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This series is a must have... 2

I've read Emerald Dawn and Emerald Dawn II numerous times. Since they worked well I didn't think we needed to retell Hal's origin. I was wrong. What writer Geoff John's is doing here, besides retelling the epic origin of a nearly 50 year old character, is tying it into a fantastic and cohesive story arc that will span his entire run on the series (starting with Rebirth, continuing on in the Sinestro Corps War, and climaxing in next year's Blackest Night). In so doing, John's has arguably done mo...

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Renaissance 1

Iron Man has once again become one of Marvel’s best titles thanks to the direction of writers Daniel and Charles Knauf, and this month's issue is no exception. It's also an anniversary issue, #25 of Iron Man, Volume 4. The two best aspects of the series so far have been the reintroduction of The Mandarin, and the development of the Extremis plot. The Knauf's have tied the virus into the super-soldier program and government machinations like a story from the Ultimates.The best villains are the on...

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The Hunt Is On... 0

X-Men: Messiah CompleX #1 is the first chapter in the biggest X-Men crossover of the decade, and as such it's an impressive start. A new mutant has been born despite the Scarlett Witch's decree of "no more mutants". Is this child a new hope, or a sign of the apocalypse? The X-Men must find out, but they can't even reach the child before their enemies do. Messiah CompleX has "classic X-Men" written all over it. Marvel is touting this as an ideal jumping-on point for new readers to the X-universe,...

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