Flash Saves Little Boy In Real Life

This is a couple of weeks old by now.  It's been ReTweeted into my Twitter feed, and the story is so sweet that I just had to share it with everyone.   
A little boy was separated from his father at a comic con (before SDCC 2011).  Reacting as all little kids do in this situation, he freaked out & burst into tears.  The little lost soul chilled out & calmed down upon seeing his favourite superhero, The Flash!  It seems that he ran up to the DC speedster (and beautiful Justice League colleague Wonder Woman) because he recognised the hero.  
Any jaded 'grown ups' will just see a couple of geeks in costumes.  Personally, I see two really nice cosplayers living up to their chosen roles by helping a little boy.  But in the eyes of this little boy he was saved by real super heroes.  You don't get much sweeter than that!  Kudos to the anonymous Flash & Wonder Woman!    
I can't help but wonder what the guys from the Big Bang Theory would have done if it was them.  Dr Sheldon Cooper-Flash, to the rescue?

Real Life Super Heroes
Real Life Super Heroes