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I hear what you are saying, I just wish I could belive you.


You have came back to me after the horrible things I have done,
still saying that you love me and how I'm the only one.
I messed up baby I made a mistake,
maybe sometime down the road our love will remake.
I promise to be loyal and love you with all my heart,
just like I should of from the start.
Trust me I'm not that same girl I use to be,
I would love another chance with you baby so you can see.
I will do anything for you to see you smile on your face,
being with you is the only dream I want to chase.

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Buh Bye

Everyone cry's
Every one has to die
So why try
To defy
Life would be pointless
If death was all I cared about
Dieing is inescapable
In time we will all perish, vanish
Back to the darkness, shadows
It's a blind vacation you can't refuse
Sometimes some people
Waste their whole lives
Worrying about dieing
That there whole life is passing right before their eyes
Life's too short to waste
To long to regret
It's okay to be afraid to die
It's okay to wanna cry
Thinking about when you'll go
Will it be in my sleep nice and slow?
I wouldn't want to be forgotten
Like lose change in your pocket
Dieing is the only destiny we all share
The only tragedy we all have to bear

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Would you?

Would you cry if I died,
because I'm gone forever?
would you look up at the stars,
and wish me luck in my endeavor?
Would you yell why?
and plead on your knees?
Would you be heartbroken,
because of what you were to me?
Would you go to my funeral,
because thats where I lie?
Would you go and view my dead body,
because you want to say goodbye?
Would you grip my hand,
because you never again get to?
Would you promise me, you'll never let go,
because our love is overdue?
Would you gasp for breath,
when I get lowered in the ground?
Would you visit me, to where I now reside?
So now I need to know.
would you, will you cry
if I died?

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The way it is supposed to be

When I think of you, I believe again.

I believe that true love really exists.
I believe in silver linings and pots of gold.
I believe in multiple rainbows strewn across the sky,
And a candle-lit path carpeted with rose petals,
Leading right up to you...

And as I reach the end of the path,
Time freezes,
And we're locked in a glass bubble
To be displayed on heaven's mantelpiece,
For the world to witness how it's supposed to be...

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War on Drugs (BNL)


She likes to sleep with the radio on
So she can dream of her favorite song
The one that no one has ever sung since she was small

She'll never know that she made it up
She had a soul and we ate it up
Thrown away like a paper cup
The music falls

The only flaw in her detailed plan
Is where she wins back the love of her man
Everyone knows that he's never coming back

He took her heart and she took his name
He couldn't stand taking all the blame
He left her only with guilt and shame and then she cracked

Won't it be dull when we rid ourselves
Of all these demons haunting us
To keep us company

In the dream I refuse to have
She falls asleep in a lukewarm bath
We're left to deal with the aftermath again

On behalf of humanity
I will fight for your sanity
How profound such profanity can be

Won't it be odd to be happy like we
Always thought we're supposed to feel
But never seem to be

Near where I live there's a viaduct
Where people jump when they're out of luck
Raining down on the cars and trucks below

They've put a net there to catch their fall
Like it'll stop anyone at all
What they don't know is when nature calls, you go

They say that Jesus and mental health
Are just for those who can help themselves
But what good is that when you live in hell on earth?

From the very fear that makes you want to die
Is just the same as what keeps you alive
It's way more trouble than some suicide is worth

Hard to admit I fought the war on drugs
My hands were tied and the phone was bugged
Another died and the world just shrugged it off

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Helicopters (BNL)

This is where the helicopters came to take me away
This is where the children used to play

This is only half a mile away from the attack
This is where my life changed in a day
And then it changed back
Buried in the din of rotor noise and close explosions
I do my best to synthesize the sounds of my emotions
This is where the allies bombed the school,
They say by mistake
Here nobody takes me for a fool, just for a fake
Later at the hotel bar, the journalists are waiting
I hurry back to my guitar while they're commiserating

And I'll be leaving soon
I'll be leaving soon

Just as soon as we were on the ground
We were back in the jet
Just another three day foreign tour we'd never forget
It's hard to sympathize with all this devastation
Hopping 'round from site to site like tourists on vacation

And I'll be leaving soon
I'll be leaving soon

I can't help anyone cause everyone's so cold
Everyone's so skeptical of everything they're told
And even I get sick of needing to be sold

Though it's only half a month away, the media's gone
An entertaining scandal broke today, but I can't move on
I'm haunted by a story and I do my best to tell it
Can't even give this stuff away, why would I sell it?
Everybody's laughing, while at me they point a finger
A world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer

So I'll be leaving soon
I'll be leaving soon
I'll be leaving soon

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It's all dead

I'm wrong, I know
I can't let go
It hurts, it stings
It's killing me.
I'm lost and found
You're not around
I feel, I cry
You said goodbye.
I bleed, I burn
It's not my turn
It's gone, I wait
It's far too late.
I cannot see
You wanna be free
My heart, my soul
It's feeling cold.
I want, I need
Why can't you reach?
The hours pass
I'm lost, I'm last.
My love, my strength
It's all dead.

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Nothing matters any more

My best friend was you,
Everything I believed in,
I would of giving you my life,
I would of giving you everything...
You earned my trust so good,
But then you lost it so bad,
I wish this wasn't true,
Why did you break my heart?
It's hard to smile sometimes,
After what you did to me,
It was like a cruel crime,
That made me who I don't want to be!
But I'll keep on going,
Like I was taught to do,
I won't look back,
I won't remember(forget) you...

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You can have it


Black holes burning,
Like acid through my heart.
The misery takes place in me,
to rip my mind apart.
The same song keeps on playing
somewhere inside my head,
If I could only kill the words,
and have silence there, in stead.
We'll dance somehow forever
in this long forgotten memory
But never be together
as we wished for us to be.
Time was not a factor
in how long we wished to wait,
but forever seemed a little too long,
And it appears to be too late.
Long gone letters of eternal love,
Written in blood and tears,
You were always the person I was dreaming of,
To salvage me from fears.
We would travel the world
Now I travel alone,
And only in my dreams
But you lay beside me like
A shadow in the dark
Gone when the daylight streams.
Black holes burning,
like acid through my heart
When every little bit is gone
You can have the last remaining part.

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