Thanks & Apologies: A Brief Overview Of November 2011

Thank you to so so many people for your lovely sweet words of condolence. Just when you think life is returning to normal, something happens to spin you around & leave you disorientated again. So I'm very sorry I have been away from Comic Vine for so long.

At first, I resorted to using Arkham City to tire me out in the evenings. Play it into the wee hours of the morning, till I can see swinging camera movement & blurry blue & orange 'Detective Vision' when I closed my eyes to sleep... It still didn't change the dreams, but it was a strange distraction. Still, I'm also glad I didn't actually finish the main story until a couple of weeks after the funeral.

The funeral itself went as smoothly as possible. It was a stressful day that absolutely exhausted us & left us emotionally exhausted & physically run down. Pushing myself to go back to work, enduring the mixed germs from all the infected morning (and evening) commuters seem to have caught up with me, so the last couple of weeks I've been bouncing from one rush of head cold, 24 hour bug, sinusitis to the next.

So November was pretty dark, in more ways than one. Still, it's not all been bad. Honest!

The main Christmas present for my best friend has arrived. I drove many beautiful country roads to attend my friend's son's Christening (they loved the double Wonderful Wizard Of Oz gift I bought for them; the book to read to him & the Skottie Young/Eric Shanowar rendition for when he starts to read for himself :) My brother loved the birthday cake I made for him. I've also caught up with a lot of reading, including some comics & recaptured my love for 1990' DC titles. So rest assured that I do still love comics, Comic Vine & all my lovely friends I've made here. Thank you so much & I'm so so sorry for having neglected you for so long!