The Wild Hunt - respect thread

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The Wild Hunt known as Red Riders are elvish warriors from another world. The Red Riders are the most elite group of soldiers who protect the capital of their kingdom - Tir ná Lia. Under the king's leadership they travel to other worlds as frightening ghosts or warriors riding skeleton horses. They are flying at the sky in their spectral form, trying to capture and use innocent people as slaves. It was stated that people captured by the Wild Hunt do not age and when they go back to their homes they can see graves of their family which died by natural ways. The Riders rarely appear in their physical forms but when they do, even the bravest of warriors are stunned by fear when facing the elite of elves Aen Elle.

According to tradition and eye witness accounts, the Wild Hunt abducts people, forcing them to join its mad gallopade on the sky. It's harvest is especially rich just before or during a great war, like a few years ago in Novigrad, when over twenty people went missing without a trace after the Wild Hunt passed. Some of the abductees managed to escape the cavalcade back into the world of the living, but the stories they told were so extraordinary that they were always considered insane.

According to the Nordlings, the Wild Hunt is a procession, or rather a cavalcade of skeletal horsemen. They rush across the sky on the bony remains of steeds. Clad in rusty remnants of armor, they wear jagged swords at their waists. Like comets, the Wild Hunt is an omen of war, which has been confirmed beyond all doubt. The spectral cavalcade ventures out in search of victims every several years, but its harvest was never as rich as just before the last war with Nilfgaard, when over twenty souls went missing in Novigrad alone after the Hunt passed through. Curiously, elven and dwarven legends make not the slightest mention of the Wild Hunt.

Common abilities and gear of warriors Aen Elle

- Every Wild Hunt solidier uses the frost as their advantage. The ground freezes under their boots and their armor is always covered with ice which makes the armor tougher. If opponent destroyed the ice, it takes around 10 seconds for the ice to cover the armor again.

- Eredin, Imlerith, Caranthir and Navigators have the ability to teleport on the battlefield. They can teleport instantaneously when they want and to where they want.

- Caranthir and Navigators have the ability to create portals. Wild Hunt soldiers can walk into them and they will teleport to where they want.

- Wild Hunt warrios wield various weapons. Greatswords, one handed swords/hammers with shields, pikes, axes and warhammers. It's worth to mention that their gear is tough enough to not be even scratched by witchers blade (Witcher swords are more sharp than a razor and can cut medieval plate armor like butter)

- The armor of the Aen Elle was stated to be too tough to be penetrated by normal medieval-like weapons. Only witcher blades are sharp enough to penetrate it. Witcher swords are made of meteorites and covered with magic runes.

Eredin - King of the Wild Hunt

The King of the Hunt laughs, rotten teeth are snapping above rusted armor collar
The King of the Hunt laughs, rotten teeth are snapping above rusted armor collar


Eredin is tall, powerfull warrior and charismatic leader. After killing king Auberon he became the King of the Wild Hunt. When their world was going to get destroyed by White Frost he decided to capture Ciri and use her power to trasport his people to another world. He was stopped and killed by Geralt of Rivia, however the White Frost was stopped by Ciri before it destroyed the world of Aen Elle.


- Eredin is strong enough to break through full grown person with a sword. You can see that he easily destroys his opponents weapon with one swing.

- Offscreen defeats three giant bears.

- Eredin is able to match Geralt of Rivia strength wise. Geralt feats:

Reflexes and combat speed

- Normal humans and trained soldiers are to slow to react to his strikes.

- Offscreen defeats three giant bears.

- Parries lighting bolt with his sword. It's worth to mention that he did a movement when the lighting was already shot what is great speed feat.

- Geralt of Rivia cannot blitz him / His reflexes and combat speed is enough to match Geralt. Witcher speed feats:


- After being stabbed in the eye he shows no pain on his face. You can see that he's ready to continue the fight despite being heavily injured.


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- Lolstomps Crach an Craite - an experienced warrior who was trained from childhood.

- Offscreen defeats three giant bears.

- Lolstomps three skellige warriors. Such soldiers from Skellige are very experienced, they live from fighting. Worth to mention is that they were berserkers - warriors who can turn into giant bears. Berserkers were stated to be the elite of Skellige fighters.

- Eredin was stated to be expert fighter.

- Matches Geralt skill wise. Geralt feats:



Skilled Opponents

Physically Superior Opponents

Witcher Training



Ladd nahw! Kill them! Litter the earth with their entrails!
Ladd nahw! Kill them! Litter the earth with their entrails!


Imlerith is the general of the Wild Hunt. As an elf from another world he helps Eredin and his people to capture Ciri the adopted daughter of Geralt of Rivia and use her power to escape from their dying world. Powerfull and experienced warrior who has fought in countless of battles and one of the people who have almost killed Geralt of Rivia.

Imlerith is massive, Avallach who knows him well said that Imlerith tries to scare his opponent. Make his opponent fear him and strike him down with brute force.


- Sends flying an adult man (with superhuman stats) in full medieval gear with one kick:

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- Lifts adult man in full gear with one hand and casually breaks his neck.

- Breaks through castle wooden gate with only a mace. (later we can see that the gate is completely destroyed)

- Stalemates with Geralt strength-wise.


During his fight against Geralt of Rivia he was able to parry Geralt strikes, counterattack, dodge and even attack Geralt before he could react. He can match speed-wise people who are crossbow-timers. The fact alone that he wasn't blitzed by Geralt is great feat but giving the witcher fight for his live and pushing him back? That's is serious feat.

Durability and pain tolerance:

- He can be stabbed with witcher sword to the chest and continue fighting, in that scene later we can see that even after having his face burned alive he's still conscious. Before that he was stabbed to the knee by Vesemir and was able to continue fighting without any problems and stabbed to the chest with dagger by the same witcher.


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- Imlerith was stated to be the general of the Wild Hunt who has fought in countless of battles in many different worlds. He's a master of fighting with mace/sword+shield.

- His best skill feat is definitely giving hell of a fight to Geralt - one of the most skilled characters in whole witcherverse. Geralt couldn't outskill him in pure swordsmanship and had to rely on magical signs to gain the upper hand.

- Imlerith is skilled with magic to teleport around on the battlefield. He shows great mastery over it comparable to the best of the sorceresses.

Special gear

- Besides common gear such as Wild Hunt armor, Imlerith wields giant mace and massive shield

Caranthir Ar-Feiniel

You can't win this, even should you kill me
You can't win this, even should you kill me


Caranthir is the main navigator of the Wild Hunt (he makes portals through time and dimensions). As a "Golden Child" he was trained by Avallach - powerfull mage to save people of Aen Elle. He's very skilled combatant and a mage.

Avallach said that Caranthir is cold pragmatic. Pragmatic person is a person who relies on practical approach to problems and affairs. He take action after rethink and analyzing facts.


- He is able to overpower Eskel strength-wise in a melee combat. Eskel's strength was stated to be equal to Geralts book version.

- Matches Geralt of Riva strength wise

Relfexes and combat speed

- During his fight against Eskel he was matching him speed wise. He even forced him to fight defensive and then broke witchers defense. You can see that he tagged Eskel few times, showing he's faster than his opponent. How fast is Eskel? According to author of the books he's equal to Geralt from the books. Geralt from the books was operating at blur speeds, deflecting crossbow bolts with his sword and moving faster than eye can see.

- Reacts to Ciri teleportation with his own. Ciri was able lolblitz multiple groups of trained Wild Hunt Warriors before (crossbow-bolt timers at least)

- Matches Geralt of Rivia speed wise

Durability and stamina

- Despite being stabbed to the chest he's able to bfr his enemy

- He can fight against Ciri who's very fast, teleporting opponent and after that against Geralt who can move at blur speed/FTE without a break. He defeated one and almost defeated another one.

Special gear

- Caranthir wields a staff which can sustain powerfull spells without tiring his owner.


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- Matches Geralt of Rivia skill wise on mostly comparable skill level.

- Outskills Eskel - witcher with over 100 years of pure fighting experience and breaks his defense


- Caranthir can teleport himself and make magical portals for others. His portals and teleportation are powerfull enough to teleport giant ship across the worlds.

- Caranthir summons ice golems

- Caranthir throws ice bolts

- Caranthir freezes a sea in few seconds

- Caranthir creates massive snow storm which breaks through castle gate and freezes the defenders

- Caranthir abilities works even in place which negates magic. Caranthir freezes entire cave, summoning the White Frost. The cold was so powerfull that Geralt would die if not Keiras magic shield. The frost is able to break through magic sign Quen which can tank massive meteors and explosions of fire. After that Caranthir creates ice wall to stop his opponents from chasing him

Wild hunt warriors

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Each Wild Hunt warrior has gone through a rigorous selection process, but Eredin's personal cavalcade includes only the most brutal and most ferocious of the Aen Elle

- Warriors stalemates with five top tier witchers

- Warriors lolstomp Nilfgaardian elite cavalry

- Wild Hunt warrior overpowers Lambert - a witcher who's slightly weaker than Eskel in 1 vs 1 fight.

Feats for Geralt are from @lubub55 respect thread for Geralt.