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Once Upon A Time episode review- "Tallahassee" *Spoilers present*

Never a dull moment in Storybrooke or Fairy Tale Land; the dead being brought back to life, times being rough for a student of dark magic, and finally a magic beanstalk with a menacing giant at the top. So up the beanstalk we go with “Manhattan” to find out what beast awaits at the top, as well as getting a glimpse into Emma Swan's past!


If only dressing like this was a crime.
If only dressing like this was a crime.

“No, I have never been in love”- And dressing like a naughty schoolgirl, who would be shocked? Emma's coldness is finally really hashed out in detail, it's now completely clear why she is so angry inside. As if being orphaned because your parents were forced to abandon you wasn't bad enough, then the first time she allows herself to fall in love he also leaves her, and worse he betrayed her and put her in jail for a crime he committed. Emma used to be so young and naive plus a awful dresser, to trust someone that much and have zero doubt. Scars like that can and do endure as she has shown. Obviously August had a lot to do with the turn of events but it was ultimately the Neal's choice, though the life he and Emma were living wasn't much of one, especially with a child on the way.

August Booth returns! - Granted it was just a flashback but August was back (with a weird haircut and no beard!), if only for a one time cameo. There's still no word what his current wooden body is up or even where it is, yet his influence in this episode was profound and revealed a lot. His interfering was the right thing to do, in addition to his role, but also brought another plot point up, it showed that he did indeed try to help Emma, however, like he said the world is filled with temptations and he wasn't strong enough to resist them. It appears the Curse took no mercy on him in the end as he was turned to wood for his troubles and is no who knows where.

No men allowed, Hook doesn't count.
No men allowed, Hook doesn't count.

Girl Power- The foursome of Aurora, Emma, Mulan, and Snow all have a role in their little group and a valid reason to want to climb the beanstalk, Emma and Snow to get back to Storybrooke and their family (Snow to protect Emma), Mulan because she's best suited if it came to fighting, and lastly Aurora (Quite the shocker). Even though Aurora has been a weight around the characters so far, you still have to respect her bravery in volunteering since she appears to be useless in terms of the story. Still, Emma made the right choice in being the one who went with Hook and it turned out to be correct as she, more than any of them is willing to make the difficult choice. Snow's such a mom, trying to shield Emma from harm and also watching over Aurora while she slept.

"The victors tell the story"- New characters and mysteries to add to the ones already circulating around these characters. The Giant wasn't a bad guy, but all of his race are long dead thanks to humans. It does leave open the possibility of him returning, however getting hopes up can be a bad thing. Jack the Giant Killer died trying to kill a Giant, that's irony, and also sad since it most likely means he won't make another appearance. Also worth mentioning is the mysterious red room both Aurora and Henry dreamed of, the one with no doors or windows and curtains on fire. The box August had is also curious.


Blame a woman, get off with a warning.
Blame a woman, get off with a warning.

“It’s Florida, everything is near a beach”- In addition to being a lie, it was also the beginning of the end for Neal and Emma's relationship, at least for the time being. Their love didn't get off to a good start at all, Emma stealing the car Neal had stolen from someone else, plus their five finger grabbing at convenience store, and lastly to selling off stolen goods. The only positive that came out of this train-wreck of a relationship was Henry, and hopefully his father never has the chance to negatively influence him, though inevitably he will have that opportunity. At least Henry's dad is finally revealed, as well as the man from the season premiere.

“I’m always a gentleman”- Captain Hook disappoints yet again, this episode he proves his worth extends to being a distraction, literally. Emma can't trust him, and despite his charming and flirtatious attitude, there's no reason for anyone to trust him. His motives are clear, yet there's still the chance that he's undercover for Cora;however, if he's not this moment where Emma betrayed him will come back to the haunt the group. He's a valuable ally, when he's not kidnapping women or bullying harmless people, yeah, he's always a gentleman. Hook is pretty brave and put a lot of trust in Emma when facing the Giant, that might have been enough for a lot of people but not Emma. Hopefully she is correct and her "super power" was working.


8/10. Another filler episode that didn't advance the overall story much, if at all, but a lot of the content was very interesting. From the main reason Emma is so cold, to the "return" of August, as well as the introduction of new characters and minor mysteries, and finally to the preview for next week where Red/the Wolf is let loose upon Storybrooke. A lot of episodes of OUaT is never a bad thing, it would be nice if the story could progress a little each week, though.

Episode link in case anyone missed it or wants to watch again: http://abc.go.com/watch/once-upon-a-time/SH55126545/VD55245000/tallahassee