Spider-Man by Peter David

I always found it pretty hard to read Spider-Man comics...select runs and what not since in the old days there were upwards of 3 Spider-Man titles....and the "classic" runs were always spread across said titles. So I thought I'd make a list to help all!

This is the reading order for the legendary Hulk, X-Factor and of course Spider-Man writer Peter David's run. Peter David wrote quite a lot of Spider-stuff but his magnum opus is generally considered to be the Death of Jean DeWolff story.

If enough people like this list, there's a few other writers (Stern, Mantlo, Michiline, DeMatteis De Falco, MacFarlane) who I could also do. I'll even take requests!

Note: Peter David also wrote the first 44 issues of Spider-Man 2099.

List items