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Is there a more overrated show on TV than The Walking Dead?

To be fair and honest, I do watch this show and I liked the first season so this isn't just random hating, but it has gone straight downhill after that. Season 2 was so awful and a waste of time, and season 3 so far hasn't really done anything except add a few more zombies to the show as opposed to season 2.

I know it's all about different tastes and opinions, and that I don't have to watch it, yeah yeah; yet, how this show can be held to such high standards is beyond me. It's predictable and filled with annoying moments, and the show in general is incredibly inconsistent.

I've also read about 5 issues of the comics and really don't see why it was adapted in the first place. Gotta fill the air time, I suppose.

Judging from what I have read around here this opinion seems to be the minority.