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Lookin' good! Favorite sexy boys from comics.

This is a list of male supercharacters that I find most attractive. My views are based on how the characters have been portrayed in movies or TV, as well as comics.

List items

  • As played by Ioan Gruffudd in the Fantastic Four movies. The first thing I liked was that he was playing a science nerd. I really dig those smart guys. Then I noticed that the color of his tight spandex outfit, a dark blue, was rather flattering on him. And then I noticed that, wow, this dude is a knockout. Ioan's face has beautiful bone structure. His features are striking. There's a lot of very studied, posed, and fashionable pictures of him around on the net, and I can see why. He photographs incredibly well. He looks like a work of art in every shot, like something out of a painting. I've seen him described as "classically handsome." No argument from me. He also has a gentle and refined nature, which is wonderful. It totally suits the nature of Mr. Fantastic, who would rather think than fight his way through problems. It's a reason that Mr. Fantastic is among my fave male heroes.

  • As played by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever. I think Val has the cutest lips in Hollywood, and it is one of the reasons he's my favorite Batman. When he's dressed as the Bat, his upper face is covered, which leaves only the lower part, and those lips, to be seen. A sexy touch on a sexy persona. He is the only Batman who genuinely looks desirable in costume. He is the only actor who ever convinced me that he was Bruce Wayne. He looks fabulous in a tux, too. I feel that physically he carried the Batman look very well, even though he's a blond.

  • As played by Van Williams on the 1966 TV series. I found Van absolutely stunning in this role. He was sophisticated, elegant, and always a gentleman. He had every situation under control. He moved with the grace of a cat. He had impeccable retro-glam style. In his hands it was not force, but restraint -- of voice, muscle, and guns -- that became a weapon. He was a smouldering combination of beauty and brains, of innocent charm and mysterious masculinity. When I watch the show, I literally can't take my eyes off him. Speaking of eyes, his were an amazing pale blue, transparent as a glass of cool water. He was a class act all the way. RIP, Van.

  • As played by Brent Spiner in the TV series Star Trek, the Next Generation. Data is sweet and endearing. He's such a nice person. He's also not bad looking at all. Interestingly, he's an android. Times like this I can't help but wonder if they built 'em anatomically correct.

  • As played by......just about everyone who's ever played him. This is one role in Hollywood that gets all the hunks. Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh most recently. And then there's everyone who came before. It's one long list of physical perfection. And the character usually looks pretty good in the comics, too.

  • As he appears in the comics. I consider Dick Grayson to have the best body of all the male characters in superhero comics. Lean and muscled, but not huge. So many male heroes are huge, immensely so, and this makes them often look absurd. They are exaggerations of what the male form should be. And it really has no sex appeal at all. Nightwing has one of the few male comic book bodies that is genuinely sexy, not only because it's in great shape, but also because it's realistic. He also has great black hair and blue eyes.

  • As played by Robert Downey, Jr. in the Iron Man movies. I've never read an Iron Man comic in my life. I never had any interest in him at all -- until I saw Robert Downey, Jr. playing him. Admittedly, I have always found Robert to be rather cute. But as Iron Man, it gets better. Must be those suits he wears as Tony Stark.

  • As played by Peter Weller in most of the Robocop movies. Scary but smokin'. Another case of great lips.

  • As played by David Bowie in Labyrinth. Or should I say, Not necessarily as he was played by David Bowie. This is a case where I liked the character but not the actor. I have always found Dave Bowie to be rather geeky looking, and I am convinced that he really was an alien from another planet. However, the character is extremely compelling. It's because of the wildness of Nature in him. He's a bad boy, looking for a bad girl. That's sexy. Fabulous wardrobe, too. RIP, David.

  • As he appears in the comics. Jackie Estacado is a character that I think really belongs on film. Great body, great face, wicked arty/gothic costume. Hollywood could do a great job with the styling. I'd watch this movie over and over even if it were terrible.

  • As he appears in the comics. He looks good played by James Marsden in the X-Men movies, too.

  • As played by Billy Zane in the movie. It wasn't a great movie, but Billy was nice to look at. He didn't need any padding, either. Those muscles were the real thing.

  • As played by Alec Baldwin in the movie. This was great casting. I can't think of anyone better than Alec who could have assumed the aura of sophistication that the character required.

  • As played by Brendan Fraser in the movie. I know that this was a kids' cartoon, but when they made the movie, they must have had the kids' moms in mind. I can't believe how smokin' hot Brendan is in this flick. It helps that he barely wears any clothing. This serves to show off a spectacular form, which also looks good when he puts on his Armani suits. He also has an absolutely adorable face. It's an unexpected appearance, having him be such a stunner, because George by nature is supposed to be a bumbling fool. True to form, Brendan swings on his vine and crashes into trees, just like on the TV cartoon. And, as in the cartoon, he's always OK afterwards. Good thing. I'd hate to see any damage done to that fabulous body.

  • As played by Raoul Julia in the Addams Family movies. Dashing, elegant, well-dressed, charismatic, and just Latino enough to be exotic, Raoul Julia cuts quite a figure in the Gomez role. He is always charming, always in a good mood, and madly, passionately in love with Morticia. I find him downright archetypal as a lover and husband, and yet this is all cleverly disguised by humor -- his own, and that of his absurd surroundings and plot lines. A shame that Raoul died when only in his fifties. He could have done so much.

  • As played by the stunning Rutger Hauer in Bladerunner. Rutger was one terrific combination of class, strength, and great looks. The years were very kind to him and if anything, they only seemed to add to the aura of stateliness that he naturally had. RIP, Rutger.

  • As he appears in comics, and also on the animated series. His facial features are always drawn as very exotic. It's one of the most beautiful faces in comics. In the movies, Chadwick Boseman lends an elegant flair to the character. RIP, Chadwick.

  • I think that this is a character named Snake. There's no good pictures of him on his page, though. But this cover is very nice; it's sensual and arty.

  • As played by Wesley Snipes in the Blade movies. Wesley has a perfectly crafted face. His features look like they were carved on purpose, by artistic design.

  • As played by Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Also how he appears in comics.

  • As played by Bruce Boxleitner in Tron. There's something wholesome and clean-cut about Bruce, and I think that it's part of his appeal. Innocence can be very alluring.

  • As played by Johnny Depp in the movie. An intense, dark-haired beauty, he was made to play goth roles.

  • As played by Gerard Butler in the movie 300. Gerard's got more than great looks and a fabulous physique going for him in this flick. As a military commander he is warm-hearted, sympathetic, and humourous. A great combination of looks and personality. Great legs, too.

  • As played by Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park.

  • As played by Bruce Willis in Sin City. This is the hottest I've ever seen Bruce look. Seriously.

  • As played by Aaron Eckhart, while he's still Harvey Dent (before the accident that makes him Two-Face), in The Dark Knight. Commissioner Gordon catches him on TV and propheticaly says, "That boy looks good on the tube!" How true. Must be cuz of that adorable dimple in Aaron's chin. Seeing half of that fabulous face get ruined was really heartbreaking.

  • As played by Chris O'Donnell in the Schumacher-directed Batman films. Another version of Dick Grayson. Everything about Chris looks right out of the pages of the comic. Especially his body. Again, it's a great lean body. I think Chris was born to play Robin, and he does it with real panache. And great legs. He really looks fantastic in the badass Robin outfit.

  • As played by Chris Pine in the updated, re-cast 2009 Star Trek movie, and its sequel.

  • As played by Karl Urban in the 2009 Star Trek movie and sequel.

  • As played by Taylor Kitsch in the movie. Also how the character appears in comics.

  • As played by Shane West in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  • It's too bad Dane Whitman wears so much artillery all the time. Underneath all that armor and clothing is a big blond surfer hunk.

  • As played by Ben McKenzie on the TV series Gotham. Upright, uptight, sexually bashful, noble, honest, genuine. I know he's just acting, but it almost seems like this is who he really is. Either way, there's nothing more attractive than this kind of integrity. Especially since his righteous dialogue is always delivered with his sensual bedroom voice. I would never expect it from someone who knows how to act like a cop so well. But his character is a series of contrasts. In one scene he loves his girlfriend madly, and in the next he's loading an enormous gun, getting ready to chase down criminals. My favorite portrayal of Commissioner Gordon is actually Gary Oldman, because he looks straight out of the comics. But it's Ben that turned the character into a superhero in his own right.

  • Strictly the version redesigned by Kenneth Rocafort that ran mostly in 2015.

  • As played in the movies by Mel Gibson. Or Tom Hardy.

  • As played by Jay Chou in the 2011 Green Hornet movie. Aside from the car, he was the best thing in the movie. He was just so utterly adorable and charming. I didn't even care that I couldn't understand a word he said.

  • As played by Josh Hartnett on the Penny Dreadful TV series. All werewolves should look as good.

  • As played by Chris Hemsworth in the movies. This boy is smokin'!

  • As played by Stephen Amell on the Arrow TV series.

  • As played by Brandon Routh in the Dylan Dog movie.

  • As played by Brandon Lee in the movie. I'm not really a big fan of his, but he did look pretty cute in the Crow outfit.

  • Depends on the picture.

  • Sable

  • Comics and movies.

  • The character Paul Atreides as played by Kyle McLachlan.

  • As played by Matt McColm on the TV series. Also how he appears in the comics.