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Favourite Characters

Characters who make any comic a hundred times better just by being in them!

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  • She'll always be Number One... BOOM BOOM, BABY!!

  • What's not to love?

  • Brash on the outside, a lost little princess on the inside. She was going to learn the tricks of the trade from Dr Strange, but instead she sacrificed herself; such a brave girl!

  • A good old favourite, ever since I was little. A vastly different character to the Amazing Friend I knew way back when, but I also like the strong & passionate young woman that the comicbook version has grown into. A good role model for everyone.

  • Starting to sense a theme? Yep, I like the bratty & explosive 'little sister' characters... probably because I was one! Katie was the first little sister that I associated with, I miss the original Power Pack.

  • I've been a long time fan of the bouncy ball of fun that is Speedball. Most people underestimate his intellect & capabilities, or mistake him for the emo bundle of nerves that was Penance... but I'm just glad he's back as Speedball & written in such a way that it's a natural progression & not just an unexplained retcon.

  • It's all in the name... With funky blue skin, bad attitude, sad love story, nifty powers. Part of me wants Marvel to bring her back; the rest of me knows that they can't screw up her character any more if she stays dead.

  • Gotta love a funky villainness with 6 arms and interdimiensional teleportation!!

  • Feisty, independent & incredibly smart too. She also stuck two proverbial fingers up to Norman Osborn, even though i left her crippled. What a gal! I love the fire in her soul...

  • Faster, pussycat! Bounce Bounce!!

  • Dumb dawg... with a heart of gold :)

  • Heart & soul of the original New Mutants. When she wasn't being knocked out by mysterious assailants, that is! Currently badly written & abused by bad writing.

  • Most of the time I just wanna hug him to death... I dunno why he brings out the maternal side in me.

  • Not the Exiles one who went so astray that her character is barely recognisable. The original one. The real Blink. I still don't think of her as a villain... I hope she stays after Necrosha.

  • It was great to see such a cheesy 80's character return from print-less limbo. Yet I'm still in denial that this Fallen Angel fell in the field.

  • A great character, when she isn't mooning or simpering over Havok.

  • There's still innocence deep down in this hardened soldier. Shame she was lumbered with such a lame uniform.

  • I'm in denial... Kid Flash never happened! He'll ALWAYS be Impulse to me.

  • I miss this feisty Atlantean. I miss the original blue look, but at least she'd reverted to being blue again before she bit the bomb...

  • A great, but sadly under-used character.

  • She's not just Wolverine with breasts... Anyone who thinks she is, deserves to be chopped up into little pieces. She's also not meant to be an emo whiney little brat. She's dropped in my favour because of the god-awful piece of tripe that is her ongoing series.

  • The classic Blue to Booster's Gold

  • A little lady with a lot of potential. And I'm SO glad she's not caught up in the X-Titles, so her character stays pretty much untainted & free from bad writing.

  • I miss Al. She was great. She had a sweet backstory that almost involved Captain America, and more than anything... she gave Deadpool hell! Bring her back!!

  • Not as classy as Blind Al, but he's still a classic support character who deserved more panel-time.