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I really, really, really, really, really hope this does not come to pass. 
Okay, not exactly true, but it ranks pretty high on the list.
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@JediXMan said:
"Excuse my ignorance, but what is Vector Prime? "

A giant time themed Transformer.  He is listed in Wikipedia.
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Wow...Cheetara seems a little more "enhanced" than I remember...
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@Danilo018 said:
"@Kingzila said:
"@Fire Star said:
"@Decoy Elite said:
" @Kingzila: Are you making up characters at this point, or do you mean Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat vs DC? "
lol And wow, Iceman has way more power and control than Sub-Zero. He would be an icecube in seconds.  "
thats just your statement not a fact an i dont belive what you just said is true. "
No it's true in ability Iceman outclasses Sub-Zero by far. Cause he can reach the temp. of ABSOLUTE ZERO (the zero in Kelvin Scale). On ABSOLUTE ZERO no matter can exist. And besided Iceman is an Omega Level mutant. Also Sub-Zero can only freeze things with his attack. He can reach the temperature below zero in Celsius scale. And zero in Celsius scale is equal to 273 Kelvins or @73 degrees above the absolute zero. "

Slight defense of Sub Zero, although, I am 100% in agreement that Iceman outclasses him power wise, Sub Zero could freeze opponents, do the ground freeze, use the ice statue move and ice shower, has some sort of ice teleport, and can create a giant sword of ice.  Still, nowhere near the level of Iceman, and would get owned in a battle of powers, but he does have a few more tricks than his freeze blast.
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In hand to hand, Sub Zero, but to echo the others, in sheer ability and power, Iceman.  Something taken from the vine's bio on Iceman: 
"Originally Iceman could lower the temperature of his body and encase himself in an ice armor of varying shape and consistency. He has since gained the ability to turn his entire body into a flexible form of organic ice. He can also freeze the moisture in the air and can create objects such as slides, ladders, and projectiles. He can reform any part of his body in his ice form, and can augment his shape and size. He has demonstrated the ability to animate ice forms by creating figures and through rapid freezing and unfreezing of their structure, and thus creating movement. These figures do not gain intelligence, and he is still in the developmental stage of this ability as it requires much concentration.

When in ice form he is generally translucent, and his appearance ranges from human-like to jagged and geometric. He is also known to add additional ice mass to his shoulders and knuckles (often jagged and sharp) for a fight. In addition to altering his appearance and shape, Bobby can also augment his size. A side effect of this alteration is superhuman strength to match his larger form. If damaged, he can reform damaged or missing body parts. While physically and mentally taxing, this ability can be used to reform his entire body if necessary, as he has been able to reform himself to ice from sentient water vapor. This ability was taken even farther when he was under Emma Frost's control and he was able to turn himself into sentient liquid, travel in this form through a body of water, and return back to his organic ice form. He has not been able to replicate this ability, however it does suggest that with practice he could shift through any phase of water (and potentially gain new abilities in each of these forms). For a time he was stuck permanently in ice form, however since M-Day has regained his ability to return to human form. Bobby also was a Certified Public Accountant.

Iceman's abilities stem from his ability to psionically manipulate energy and water. It is also important to note that he has been described as an Omega-level mutant, with more than just the ability to create ice. As such, with further development he may reach power levels limited only by his imagination.

Iceman now has the ability to control chemical reactions involving heat exchange and can prevent people with fire based abilities from using their powers.

As with all the X-Men, Bobby has been trained in unarmed combat, tactics, and resisting mental attacks. During (and after) the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline, it was revealed that Iceman's potential powers included the ability to, in essence, teleport via reverse-freezing molecules."     

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Wow...I forgot all about the Tick.  I once got to take Eli Stone to a topless bar and we both had several libations that night.  Good times.
Anyhow, the Tick FTW. 
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@Crom-Cruach said:
" tough one...  I'd go with team 2 on both however because team 2 has two people who are better thinkers and planners then team 1 "
Yeah, I tried to come up with what I thought would be a good fight=) 
Personally, I'm undecided, but I think it would be a hell of a fight.
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Alright, I searched and searched, and could not find this specific fight, so if it has been done, sorry.  These are four highly trained warriors, and four highly tactical minds:
Captain America (Steve)
Black Panther  (T'challa)

No Caption Provided
Batman (Bruce)
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
Fight 1: Each side has 1 hour prep.  Each side has their usual array of gadgets and gear, and each side starts in a concealed position.  The fight is in a deserted Times Square. 
Fight 2: No prep, usual gadgets and gear, concealed position, same setting.

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Here is the problem with Spiderman and Marvel in general, inconsistency.  A lot of the characters are inconsistent with their base power sets and training, and you have characters that can dodge/see faster than bullets getting tagged by slower, sometimes weaker foes.
That's why I think in a lot of the battle threads, DC characters (besides some of them being ridiculously overpowered) get more consideration for the win, because from what I have read of DC, for the most part it seems DC writers seem to keep their powers and what the characters can actually do a little more in perspective (the continuity is another story altogether, but I digress).  Then again, having been on hiatus for a bit from mainstream comics (Marvel and DC), I could be wrong, but at least if one of the big boys in DC gets taken out, or tagged, there seems to be a semi plausible reason for it, at least from what I have read.  Unlike in Marvel, where a lot of the time, the writer may not have a really great reason other than, "Well for my story to progress, he has to get hit and go down".  Which I find frustrating and annoying, because overall, I prefer Marvel over DC. 
All in all, I agree with this statement in regards to Spiderman by Nobody: 
"  I seriously believe that in a comic they can go either way. If we are discussing the way the character's powers actually work(and have been written to work except when they don't want them to), then Spider-Man wins." 
Personality and his actual mindset aside, the way his fighting and powers have been described, he should be damn near untouchable.  He casually dodges bullets/projectiles while wise cracking thanks to his spider sense and just moving and fighting instinctively.  When he gets tagged by someone slower, I can't fall back on, "well he just wasn't paying attention."  Acting on instinct and spider sense, that shouldn't matter.  Do you realize how hard it is to fight/ignore/even go against instinct? Something that is hardwired into your very brain and neurological system and biological functions? 
Yes, he is and can be a goofball, but he is a goofball with an awesome powerset, a powerset that should afford to let him be one until he is fighting someone at or above his level. 
Alright, getting off of my soap box now.

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@Morpheus_ said:
" Spider-man has obviously been trained, despite not being a master of anything.
That being said, Wade wrecks him. Not that there was any real point in the thread to begin with.