What Will Replace Uncanny X-Men?

The unfortunate truth is that after 36 years of publication, whether we like it or not, Uncanny X-Men is coming to an end.

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The X-Men Were Spared The Heroes Reborn
The X-Men Were Spared The Heroes Reborn

Unlike the majority of other big titles from Marvel, Uncanny X-Men hasn't been cancelled, rebooted and renumbered. At least, not yet. Marvel began a trend for relaunching & renumbering way back in 1996. Back then, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Captain America & Iron Man were all victims of Heroes Reborn. Subsequently all titles were cancelled & relaunched yet again to "Return" the heroes back in the mainstream Marvel Universe. As the years went on, those relaunched titles were slowly renumbered as if they had never been cancelled. In the last year, many of those titles are began to fall once again.

The various Avengers titles were all cancelled at the end of Siege and relaunched from issue #1. Captain America has been relaunched from issue #1. The name "Man Without Fear" has been passed to the Black Panther, enabling Daredevil to be relaunched from issue #1. Following the death of the Human Torch, the Fantastic Four was cancelled and although it hasn't relaunched, it has been replaced by a new title called "FF" (the "Future Foundation" that rather unimaginatively shares the initials of the "Fantastic Four"). My money is on Amazing Spider-Man being the next target.

Although they haven't taken the axe to all their titles and relaunched a massive company-wide "reboot", Marvel established a precedent of starting from scrap over 15 years ago. Therefore it makes me wonder why the X-Men have been immune to this relaunching addition of Marvel's for so long?

What Are The X-Options?

So what will replace Uncanny X-Men?

Which Title Will Be The X-Men's New Flagship?
Which Title Will Be The X-Men's New Flagship?

It's pretty clear that something will replace it. Aside from the gradual relaunches that Marvel has been sneaking out lately, Uncanny X-Men is the "flagship" title of a whole franchise. One of, if not the largest comic book franchises to have been seen in the last 30 years! Therefore I remain confident that something certainly will fill the big, empty, clown-sized shoes left by Uncanny X-Men. So far we have very little information about what will happen to the rest of the X-Titles, but there is no doubt that all the other titles are peripheral to Uncanny X-Men. Aside from a period of 3 years, Uncanny X-Men has been the parent title of the whole X-Men franchise. It was only when the franchise was placed in the hands of Grant Morrison, that the main core focus of the X-Men shifted to New X-Men. With one notable exception, all the other titles are currently effected by events that happen in Uncanny X-Men; including (but not exclusive to) the New Mutants, Uncanny X-Force, X-Men, X-Men: Legacy & Astonishing X-Men.

Right now, we don't have a lot of information to go on. Due to promotional material from a few months ago, we do know that this is meant to be "MMXI: The Year Of The Mutant". Does this mean that all the other main titles are going to be cancelled, remodelled & relaunched like the Avengers titles were during the Heroic Age? Is it possible that one of the other titles is going to step up to fulfill the role of "flagship title", as New X-Men did in 2001? Will a brand spanking new title launch akin to FF? If so... what will it be called?

Uncanny Adjectives?

How Do You Prefer Your X-Men? Adjectiveless, Astonishing, Legacy, New, X-Treme... Or Uncanny?
How Do You Prefer Your X-Men? Adjectiveless, Astonishing, Legacy, New, X-Treme... Or Uncanny?

Despite calling themselves the "House of Ideas", Marvel is pretty unimaginative when it comes to naming new titles. The X-Men are no exception. For instance, there has been two separate titles called "New X-Men" (Grant Morrison's New X-Men & the "Academy X" New X-Men). Two different "X-Men Forever" (a 2001 in-continuity mini series called X-Men Forever & Chris Claremont's re-imagined alternate reality X-Men Forever), in fact there's three if you count X-Men Forever 2. Two Dark X-Men volumes came in quick succession due to the Dark Reign! Not to mention the three Astonishing X-Men titles (the first Astonishing X-Men being in the Age of Apocalypse, followed by a three-issue mini series called Astonishing X-Men in 1999 & of course the current ongoing title created by Joss Whedon, Astonishing X-Men). Strangely there hasn't been another X-Treme X-Men, but that might only be a matter of time...

It would almost seem that the "House Of Ideas" have grown a little too used to recycling ideas, especially when it comes to the X-Men. It's possible that we could have a whole new title launching in Uncanny X-Men's place (Strange X-Men? Mysterious X-Men? Secret X-Men? Fantastic X-Men? Mighty X-Men?), or we could see another "Amazing X-Men" replace Uncanny X-Men, instead.

Or perhaps they'll simply repackage the whole title and relaunch it as "Uncanny X-Men #1". After all, the're never been an Uncanny X-Men #1 as the very first issue way back in 1963 was simply called "X-Men".


The Results Of xerox-kitty's Ultimate Team-Up #1 Contest

The challenge was set, and 10 brave souls stepped up to meet it. Viners voted & declared that there could only be one winner.


Your blends of colours & textures just blew everyone away! The subtle gradients draw the eye in towards the characters, and the addition of splattering blood helps add danger and makes Wolverine pop out.

Commiserations & much thanks go out to everyone who entered. I can't tell you how much I loved seeing your different styles & interpretations! The official run down is as follows:

  1. nszerdy
  2. Duo_forbidden
  3. SC
  4. MuadDiab
  5. Warpath Storm
  6. gravitypress & mau009
  7. Hawkeye446
  8. Donovan Montgomery
  9. Black Lantern Mar-vell

With a wonderful wide variety of bold or muted colours, experimental lighting techniques, variant coloured costumes, different medium and a fabulously citrus-coloured Hulk it's not surprising that every entry received votes!

The Winning Entry By nszerdy
The Winning Entry By nszerdy

Congratulations once again to nzerdy. I apologise for not giving you a personalised video to show off your winning entry, but I'm afraid I've not been a healthy mutant mod and wouldn't want to scare you off with my impersonation of a grumpy panda ;)


xerox-kitty's Comic Give Away Ultimate Team-Up #1 Voting

The Entries

10 people entered the contest, therefore we have 10 pictures to choose from. To see each item in it's full glory you can find them in the gallery. So here they are on parade, in alphabetical order of colourist.

Black Lantern Mar-Vell
Black Lantern Mar-Vell
Donovan Montgomery
Donovan Montgomery
Duo Forbidden
Duo Forbidden
Warpath Storm
Warpath Storm

The Voting

To vote, please list the top three entries in order of preference. For example:

  1. Agent_Prince
  2. Liberty
  3. Red LAMP

Use the name of the Viner who entered. Number 1 being your favourite entry, number 2 being the second best, and three being the third best.

The voting deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday 01 June 2011 at 21:00 (9pm) BST (please check your local Time Zone).


Would You Buy: Collections Of Classic X-Men Back-Up Stories?

I'm blatantly stealing/carrying on the tradition of cbishop's "Would U Buy It" Blogs.   

The Poet asked me if I knew where an obscure character from Rogue's background appeared.  I couldn't rmember, but it turned out that it was from Classic X-Men.   

I'd forgotten all about the reprint series from the 1980's.  At the time it seemed like a cheeky way to make money by selling reprinted stories that were only a few years old, while tacking on a back-up story.  20+ years later, we've all read the genesis of the All-New, All-Different X-Men in Giant-Size X-Men & the original Dark Phoenix Saga to death... but what about those back-up stories?   

Each issue of Classic X-Men came with an all-new, all-original, self-contained back-up story.  Usually they were connected in some way to the story that was being reprinted in the first half of the issue.  Also, the back covers were one-off pin-ups.  However, as far as I know these little gems have never been collated & reprinted, which is absolutely criminal!  Sure, story-telling, art & printing techniques have improved over the years.  That's no excuse to over-look these old stories.   

Am alone in this?  Or would anyone else also like to see these stories & pin-ups reprinted in a volume that doesn't also reprint the original post-Giant Sized issues?


Legacy Or Rogue...?

X-Men: Legacy #245
X-Men: Legacy #245

Technically, Legacy is Rogue.  Even Rogue talks about Legacy as if she as a different person.  However, I liked the role that Legacy (or 'Reaper') played in the Age of X.  I liked her outfit too.  The flashes of green where more impressive than the current green with white X's all over. 


It's not that I don't like Rogue... I do!  I like Rogue, but it's the little things that made me like Legacy just that little bit more.


Am I alone in this crazy belief?  Would anyone like to see Rogue archive the memories of dying heroes to keep their Legacy alive?  Perhaps change her outfit?  The gloves were exceptionally handy (no pun intended) even if she does have control over her powers now. 

I know it's not going to happen, but I would have liked a little more of Legacy to remain after the Age of X had finished.


The Return of Havok, Polaris & Marvel Girl: Spoiler Warning!!

This has been touched upon in other forums, but not in a topic of it's own.  I'm surprised at the fairly quiet response it's received so far.


Following on from the Age of X, it transpired that he being known as Revenant was in fact the consciousness of Rachel Summers who had been trying to telepathically reach someone back on Utopia at the moment that 'Moira'/X struck.  In an effort to reunite Rachel's disembodied psyche with her body, we're finally going to see the return of the three missing X-Men: Havok, Polaris & Marvel Girl.


The three space displaced X-Men have been mising for years, with the occasional appearance during cosmic cross-overs.  However, fans have been demanding their return ever since they were stranded in space, and it looks like Marvel has finally decided to respond.


How will they be saved?  Where are they at the moment?  How will they react to a relatively quiet existence back on Earth?  Will they make it back to Earth?  Will Magneto & Polaris be able to co-exist with the knowledge that Magneto chose to save Kitty Pryde, but not bother searching for his own daughter?  Will they remain with Rogue's new ensembled team?  Will Havok & Polaris remain a couple... or will he fall for another PiS-created stripper/nurse?


We don't know the exact details yet, but here's a popular taster that's been flying around the internet:

X-Men: Legacy
X-Men: Legacy

xerox-kitty's Old Coloured Fan-Art: New Mutants Boom-Boom!

Here's the image I couldn't wait to colour in.  My favourite Fan Art I'd made of Boom-Boom!  It was while colouring this little lady in that I decided that this would be a fun theme for  xerox-kitty's Comic Give Away: Ultimate Team-Up #1.

My Old Fan Art Coloured-In: Boom-Boom
My Old Fan Art Coloured-In: Boom-Boom
If you want to see the original line art, please check out my previous blog:   xerox-kitty's Old Fan Art: New Mutants Boom-Boom.  My colouring experiments with my old Storm Fan Art were really starting to pay off, and even though I spent more time & effort on this picture I just had so much fun.  I could have added shading to her skin, but ultimately I liked the 'flat' skin-tone, leaving the clothes & everything else to have curves, light, shadow & dimension.

Again, I used my old Photoshop Elements to colour this in.  I lost count of all the layers, as there are 130!  A mixture of colour experiments, gradients, textures and filters.  I had SO much fun with this, but strangely I wanted to stop each step of the way... even though I knew she wasn't finished.  So I made a little video (just for the fun of it) to show the major stages of development.
I had so much fun making this colour version of Boom-Boom, I really hope people have fun with the latest Contest too...!

xerox-kitty's Old Coloured Fan-Art: Storm

I thought I'd have a go at colouring in my old an Art's when I saw JoeyF's topic  Heyyyyy, what's your art doing in my video!?  I remembered the basics from old 'manga coloring tutorials' on Live Journal, but it still took me a long time to get around to finishing this.

My Old Fan Art Coloured-In: Classic Storm
My Old Fan Art Coloured-In: Classic Storm
First up, as ever, is Storm!  I originally drew this many years ago, and posted the original black & white version here:     xerox-kitty's Old Fan Art: Storm .  I 'colorised' it using Photoshop Elements, experimenting with layers set on Multiply, Soft Light & Screened.  

Personally, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out.  The colouring was slow & laborious, mainly because I was desperately searching for more colours to add.  Adding touches of royal blue & purple to the cape seemed to work and a few accidents turned into minor bonuses.  The finishing touch was the random cloud texture, which is also seen in the golden trim of her cape.  However, I never liked he strange elongated proportions to her bod, yet coloured-in it looks a lot better. At least, I feel happier with it...!

xerox-kitty's Comic Give Away: Ultimate Team-Up #1

Ready to win a totally free comic?  Then watch this...

Colouring-In Conetst

The theme of this Contest was inspired by   JoeyF's topic  Heyyyyy, what's your art doing in my video!? (although I suspect I'm too late to join in the video).  I've been colouring in some of my old Fan Art and had fun with it.  So I thought this would be a fun way for non-artists to have a little artistic fun!

Here's the image you have to colour in...
A Marvel Team-Up By Joe Madureira
A Marvel Team-Up By Joe Madureira
For a larger image, go to the image's page & click on the magnifying glass logo in the centre of the picture ;)

The Rules

  • Only one entry per person.  Using multiple accounts is cheating; all subsequent entries will be eliminated.
  • No collaborations allowed.  You can ask others for advice or seek out tutorials on the internet.  But only you can colourise your entry.  There's only one prize & there can only be ONE winner.
  • All three characters must be coloured in.  If you exclude any of the characters, then your entry will be considered 'incomplete' and you will be asked to finish your entry before it is accepted.
  • You can use ANY colour & textures!  Get creative...  After all, which Hulk is this?  Red or Green?  Is Wolverine in his old brown outfit, or has he gone for a more radical rainbow colour scheme?  And is your Spider-Man daring enough to wear something other than red & blue?

The Prize

This copy of Ultimate Team-Up #1 was purchased upon publication.  It was read once, and has lived inside the bad with board (the one in the video) ever since.  


Post your entry in a comment to this thread.  All entries must be received by Monday 30 May 2011 by 21:00 (9pm) BST.  That's British Summer Time.  I'm afraid I don't know what time that is around the world, so make sure you check the internet for Time Zone conversions.  

The Results Of xerox-kitty's Daredevil Give-Away Contest

Thank you everyone who participated and helped to make this a successful contest!   


Here's the Winning Entry

AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
My comic of choice is New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #1. The reason why I picked this comic out of the many other comics in my collection is that this one has a rich history. It was 2006, I was in the 10th grade and my new friend (Will) invited me to go to WonderCon in San Francisco with him (which wasn't far from San Rafael). It was also my first time to go to an actual comic book convention (and than it became an annual event/ritual for me and my friends). A few hours later into the convention I stumble to one exhibitor booth and was looking around in a box that was selling comics for $6. After flipping through like maybe 4 or 5 comics later, I stumbled upon something I never thought to achieve in a life-time: THE NEW TEEN TITANS VOL. 1 #1. When I knew what the item was, I immediately said, "Sold! For $6!". Normally, that comic would be like $100 or more, but on my first comic book convention trip, I was one lucky SOB. Thanks to that comic, my first comic book convention trip will always be treasured in my memories.  

This comic was responsible for lunching the TEEN TITANS cartoon show that I enjoyed watching and made me curious to know everything about the Teen Titans and their enemies (I guess you can call me a Titan-fanatic if you must). The cover itself lead to many homage covers for a lot of Titans comic from over the years (the last one was probably the BLACKEST NIGHT TEEN TITANS #77 - featuring BLACK LANTERN VERSIONS OF HAWK, TEMPEST, AQUAGIRL, PHANTASM, PANTHA, WILDEBEEST and KOLE). When I watched episode 62 of TEEN TITANS (SEASON 5, "GO!"), it showed how the team was formed (along with an animated cameo appearance of the artist who drawn the comic book series - GEORGE PEREZ). The episode itself almost matched everything the first issue shown (I also have DC ARCHIVES: THE NEW TEEN TITANS Vol. 1, and read it instead of the comic I bought) and was amazed to know the difference between the comic and show. My comic was the first rare item I have in my collection and just recently I had it autographed by MARV WOLFMAN himself at WonderCon'11, and now I have some worth so much more that I can be ready for a happy retirement....    

I felt that I wanted to try hosting a Contest along the same style as the Comic Vine staff, who post the Contest & then the Results.  However, I didn't want my own personal bias effect my votes.  Therefore I turned to a couple of my most trusted friends who have been into comic books even longer than I have been; as they aren't Comic Vine members I knew they could provide the neutral point of view that I lacked.  

Here are some of the comments that were provided with the votes:

AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

  • For the pure reason of love for the source material. I love the Enthusiasm this fella exudes! It makes me nostalgic for the love i used to have :)
  • For his sheer slavish Teen Titans Fandom


  • I nearly cried reading this one... it speaks for itself. Sentiment and not selfishness being the reasons behind the choice of this fella. Lovely little story!
  • Sad story, but it's nice that everytime he looks at the print he thinks of his old mate. That really pulled my heartstrings 

Vance Astro

  • Better late than never i always say. Gen X is fantastically great and i love the honesty behind this one. I like the fact he doesn't care how much the comic is worth... he just loves it for what it is and what it means to him!


  • He has fine choice, he likes JLA Earth 2 which is a top story

Thanks again for helping to make this a fun Contest!  I'm only sorry that I don't have consolation prizes for everyone.  The next Contest is nearly erady, and I hope you'll all have a go!