"This is just a fight we're having, and tomorrow it will be like it never happened, right?"

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Another let down, even for a free issue. 0

He's got performance and daddy issues.What starts out in the first few panels as slightly interesting, quickly delves into the mundane as the majority of this short issue is essentially a fight between Gamora and some creature badly in need of braces. The character of Gamora, who was introduced like a character in a 70’s TV show, is massively shortchanged in this issue. Much like the preceding ones, it feels unrealistic even so far as comics go. This woman was trained by the mighty Thanos, the u...

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A mess of an issue. 0

Believe it, this issue disappointed.Very much similar to issue #1 centering on Drax the Destroyer, issue #2 brings Rocket Raccoon into focus and starts out with a failed attempt at humor. Also like Drax, Rocket Raccoon longs is evidently bored with life and is relegated to making up war stories to get laid with some grotesque green alien, which he unsurprisingly fails at. The character never really seemed to fit on the team, especially in comparison to his more powerful teammates. In this issue ...

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At least it was free! 0

Not really.Drax is a decent character, powerful and well… a drunkard, apparently. This issue finds Drax the Destroyer on Rigel 3 wasting the days away getting hammered in a bar and inspiring to find something worthy of his vast talents. Three individuals trying to make a name for themselves by defeating Drax, attempt to challenge him to a fight. Even though they know Drax’s many accomplishments (killing Thanos among them), they push forward with their death wish as an unimpressed Drax decides to...

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Some topics are better left out of comics. 0

ANSWER THE QUESTION, SPIDEY!The intended purpose of this issue couldn't be clearer in my opinion but that doesn't make it any more tolerable reading such a display of partiality, though selling comics and promoting a particular agenda was put forward. The writers and staff involved obviously knew 9/11 was a sensitive subject and decided to address the issue anyway; it just would have been fair and respectful to be objective. One side was not to blame completely; the other wasn't devoid of fault,...

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Oh, what could have been! 0

Very much a first issue, one that speeds from start to finish with very little character introduction along the way and a shoe string plot that also doesn't really add much in the end (in this issue anyway). A Native American shaman named Whitefeather is in possession of a mystical gun that can apparently only be fired by one person, and seems to shoot lightning out of its barrel similar to Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. He roams the old West in search of the man who is destined to carry the legendary ...

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Tense action carries this first issue 0

Issue #1 of All Hail Megatron is a glorious display of action that makes up fora lackluster plot (at least so far) and boring characters; yet, I loved and breezed through every single page and can't wait to pick up the second issue. I suppose I was disappointed in the characters for a few reasons, the Decepticons because Optimus and his Autobots are out of the way but Megatron's goal is to enslave Earth. Really? I just expected a grander plan, unless there's a specific reason (a hidden weapon, a...

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Sometimes less is more 0

This was not a terrible origin comic but it is also not needed at all, and actually does more to detract from a mysterious and badass character than help. In the Star Trek reboot directed by JJ Abrams, Nero’s given more than enough back-story, though not too much. This is why I found this comic not only redundant, yet pointless, outside of promoting the film, which clearly does not need to be done when “Star Trek” is in the title and Nero’s film back story tells you everything you need to know a...

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An Utter Joke 0

Makes sense to drive around on loud motorcycles, then.Going into this issue I could not have had any lower expectations, the title told me all I needed to know about the content. Having this predisposition still did not prepare me for what an awful comic this turned out to be, nor was it worth the time I wasted. Harley Davidson and Marvel collaborating is an obvious money grab, probably directed at younger audiences, but doesn't work out at all. This issue just tries to highlight each member of ...

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Just a Basic Review Comic 0

Bane 101 is a decent breakdown and review of Bane’s most popular or important moments in comics, and gives a little background information for a character that appeared in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Beginning with Bane’s origins, going through the story arc Knightfall, Bane’s most iconic scene “Breaking the Bat” is mentioned and described, as is his part in No Man’s Land, and leading the super villain team the Secret Six. For fans of Bane or even those who have read a good number...

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There's potential here 0

Massive junk in the trunkI have not read the previous issues that are associated with this one, so I am at a disadvantage starting in the middle. With all that being said, I did not enjoy reading this issue, and especially did not find the artwork tasteful in general. Calie’s strictly a sexual object, maybe not for the purposes of the story but in spite of it. It’s difficult to imagine that any male readers are not instantly drawn to Calie’s less than normal proportions, and that’s not to say at...

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Not really sure what to make of it 0

Pretty impressiveFirst and foremost I feel I should put this out there, I've read this issue twice and glanced over it another time. After all of that, I still don't have a firm grasp on this issue or my feelings regarding it. It's obvious that the story is more tongue in cheek than stoic, but maybe the British humor is difficult for me to relate to, as are the supposed mythical characters which seem to be from a certain culture. I most certainly found a few of the panels to be very well drawn, ...

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Overrated in more ways than one 0

Of course many first issues start off slow, mainly want to introduce characters, and get the reader used to the world, but TWD #1 takes that to an extreme. The main character Rick Grimes is a former town Sheriff that is injured in the line of duty and put into the hospital, when he eventually awakens he finds that the world he once knew has moved on. Zombies are rampant throughout his town, his family is nowhere to be found, and the entire town looks to have been abandoned for at least 10 years....

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Simple artwork elevates this above your basic intro 0

Selena choosing to go backAfter surviving a zombie plagued London and making it to safety, Selena, is asked by a hot shot reporter to be his guide as he looks to get the real story behind the events taking place in London. Not much action takes place in this issue, which isn't necessarily bad, but Selena’s internal struggle with her decision to return to London is interesting. She’s clearly not over the entire ordeal (and really, who would be?) but she also realizes that going back is something ...

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Fantastic Concept but a Poor Delivery 0

Nicolas Cage: Vampire Hunter?30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow #1 starts out with an interesting concept but ultimately tails off from there. For years the town of Barrow, Alaska, has been under constant attacks by vampires, the local citizens have banned together and learned to defend themselves from the vampires, even to the point that vampires become scared of the town and avoid it at all costs. Like I said earlier, that's an amazing beginning to the story; however, that is always the peak of t...

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Intended for a Certain Crowd 0

The Man Who Loved Breasts might sound more exciting to some than it actually turns out to be, it's not an adult themed comic or even for teens. I'm not sure if it was intended to be for either of those age groups or just for everyone. Either way it was incredibly slow, poorly written and paced, and literally difficult to read due to the font chosen. The artwork was old fashioned and overdone, much too clean in comparison to the barely legible font. Only black and white screams of cheapness, and ...

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Fun and Enjoyable 0

This group of misfits is always lightheartedI know the Pet Avengers are not supposed to be taken seriously, that they are not as physically imposing as their Avenger counterparts, but I just could not help loving the adorable bunch of Pets all the same. They have the best of intentions in helping stop candy store robbers, albeit through unconventional and hilarious means, and they also know how to wind down and relax with some fun at the park. The story and characters are of course childish, but...

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An Unnecessary and Inconsistent Prequel 0

Cobb's not very mature in this comicInception: The Cobol Job is a prequel to Inception. While the movie brought us new and thought provoking dialogue and scenes, this prequel comic does neither, and was actually not the least bit needed. Cobb narrates the entire comic from his perspective, but all of the lines he utters are not consistent with the way his character is in Inception, so much so that he seemed not as controlled or experienced when it came to going into the mind of another. You'd th...

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This isn't Disney's Aladdin 1

I wish this issue was longer!Wow. The first issue of Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost starts out at an incredible pace and doesn't let up. The story and pacing is well thought-out, not rushed even though it is pretty fast, nor is it bogged down by meaningless dialogue. We see a young and troubled Aladdin trying to work through his own issues before stumbling upon the Genie in the Lamp. He's young, yes, but very courageous and mainly just hustlin', trying to make ends meet in a world with clear class ...

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Boring and uninteresting 1

Aphrodite IX is the perfect weapon, smart, resourceful, and deadly; yet, why is she wearing a bikini? For someone that is described as being incredibly capable and intelligent enough to topple empires, she shouldn’t need to use her body and attractive looks as a weapon to accomplish her mission. This issue is very short, but it spends most of its time showing us how attractive Aphrodite IX’s enhanced body is, and the rest making pointless philosophical statements. I would much rather Aphrodite I...

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Not an impressive start 0

This issue is the first of three and sorta setup a lose plot revolving around a group of beings (Vampires of some sort?) wanting to take over a remote Alaskan town that goes 30 without sunlight, leaving everyone and everything in the darkness, while the towns residents try to fight back, led by the Sheriff and his deputy (also his wife). The dialogue is immature, adults reduced to sounding and acting like teenagers one moment then being stone cold killers the next. The art is too out of control ...

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Animalistic Expendables 0

IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?Born and breed to kill, raised to believe they have no thoughts of their own, and trained to cause a tremendous amount of destruction, animal/human hybrids known as Elephantmen are some of the coolest characters I've seen recently. This issue tells of their origin and rescue out of the evil clutches of their creators MAPPO. As it is an origin story there's quite a bit of setup, but there's no lack of action and violence, as the Elephantmen show what they were trained to do, ...

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LeBron REALLY does have superpowers 0

In LeBron: King of the Rings #1, Marvel and ESPN the Mag team up to explore a humorous and magnificent tale of one very unrealistic way LeBron James could keep his promise to the city of Miami and win "Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven...". LeBron James gets some help along the way to reach his goal, be it from a teammate officially deceased yet who keeps playing as a zombie, bionic upgrades to himself to further increase his already insane athleticism, magic le...

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