The Avengers by John Byrne

John Byrne's run as a writer and artist on Earth's Mightiest saw several important things happening: the truth about Scarlet Witch's children revealed, the dismantling of the Vision, the Acts of Vengeance crossover, and the classic Dark Scarlet Witch Saga. Not only that but the run also saw several new and key players join the team: Spider-Man, US Agent, Sersi, the Human Torch and the debut of the Great Lakes Avengers! After an abrupt ending due to one of Byrne's trademark temper tantrums, Fabian Nicieza and Roy Thomas had to wrap up Byrne's major storylines across four issues creating less-than-stellar conclusions.


  • John Byrne also pencilled Avengers #164-166, #181-191, #233 and Annuals #14 and #18. They are not included here as they were only art and ruin the cohesion of this collection.
  • He also wrote and drew the 12th part of Atlantis Attacks that out of context doesn't make much sense on it's own. The Atlantis Attacks crossover takes place just before Acts of Vengeance and after the Master Pandemonium and Mephisto story (between 18 and 19 on this list)
  • There is also a "deleted scene" (written and drawn by Byrne) from Atlantis Attacks included as a bonus in Avengers West Coast #56. It takes place between Atlantis Attacks Pts 2 and 3. (for more info, see the Atlantis Attacks Omnibus)
  • Paul Ryan and Kieron Dwyer took up art chores on certain issues.
  • Likewise, Fabian Nicieza and Roy Thomas took up writing scripting chores on the final issues.

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