My respect threads list

This is list of my respect threads. Sadly, I can't put links in the item section, dunno why. It would look better, however this will do as well.


The Witcher universe:

- Higher Vampires

- The Wild Hunt


Marvel cinematic universe:

- Loki Laufeyson


Fox cinematic universe:

- Magneto


My little pony universe:

- Starlight Glimmer

- Lord Tirek

- Queen Chrysalis

- Nightmare Moon / Princess Luna


Samurai Jack universe:

- The Scotsman



- Lord Elrond

- Aragorn II Elessar


Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr version from movies):

- Sherlock Holmes


Pirates of Caribbean:

- Davy Jones

List of the universes with short descriptions

List items

  • Couldn't find "The Witcher" main wiki page but I hope this page of few comics will replace universe page. Currently I have made RT for the Vampires and Wild Hunt. I'm planning to make one for Vernon Roche soon.

  • I have made few RT for characters from this universe but I'm not planning to make more. The rest of characters can be found on Reddit and I don't want to just copy someone's work.

  • Loki Laufeyson needed an solid RT. Sadly when I made one it turned out that there's already one RT for Mcu Loki (I checked if there's any but I couldn't find it). Sorry to the author, you can find him in commentary section of my RT. I'm not planning making new respect threads for characters from this universe in the future.

  • Same as Loki, Elrond needed an solid RT. I want to make RT for Aragorn, Legolas too.

  • Just a random RT for Sherlock from movies. Nothing special honestly. I doubt there will be more RT from this universe in the future.

  • The Scotsman has now very solid RT. If you are fan of the Samurai Jack TV series you won't be disappointed.

  • First of all. I couldn't find Fox cinematic universe wiki page. I mean really, there's nothing. Still, Fox Magneto got decent RT. Decent because I could have missed some feats (I hope not).

  • Davy Jones - character with few feats but still very interesting and with amazing backstory.