xerox-kitty's Comic Give Away Transformers Generation 1: Voting!

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is out on general release at a cinema near you NOW! But more importantly it's time to vote for your favourite toy story to see who will win my latest Comic Give Away: Transformers Generation 1!!

The Entries

Here are the 5 Contestants in order of entry:

AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

The Annual EVIL Genius Poker Game
The Annual EVIL Genius Poker Game
  • Dr Evil: "Gentleman, time to reveal our frickin' cards. Four 5's."
  • Goldmember: "Not so fast, smarty pants. Royal Flush."
  • Magneto: "Neither of you has won, you homo-sapiens. Deuces."
  • Dr Evil: "What?"
  • Goldmember: "Wait a minute. Who's the wonner?"
  • Dr Evil: "I forgot what beats what."
  • Magneto: "For an evil genius, your not so bright."
  • Dr Evil: "SILENCE! I will not be tolerated, you frickin' mutant. I wish I had my frickin' sharks with their frickin' laser-beams attached to their frickin' heads with me."
  • Goldmember: "Dr. Evil, can I paint his genital ggooollllldddddd? It's kinda my thing."
  • Dr Evil: "How about no! You crazy dutch bastard!"
  • Magneto: "Next year, I want the both you to understand the rules of the game. You do the same thing every year."

M.S. Feather

Mama Mia!
Mama Mia!

The Poet

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  1. Our main event of the evening is finally here, with our brave grapplers going up against the imposing monolith, the refrigerator. Who will be victorious?
  2. First the stare down. This is a psychological game at this point, folks. The intensity in the plastic, painted-on eyes of our competitors tells the whole story.
  3. Oh, and in a stunning move, the wrestlers make a move on the door! Hogan and Boss Man are double-teaming the behemoth as the rest of the team makes a scramble for the entrance!
  4. This thing has really broken down, folks. The grapplers have made their way to the cheese drawer, but right now it's absolute pandemonium! There's no stopping their cheese lust!
  5. Finally, it looks like Savage has this thing under control. He's signaling his teammates to make a break for the door. If they can escape this frozen prison, they'll have this thing in the bag...
  6. And they've done it! The wrestlers have secured the cheese and this match is over! There's going to be some celebrating in the toy chest tonight!

Donovan Montgomery

  • Batgirl In "I Needs Her Pop"
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  1. Dr M: Wait Batgirl, I have change.
  2. The Guys: We'll get your drink Mam.
  4. Everyone: Hey, the lady was here first!
  5. Everyone: That will teach you to bud in line.
  6. Dr M: Thank you gentlemen, I'll take it from here.
  7. Dr M: Here you are Batgirl
  8. B G: I wanted DIET!!

The Voting

To vote, please list the top three entries in order of preference.


  1. junbobkim
  2. nszerdy
  3. Darkchild

Use the name of the Viner who entered (don't use the name of their story). Number 1 being your favourite entry, number 2 being the second best, and three being the third best. Please feel free to leave additional comments that support the reasons why you voted for them! Positive feedback is always welcome!

The voting deadline is in two days, Wednesday 06 July 2011 at 21:00 (9pm) BST (please check your local Time Zone).