some Mike Choi. The grace of his pencils is simply breath-taking.

  • I own Bucky too... well, just a page of his work. Loved his work since the first previews for Generation X. Long LONG time fan. I am so chuffed to own some of his work!

  • The best way to describe this lady's art is 'Deceptive'. At first, it looks so simple. Then you see the detail, characterisations, and pure magic!

  • We seriously need a photo of Mr Tolibao. Anyway, he makes good eye-candy. His Psylocke mini series & the X-Men Second Coming Hellbound 3-parter were simply gorgeous.

  • "We're babies of the 80's, baby!"

  • Old skool roolz! His art on the New Mutants was something I'd never seen before in my life. At the time I wasn't sure what to make of it, but now it is the stuff of legends. There's just not enough of his work to keep me happy.

  • The world is so cruel... Why else are we only given the delights of his magnificent work only on the covers to comics, but never on the inside?

  • The 'other Ben'. Or should that be 'The Aussie Ben'? either way he's a sharp dresser and an amazing artist. Again, I'm lucky enough to own him... well, some of his work.

  • A friend of mine once said that Bret Blevins made the New Mutants look like pixies. I told him that he'd missed the point. It was young, vibrant and as energetic as the characters & stories.

  • Some of the most fantastic work on the X-Men, and the only reason I went out of my way to buy issues of Fantastic Four. He needs to work more; especially on titles I buy regularly!

  • He who draws the perfect women... Don't ya just wanna adopt him :)

  • Pure classic. He's like the finest single malt; just as fresh & tasteful as when it was bottled. Thank you for your amazing work on X-Factor & more, Mr Simonson!

  • Not one, but two people. The Gurihiru gals have a wonderfully easy access style that I absolutely adore!

  • I was so sad when I learnt he had passed away. His art was bold & dynamic. His art will always be loved.

  • The Maxx was my first step outside the cosy confines of Marvel & DC. What looks like a steroid-pumped lunatic in a purple suit turned into an amazing (and sometimes unsettling) story of the mind. Here is an artistic genius who knows how to craft a perfectly rounded story with great characterisation.

  • Responsible for many classic annuals & the creation of a couple of my favourite characters :)

  • Whether you like his style or not, there's no doubting that Kaare Andrews always provides art that is energetic & 100% original!

  • A very detailed style from a great artist. Instantly fell in love with his style when he worked on Wolverine many years ago.

  • How many ways can you say, 'Pure Genius'?

  • Such graceful & elaborate linework. Such a stunning artist.

  • I just have to pay respects to the man who created the Top Cow look. A tragic loss at such an early age.

  • It amuses me that the artist who took over the reigns of a zany little title like Impulse has come to be a highly respected man to turn to for such big titles like X-Men & Batman. He's currently DC's man, but I still loved his work on Marvel too... and guess what, I own some of him too!! My first piece of genuine comic artwork, from a fantastic issue of Impulse. Memorable stuff... great talent!

  • There was a stage in my life when it became an obsession to own every issue & variant of Kabuki. To this day, it's still one of the most beautiful and moving stories in print.

  • He created the New Mutants... What more do you need??

  • The epitome of fun fun fun!! Here's an artist who can drawn serious & emotional as well as high-octane action. It is his work that created such an impact on Young Justice.

  • His run on X-Force was one of my favourites. Developing his own series The Tenth was brave, with it's ups & downs (and a little too much T&A if you ask me), but he's evolved into a resilient, reliable & popular artist.

  • Slow & unreliable. However, he is undoubtedly responsible or many of my favourite issues of Uncanny X-Men & the short-lived (but exciting) Battlechasers. Great art. Lousy comic book artist.