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A Mixed bag 2

 I am not sure how I feel about this. I mean its great to have another strong female character out there, and it definitely seems like female heroes are getting a big push in general, but there were just some really off putting things in this. Firstly: Batwomans art. The art everywhere else is fine, but when it comes to drawing Batwoman herself it just seems like one person did everything else while someone elses only task was to draw Batwoman, and because of that Batwoman and Kate look a...

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Aggravated (spoilers) 1

 I am not aggravated by anything in the book itself, I am aggravated by the fact that there is only 1 issue left before this series ends. This series pulled me in instantly, from its art style, to its story, to its coloring. Everything in this series has been great. It just sucks that its going to end in a month.In this issue though, we have Caseys further adventures to try and unlearn the spell that she originally learned from Strange, but does not get far as the two are quickly taken away to a...

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Anti-Climatic 1

Going into the final part of this 3 part series I was excited to see how it would end. Unfortunately, this excitement quickly faded as I read on. Everything in this issue seemed to be rushed just so it could be finished. While I am sure something more will come out of these characters, I personally would of liked another issue or two to make everything flesh out better. But unfortunately as it stands the issue, ended up being rushed and fell flat. The whole issue in itself is just no fun. The ch...

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Teetering Interest 3

 Rick Remender continues to pile the opposition on our new Sorcerer Supreme Jericho Drumm. And this is starting to wear on me. Granted it is only 3 books deep, but Voodoos only shining moment thus far was in the first seven pages of the first book. Other than that evil forces have done nothing but beat down Jericho with no hope in sight.In the first book we had Doctor Doom still thinking he was more deserving of been the new Sorcerer Supreme taking his anger out on Voodoo and then deserting him ...

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a review from a new reader 1

 Here we have issue 2 of Strange. For those who don't know Stephen Strange is the former Sorcerer Supreme. Now as I am just getting into comics I do not know what all caused his fall from the position. Now I do know he is having to come to grips with his decline and lack of power that he apparently took for granted. Now Strange seem to be on the level of a Las Vegas stage magician. He only has the most basic of spells, some of which he still cant perform on his own, and even then have a short sh...

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