Top 10 Favorite Marvel Villains

The Marvel Villains I love to hate.
Explanations for some.

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  • I almost put him on the list of heroes because I enjoy him so much. At first Daken seemed like some silly gimmick for Wolverine comics, but he really turned into his own. Instead of just being skilled in battle, he is a manipulator on par with Loki. Not only is he dangerous to face in a fight, but he is dangerous just to be around because of his piercing words and pheromone control. He is truly a glorious bastard.

  • The main thing I like Thanos for is his undeniable love and loyalty to Death. The monumental actions Thanos took in the name of love are impressive. He seems like a character straight out of old mythologies because of his personality and actions, but still retains the danger and cosmic nature required to be a great comic book villain.

  • A rebellious son in the form of a killer robot. I really like Ultron because of how he just keeps on coming back to destroy his father, Hank Pym, and humanity. The multiple times he has tried to mimic humanity, such as when he made a son and a wife (twice!) really shows how mad Ultron really is.

  • For a while, Beast was one of my favorite superheroes. It was no contest that his evil twin would be one of my favorite villains. I enjoy Dark Beast because he is everything Hank McCoy isn't. He is manipulative, merciless, and not only would he do anything for the advancement of science, but he would do anything to benefit himself too.

  • I have always liked Mysterio. His unique "power-set" intrigued me. Instead of having actual powers, he just fooled everyone into thinking that he did by using special effects. It is similar to film in a way, probably because that's where he got the gadgets.