• Date joined:2008-11-03
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Basic Stats:

Super Name: Despair

Real Name: Unknown

Base Of Operations: Gothic City

Age: 19 (assumed)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7" (1,73 meters)

Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)

Physique: Petite

Eye Colour: Deep Blue

Hair Colour: Raven

Identity: Public

Date Of Birth: Unknown

Place Of Birth: Unknown

Origin Of Powers: Magic Curse (assumed)

Known Aliases: The White Goddess, Saint Of The Homeless, Gothic City Specter, Fallen Angel, Angela Atra

Group Affiliation: None

Battle Cry: None

Grid Points (new power grid scale):

Strength: 1 (weak human)

Agility: 2 (normal human)

Reflexes: 2 (normal human)

Speed: 2 (normal human)

Durability: 1 (weak human)

Stamina: 1 (weak human)

Intelligence: 4 (gifted mind)

Perception: 3 (very perceptive)

Willpower: 3 (stronger than average willpower)

Energy Projection: 0 (none)

Fighting Ability: 3 (some training)

Powers And Abilities:

Arachnoid Adaptation:

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