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Once Upon A Time episode review- "Lady of the Lake" *Spoilers*

*Spoilers present!*

Still separated worlds apart, with Emma and Snow White trapped in Fairy Tale land while David and Henry remain in Storybrooke, the Charming family will do anything to be reunited. Can Snow White and Emma find a portal with the help of the warrior Mulan and courageous knight Lancelot that will reunite them with their family? "Lady of the Lake" looks to answer these questions and more.

The Good:

En garde!
En garde!

“Maybe we should have gone with Operation Viper”- Charming is still getting to know his grandson Henry so in time he’ll realize that Henry never does what you tell him. Henry was quite busy this episode; from tricking Regina, getting her keys and finding out where her vault is (with all those still beating hearts...), to almost getting himself in serious trouble, and eventually encouraging Jefferson (Mad Hatter) to reunite with his daughter! It took Emma a while to trust Henry's intuition, thankfully Charming didn't take as long, especially considering he needs all the help he can get. The relationship Henry and Charming are developing is heartwarming to watch and looks to be critical, as well as the best chance to getting everyone back home. Charming sword-fighting with Henry has to be one of the sweetest and most adorable moments of the entire series and it was nice to see that while there are bad times, our lovable characters don't let it get them down.

A knight redeemed
A knight redeemed

“The Leviathan, that’s what they’re calling me?”- I prefer Lancelot too. The former knight of the Round Table who used to work for King George was invaluable in this episode, from finding magical water which was used to cure Snow White, to allowing Mulan to guide Snow and Emma to their former castle, and lastly marrying Snow White and Prince Charming in front of his mother! He was such an awesome character, that is until we find out Cora killed him. Nooooooooo! Of course characters we think are dead come back all the time so he wouldn't be the first, or maybe Cora is lying. At this point i’d settle for either, Lancelot's character showed how amazing he could be in less than an episodes time. This can't be the end for him, that's no way for a knight to go out.

“Take my greatest warrior”- Finally Mulan gets screen time doing more than talking and traveling with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), she saved Snow White and Emma at the last second by blocking Cora’s fireball attack and looks to be able to go toe to toe with Snow as well. Mulan adds another strong female character to join Ruby, Emma, Snow, and Regina. Hopefully this assertiveness is a sign of things to come for her character, as like Henry, she too can be an incredibly useful person in such a desperate time.

The Bad:

“I cursed her”- King George is completely evil, not that we didn't already know this, but poisoning Snow White to prevent her from fathering a child is about as disgusting as it gets. We know this doesn't work as Emma is around, but it further shows that Regina and Cora aren't the only evil characters. Clearly King David's plans for Prince Charming haven't ended and makes for yet another enemy he has to contend with while trying to reunite his family.

“It needs something more powerful than fairy dust”- Charming’s mother getting shot by a poison arrow was heartbreaking, yet again an innocent character is killed as a result of revenge. Just another example showing that they may live in the Enchanted Forest but their lives are anything but fairy tales, death and tragedy occur a lot more often than anyone would like. At least she was able to see her only son get married, thanks to Lancelot.

“I came here to be with you”- Emma’s emotional distance is still very annoying. It’s completely understandable why she’s still prissy as she said “ I've been angry for so long” but it appears that she has realized her parents and a lot of other people sacrificed everything for her. Emma's act of being angry at the world has gone on for long enough, it's time she grows up and puts the past behind and looks towards the future, to getting back with her father and son.


9/10. Wow... OuaT throughout both seasons is known for packing a lot of content into each of their episodes so it's not a surprise that "Lady of the Lake" revealed as much as it did. Next weeks episode looks amazing as well, Captain Hook (who is a series regular for the rest of the season!!) joins in on the story. More evil than Rumpelstiltskin? Consider Rumple isn't evil, per se, the dashing Captain Hook doesn't have to do a lot in order to surpass him. Clearly the Captain has a reputation, finding out what he did exactly to earn such and how he fits in with the rest of the characters is going to be a lot of fun. This season is off to an absolutely scorching beginning.

Here is the link to the episode in case you would like to watch it, or re-watch it: