CV Roundtable User Discussion 017 - Comic Book Solicits: Sept 11

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Hello and welcome to another Roundtable discussion. As you've noticed, I'm not sora_thekey! The gorgeous Geo has abandoned us (temporarily) to go to Cons & venture out into the Real World! So I'm his jealous stand-in for the time being.

We love to share our conversations with everyone on Comic Vine, so please feel free to post comments. Even if you don't agree, we want to encourage discussion :D

So for today's Roundtable I'm joined by RT veterans The Dark Huntress (DH), Emperor Gonzo Noir (Emp), and newcomer Pizawle (Piz)! Please say 'hi'!

Emp: I'm the ever popular Emp Gonzo. I have silver feet and golden fingers.

DH: I'm DH and I find myself slightly jealous of Emp's silver feet and golden fingers...

Piz: This is Pizawle on his first RT. Excite!

Welcome to your first official RT, Piz! Today's discussion is about the September solicitations; the snippets of info & sexy covers that the publishers release a few months before the issues are released to drum up interest. Except this time we'll exclude the DC solicits, as they were covered in a previous Roundtable discussion (for the launch of the new 52 titles).

But before we get started... What good comics have you been reading, lately?

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Emp: I unfortunately haven't read anything new in the last few weeks. But I did re-read the awesome Space Ghost mini that Joe Kelly did awhile back. Man oh man I wish this had gotten an ongoing series.

DH: I went on a little excursion to the comic shop the other day and got a nice bunch of comics, new issues as well as one dollar back issues. Picked up the first issue of Nemesis, New Ultimates and Ultimate Avengers, which I read last night. Picked up Fear Itself #1, X-Men Legacy #251, Prelude to Schism 3 and 4, Uncanny X-Men 539 and the Wonder Woman and Lois Lane tie-ins to Flashpoint. I plan on reading those this afternoon.

Piz: Recently read The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel. Really raw storytelling. I dug it, though it may be too much for some. Was especially fascinated by how Ames handles dialogue, having characters say exactly what they mean instead of what they are saying. Basically, they speak in emotion.

Plus, all the weekly joints. Shout out to Witch Doctor, the first title from Kirkman's new imprint, Skybound. Really liked that this past week.

Wow, you put me to shame with my usual heavy doses of X-Genes! Although, I've been devouring my way through The Unwritten & my Post Man broke his back carrying a tonne of War of Kings to my front door.

So on with the show! Lets start with Image!


The Bad

Exploding Cyber Breasts Courtesy Of Bomb Queen VII: Queen's World #2
Exploding Cyber Breasts Courtesy Of Bomb Queen VII: Queen's World #2

First off, let’s focus on the worst of the batch. What don’t you like the look of?

Emp: The bad? Bomb Queen. That is all.

You don't like exploding cyber breasts? ;)

Emp: I grew out of that fetish in junior high. lol. ;)

DH: Dammit, Emp. Stole my answer.

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Emp: It's okay, we can both hate Bomb Queen together! Haters United.

Piz: Don't want to be THAT guy but The Big Lie seems in bad taste to me.

And Top Cow's shipping schedules have always been awful so them soliciting a bimonthly, at best, Artifacts #13, when there are four more issues before then in two months, is laughable. But not AS laughable as 'Magdalena, Back Monthly', when it never was and they will not stick to it. Especially with Marz, writing two other books come September.

But don't get me wrong! When they DO release, Top Cow is top dog. (Sorry)

The Big Lie seems like strange material for a comic book... and an odd way to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. I guess we'll have to wait & see if it's a really a diamond in the rough.

The Meh

So now we’ll turn to the middle of the road titles. What looks distinctively mediocre to you?

DH: The Spawn stuff looks meh to me. I was never a huge fan, so it just doesn't really hold my interest. Same goes for the Teen Wolf book O_o

Emp: I'm going to say the new Avengelyne series.

Happy Birthday Sara Pezzini! Witchblade #150
Happy Birthday Sara Pezzini! Witchblade #150

The artist Owen Gieni has really caught my eye, but it is still being written By Rob Liefeld who wrote the original Avengelene so that kinda turns me off.

Piz: The meh for me is the two new on-goings, Near Death and PIGS. Just seem like two generic stories, compared to what Image usually puts out. Though Ben McCool might be enough for me to check PIGS out.

Ah shame, I'm really excited about PIGS (Although I wonder why McCool's titles are always written in CAPSLOCK ;)

danhimself will shoot me, but Walking Dead leaves me feeling a bit 'meh'. I'm sure it's very good... but I just can't get into zombies. Post-apocalyptic living dead are just less sparkly than vampires to me.

In September Witchblade turns 150, and there are a couple of new titles being launched. It looks like an enticing month for Image...

The Good

So what's caught your eye? Which titles interest you?

Regular As Fibre For Breakfast - Morning Glories #13
Regular As Fibre For Breakfast - Morning Glories #13

Emp: I'm interested in Moriarty vol.1, I recall hearing good things about it. I really like the idea that in a world without Sherlock Holmes that Moriarty is the hero. It's like if Superman never showed up and Lex Luthor was out stopping crime.

Piz: I’m glad Morning Glories is returning to normal storytelling. The character issues have been a momentum killer.

Sad to see The Witch Doctor will already be ending. Hopefully, it gets upped to an ongoing.

DH: I'm not overly familiar with Image at all, but I have been planning on getting into Invincible, Witchblade and Darkness through trades and I do occasionally pick up a single issue in store every now and then.

I'll warn you now, DH. Jackie Estacado will question your loyalties to Beardy Thor ;) I haven't read Witchblade or Darkness in years. The first few years were absolutely amazing, but I lost track since then. But the art has always been stunning! I'm amazed that Witchblade has reached a landmark issue already, where does the time go? Top Cow certainly seem to steal the show.

DH: :O Blasphemy XK! Although I will admit I've always had a thing for the bad boys ;) I'm definitely a huge fan of both Choi and Sejic, so I'm kind of surprised at myself for not having really gotten into it earlier.

Personally, I'm keen on PIGS. The cover art looks striking, Nate Cosby is so funny on Twitter and Ben McCool is just plain F-ed up (read CHOKER for proof) so I can't wait to see what they can come up with together!

Let's move on to the two publishers who seem hellbent on scooping as many TV & movie properties; Dark Horse & IDW.

Dark Horse & IDW

The Bad

What looks like four-colour toilet paper to you?

Nearly 20 Years After The First Movie - Classic Jurassic Park, Vol. 3: Amazon Adventure
Nearly 20 Years After The First Movie - Classic Jurassic Park, Vol. 3: Amazon Adventure

DH: The Godzilla stuff. Not a fan at all.

Piz: ALMOST (key word) all of it. Soul-crushing to see such blatant IP exploitation in such a creative medium.

Emp: Out of Dark Horse? Nothing really. Some mehs I'll get to but nothing I can that's straight up awful.

IDW is mostly the same for me too. I guess I'll go out on a limb and say the Jurassic Park stuff looks like crap.

It's dispiriting to see so many merchandising properties. But some of them still look like they can be fun.

But since you mention it, Emp... which are the 'Meh'?

Piz: Actually, Dark Horse is nowhere near as bad as IDW, but damn that is A LOT of Star Wars. Maybe it is quality, I cannot speak to that. But still. Star Trek ongoing, I'll say meh. Could be wonderful but will it... highly doubt it.

Emp: For Dark Horse the meh is all the Star wars stuff and the Guild one shot. Granted I am a fan of the show but it's not really one of those series I was clamouring for a comic about. Brimstone on the other hand.... For IDW, I'm looking at almost all the licensed stuff. Key word on almost .

Funny Faces in True Blood: The French Quarter #2
Funny Faces in True Blood: The French Quarter #2

DH: The True Blood stuff. I'm an enormous fan of the television show, but there's something about the comics (admittedly, I've only read one issue) that doesn't really appeal to me. I'm not sure if it's the art, the story or what, but it's not something I'm going to be buying.

Piz: I'll endorse DH's True Blood message.

Perhaps they should hire Greg Land for True Blood, so then the characters face will look like the actors. Instead, they look strangely flat right now.

Emp: XK , if I want to see porn faces on True Blood actors, I'll go find creepy fan art on DeviantArt thank you very much. ;)

Or everyone would look like a naked Anna Paquin ;) Well, I know I'm not the target audience, but I don't get why there's a Suicide Girls comic. So what if there’s a bunch of wannabe porn stars with tattoos? I'm sure it is well produced, but... 'meh'.

The Good

Piz: An Original HC By Mignola & Corben? HELL YES!
Piz: An Original HC By Mignola & Corben? HELL YES!

Anywho, lets pay some attention to...

Piz: PICK OF THE MONTH - Hellboy: House of the Living Dead

DH: <---Whedonite.

Dollhouse: Epitaphs and Angel and Faith.

I never realised you were such a big Whedon fan! But no Buffy on your list?

Whedonite Eye-Candy - Angel And Faith #2
Whedonite Eye-Candy - Angel And Faith #2

DH: Hugeeeeeeeeee Whedon fan. He is my god. I never really got into Buffy. I heard a lot of not so great things about Season 8 and to be honest, I always enjoyed Angel more than B:TVS. I may go in and pick up the first Season 8 trade and depending on if I like it buy more, but as of now, I'm not actually reading the series.

Emp: The Angel comic is okay, I did enjoy Season 8. I'm not sure why everyone was so pissed at what happened in the end. Whedon pulls that stuff all the time.

Where do I start ? :D

Templesmith Tackles Thor - Wormwood: Bingo Night in Valhalla #2
Templesmith Tackles Thor - Wormwood: Bingo Night in Valhalla #2

At Dark Horse we got an Abe Sapien, another B.P.R.D. mini, more Cal McDonald, Hellboy and Fear Agent.

Over at IDW we got Locke and Key, Cobra, The GI Joe stuff (which has been shockingly good I must say), the first issue of the Ghostbusters with art by Dan Schoening (and if you know who he is then you know it's a big deal) and last but not least Wormwood in Norse god territory!

Piz: Oh, I do want that Locke and Key Special Edition. Personally, that is the best current series in comics.

Yeah, I saw Templesmith's satirical attack on my beloved Thor; when Norse God's let themselves go ;p But how great are those Abe Sapien covers! The Homage Covers page patiently awaits their release!

Emp: I just want to take a second and say that Francovilla's Abe Sapien cover is eyegasmic.

But it's time to turn our attention towards the other of 'The Big Two'. Let's look at Marvel.


The Bad

What do you think looks bad?

Once You've Seen It, You Can't Un-see It - Uncanny X-Men #543
Once You've Seen It, You Can't Un-see It - Uncanny X-Men #543

Emp: Let's start with Uncanny X-Men and add New Avengers Annual.

So so sooooo bad I want to scrape my eyes out... I can't 'unsee' it!!

DH: Hulk. I dislike Hulk, I HATE Red Hulk. I won't read anything centering on either of them.

And the fact that yet again, about half the solicits are tie-ins, whether it's Spider-Island or Fear Itself really turns me off. I like some tie-ins, but I don't want to be over-saturated by them, you know?

I know of one Spider-Island tie-in that might make you change your mind, DH... but that'll wait till later :)

DH: O_o I'm officially intrigued :D

DH Vs Emp: Mixed Opinions Over Hulk Vs Dracula
DH Vs Emp: Mixed Opinions Over Hulk Vs Dracula

UGH. Just saw the Hulk vs Dracula tie-in. That's top of my list of the terribles.

Emp: Are you kidding? Hulk vs Dracula sounds like an awesome idea! :D

Oh course it would be cooler if it were regular Hulk and not possessed Hulk.

DH: Possessed Hulk? You're making my point for me ;p I find Hulk to be gimmicky and I find Dracula (and vampires in general) to be gimmicky...put them together and you've guaranteed that I won't be buying it

Piz: Marvel continues to double-ship books. This is how they are going to lose me. Or lose me quicker.

So many pointless tie-ins and mini-series. Marvel is a bloated beast.

Hawkeye and Spider-Woman together, ugh. Everything about it.

Does Spider-Island seem like one of those epically bad ideas to anyone else? And Slott was doing so well.

*humbly* I was looking forward to Spider-Island :}

Piz: Well, you never know. I'm still going to read because ASM has been great since Big Time but it has a Clone Saga/Magic Totem type feel to it, for me.

The Meh

Is Spider-Island The Latest Of Too Many Cross-Overs?
Is Spider-Island The Latest Of Too Many Cross-Overs?

Okay, so we've taken out the trash but something still doesn't smell right... what's 'meh' to you?

Emp: Meh is Spider-Island for me. All of it . Every single regular issue and tie in . I can't say meh enough for it.

The Monkey King one shot interests me because it's got Juan Doe interiors but that's about it.

Also The Deep and Youth In Revolt tie ins.

Piz: Schism seems meh to me. Not fond of the direction. Don't think it will be particularly bad. Could even be good. But I just do not care right now.

I agree, I have that same feeling of, 'another cataclysmic mutant event... is it the third of fourth one this year?'

Or Is X-Men Schism The Latest Of Too Many Big Marvel Events?
Or Is X-Men Schism The Latest Of Too Many Big Marvel Events?

Piz: Who can keep count? I am so tired of this endangered species, internal rifts nonsense. That is partially why I am loving Children's Crusade right now.

Emp: One more big meh for Spider-Island.


Juan Doe's Art In Fear Itself: The Monkey King #1
Juan Doe's Art In Fear Itself: The Monkey King #1

DH: New Avengers is meh to me. I don't really like the idea of Daredevil as an Avenger, that was never really his thing. He was always more about helping the underdog and vigilante justice, never so much of a big picture team player kind of guy.

Marvel Universe vs Wolverine looks terrible and full of PIS. There are numerous members of the MU who could effortlessly solo Wolverine.

Wow, DH is turning into a one-girl Battles forum! ;)

Emp: I do agree with you on Marvel Universe vs Wolverine though. It's more than likely going to be a spankfest to Wolverine fanboys, much as the Punisher vs Marvel Universe series was for Punisher fans.

As for Daredevil, well if Spidey can be a team player , then so can he.

Also you need to read more good Hulk stories, DH. :P

So now we’ll turn things around and look at the best of the bunch.

The Good.

Something To Tempt DH - Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #2
Something To Tempt DH - Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #2

Seeing as I know how much DH loves Mike Choi, I'll tease her with this. Sadly he's only the cover, but still... it's a Spider-Island tie-in ;)

DH: <33333333333333333 I really like Cloak and Dagger (what I've read of them). I'll pick up that issue for sure :)

Phew! Glad I didn't disappoint you :)

X-Citing Action In Space -X-Men: Legacy #255
X-Citing Action In Space -X-Men: Legacy #255

DH: Legacy! It looks sooooooooooooooo good. Top of my list for stuff to get that month. Not only is it one of the best-written X-books, I'd go so far as to say it's one of the best-written comics in general. I absolutely LOVE Cosmic Marvel and Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar was one of my top five X-Men arcs that I've ever read (possibly top three) so the fact that they're bringing back these characters (Rachel, Polaris, Havok) and doing it with a space story is tops for me.

X-23 looks excellent as always, same goes for X-Factor.

Personally... I’m so excited about X-Men: Legacy I hope Mike Carey doesn't disappoint...

Piz: Casanova is back with a BRAND NEW volume!!!

Avengers Academy! Daredevil! Hulk! Journey Into Mystery! The Mighty Thor! Punisher! Thunderbolts!

The new Ultimate titles look cool with great teams.

Venom v. Anti-Venom should be a blast.

Warren Ellis writing Secret Avengers.

A Gorgeous Cover For Your Consideration - Journey Into Mystery #627
A Gorgeous Cover For Your Consideration - Journey Into Mystery #627

Emp: The Good is the Ultimate line, so far I have nothing to complain about so far, of course nothing has come out so far. :P

The Red Skull series by Greg Pak is surely going to be the comic this year. if it's even half as good as Testament then we are in for a treat.

Thunderbolts is really heating up as of late since the huge breakout at the Raft. (Happens a lot with that place don't it?) also the Vengeance series. That Doc Ock cover is great.

Piz: Ah yes, and Vengeance. Concept and Casey are big pluses!

Emp: Also for your consideration, the cover to Journey into Mystery #627

It'll come as no surprise that I'm personally looking forward to the newest adventure in Oz thanks to Messrs Young & Shanowar.

Wrap Up

Tantalising Pizawle - Casanova: Avaritia #1
Tantalising Pizawle - Casanova: Avaritia #1

Just before we go, I have 2 more questions.

First off, out of all four publishers, which one title would you recommend to everyone else?

DH: X-Men: Legacy, without a doubt.

Piz: The Hellboy: House of the Living Dead HC, without a doubt. No prior knowledge necessary, just let the awesome wash over you.

Emp: Support the Ghostbusters series. I want more of this.

Okay, so here's the last question. We all know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover... but which is your absolute favourite cover?

Emp: Deal With It (Stripping Doc Ock On The Cover To Vengeance)
Emp: Deal With It (Stripping Doc Ock On The Cover To Vengeance)

DH: I'm torn between the Choi Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger cover, X-Men: Legacy and X-Factor >_<

Piz: The Casanova one. Really dig the JiM, as well.

I'll surprise everyone by not choosing a Marvel... and going for the PIGS cover (with the silhouetted figures of dripping pain in red, white & blue).

xerox-kitty Eagerly Anticipates Political Intrigue PIGS #1
xerox-kitty Eagerly Anticipates Political Intrigue PIGS #1

Thanks for helping make another Roundtable. I hope you drop by again soon!

Piz: I... I'm alive? I'm alive! Thanks fellas, it was a blast.

Emp: I'm Emp Gonzo and I'm going to go watch a Game of Thrones parody starring Robert Englund. Make of that what you will.

DH: I'm DH and I'm off to go read some new comics xD

That's a great idea, DH! I've got to finish my Unwritten trade paperbacks.

So this is xerox-kitty, filling in for sora_thekey, signing off for now. Catch you later!