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The secret world of the xerox-kitty is a fairly normal life. The 5'5" of bottle-blonde, English geekery goes through exceptionally faddish swings that take her in & out of comics, manga, films, games & anything else geeky that takes her fancy. Real life super powers/vices include sarcasm & swearing. She enjoys fine food & fine whiskey, but not smoking... No matter how much she asks, just don't offer her one!

A little known fact is that the xerox-kitty used to work in a comic book shop. There she met some famous people, lots of fellow geeks & occasionally gagged on the hideous smell of unwashed stereotypes in the summer months. However, despite what you may think about it being a dream job, the pay was crap... So the real world took the xerox-kitty away from a life in retail.

It was probably for the best. For a long time her passion for comic books had been dwindling. It even drove her away from reading comics for several years! Several comic book-free years that were filled with other geeky interests. It was only when her curiosity peaked & she started to look for more information on her favourite characters that the xerox-kitty discovered Comic Vine. A match made in virtual heaven!

In the meantime, while working for a government agency the xerox-kitty has to deal with the dregs of life. In order to chill out, she steals the occasional minute with her beloved Comic Vine. But 'The Man' is on to her, and she can't afford to have her secret identity revealed!!

Secretly she would love to move away from the city & enjoy a much more quiet existence; free to enjoy the simple pleasures in life...