Top Ten Favorite Marvel Heroes

My 10 favorite Marvel Heroes.
Explanations only for some.

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  • The Lion of Olympus; the hilarious antics, ranging from attempts (and successes)in womanizing to humorous uses of brute strength to general buffoonery, while they keep me amused, is not the only reason why he is my favorite. Hercules tops my list because he is practically the essence comradeship. This is best displayed in the issues commemorating his death, he only picked a fight with Namor so that Namor would forget his grief. He not only saves people from mustache twirling villains, but he also shows everyone how to have a good time. He is the definition of a brute with a heart of gold.

  • Originally, I didn't find Madrox very interesting. He was just a member of one of those X-Men spin-off comics. Fortunately, I picked up an issue of X-Factor Investigations and the unique use of a trite ability really caught me off guard. His obsession with living in a world that was like a noir film helped me become fond of Jamie Madrox.

  • The Silver Surfer is only good in certain stories, as much characters. He really shines when in Space Operatic stories. I really started liking The Silver Surfer when I watched the short lived animated series based on him. The storyline that paralleled and had the strength of "The Odyssey" really intrigued me. A man just trying to home and one true love, but his home is lost in the vastness of space because he decided to do what was right and abandon his master.