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Power Scaling One Piece (Part 2) - Alabasta Arc - Chapters 101-217

One Piece Power Scaling Part 2

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Note: Characters that were in the previous story arc that didn't show up for this arc did not make the list. So no Shanks / Mihawk etc.

Missing Characters

Island Sized Sea Monser - Placed under Dorry above Luffy - I honestly don't sea how Alabasta Luffy beats a Sea Monter that can swallow entire islands with volcanos whole. Crocodile and Smoker are Logia so they are fine.

Giant-San Dora Dragon - Placed under Chess above Laboon - Giant predator lizard that dwell in Alabasta Deserts hiding underground before attacking their pray. We see Luffy, Zoro and Sanji taking one out with a combination attack.

Banana Gator - Placed under Laboon above Sea Cat - Gigantic Predator that Crocodile keep inside of his fish tank. You would think that I should scale above Mr. 3 but no. Mr. 3 being eaten was only due to the water weaking him and not being able to use his abilities. Obviously the same techniques that mobilized the giants in Little Graden would do the same here. Mr.3 survived anyways. We see a Banana Gator easily being defeated by Sanji via one kick.

Sea Cat - Placed under Banana Gator above Chaka - Sea Cat has zero feats. Only here due to size. Should be relative to Momoo or Lord of the Coast.

Kung Fu Jugong - Placed below Dalton above Usopp - Kung Fu Juong is shown easily defeating Usopp in seconds. Is this a gag? Probably so but no other way to scale them. lol

Lapahn (Snow Rabbits of Drum Island) - Below Fullbody above Miss Goldenweek - The aggressive snow bunnies of Drum Island. No very strong. Taken down by Wapol's goons.

Erimaki Runners - Below Goldenweel above Vivi - The transport lizards for Crocodile

Dr. Ho - Below Toh-Toh above Pappag the Star Fish - Alabasta's Doctor - Zero feats

Previous Arc List

Power Scaling One Piece (Part 1) - East Blue Arc - Chapters 1-100

List items

  • Dragon doesn't make an appearance in Alabasta at all but his poster his revealed and he is named dropped for being notorious which is good enough.

  • Ace makes his debut in the Alabasta Arc saving Luffy from Smoker. The powers of Ace and Smokers are shown to completely cancel each other out. This is shown to be consistent in the One Piece Stampede movie with Sabo and Smoker. If it came down to just a Haki or hand to hand battle, I have no doubt Ace would mop the floor with Smoker based on Ace's performance against Blackbeard later on. Oda hadn't really fleshed the concept yet at that time and Ace is sort of a victim of that. But he is clearly meant to be really strong based on some his later feats in Marineford, novels and clashes with characters from later arcs in flashbacks, etc. Ace wields the power of the Mera Mera no Mi Logia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into an intangible form of fire and manipulate flames at will. It allows him to hover and fly in the air somewhat and gives him really large wide spread AOE when it comes to attacks. In Albasta we see him casually wipe out a row of ships with his Fire Fist and in Drum Island it is shown that his passive heat can stop the entire island from snowing. More on the Mera later.

  • Crocodile ends up losing to Luffy but I still have him ahead of Luffy due to the circumstances. Luffy straight up loses to him twice in a row and only wins through plot and having a water shooter which neutralizes Croc's logia. Crocodile suffers from being an early One Piece villain. Oda power scales him higher later on and even mentions in a SBS that he made Crocodile stronger because people called him weak. Crocodile has the power of Suna Suna no Mi Logia-type Devil Fruit allowing him to turn into an intangible sand person. He has some pretty busted abilities like being able to absorb moisture from his enemie body and leave them dehydrated. He also has a giant hook hand which he douses deadly poison on.

  • Nothing has changed in the Smoker / Luffy dynamic. His spot stays consistent. Crocodile has better feats and portrayal then Smoker though out the series so Smoker is below Crocodile by default. Smoker and Crocodile are above Dory and Brogy due to being Logia types who can't touched by them.

  • Has feat with Dory one shotting Island Devouring Sea Monster. Luffy never displays that kind of power through these arcs so giants are above Luffy by default.

  • Has feat with Brogy one shotting Island Devouring Sea Monster. Luffy never displays that kind of power through these arcs so giants are above Luffy by default.

  • Luffy is much stronger in Albasta arc compared to East Blue clearly but still below characters like Smoker due to not having Haki.

  • I feel comfortable putting Captain Hina above the likes of Alabasta Zoro, Mr. 1 and Sanji because she seemingly defeats Mr. 2 Bon Clay with low difficulty. (This is shown in a later cover story as well) And Bon Clay is shown to scale to Mr. 1 who pushed Zoro to extreme diff. You could argue she is above Luffy at this time as well but Luffy has the superior feat of fighting characters like Crocodile so I'll settle for this spot.

  • I actually think Miss All Sunday was stronger then both Zoro and Sanji in Alabasta Arc. Most of her showings are casually one shotting characters sucha as Pell and Chaka and she is paired with Crocodile who is Daz Bones superior.

  • Zoro is much stronger than he was in East Blue. Would take out Arlong now for sure. Gained the power to cut through steel defeating Daz Bones in an epic high difficulty fight. Zoro also shown clashing with Luffy is Whiskey Peak being relatively equal in strength which is interesting. His other notable feats through out these Chapters are beating lower Baroque Works members with ease. He shrugs off a brass knuckles hit to the face not even being phased from Miss Monday and beats her by simply palming her face with a strong grip. Strength wise Zoro is shown casually lifting buildings with one arm.

  • Easy pick. Mr. 1 Daz Bones is Crocodile's top agent. Gives Zoro the fight of his life using the power of his Paramecia type Devil Fruit, the Supa Supa no Mi which allows him to turn any part of his body into sharp steel blades. Even Smoker is surprised that Zoro is able to defeat Bones.

  • Sanji was really awesome as a character in the Grand Line Travels - Albasta Arcs. Showing off high IQ and the simp gimmick wasn't really over the top yet. Sanji being here is simple. He defeats Mr. 2 Bon Clay who is directly shown to scale to Mr. 1 Daz Bones. In the battle of kicks, Sanji emerged victorious in a competitive fight. I can't quite put Sanji above Daz Bones as he beat Zoro to near an inch of his life. He scales at the very least though. Other notable feats from Sanji include kicking and one shotting a gigantic Banana Gator really high into the air. One Piece characters are super human really early on.

  • Mr. 2 Bon Clay is here for being directly shown to scale to Mr. 1 in their scuffle. He has the power of the Mane Mane no Mi Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into anyone who he has physically touched. Which normally isn't all that effective in combat but it shown to be quite effective when turns his face into Nami during Sanji fight. Asides from that his combat style involves using kicks similar to Sanji.

  • Mr. 3 Galindo is this high simply for his overpowered Devil Fruit. The Paramecia-type Doru Doru no Mi allows user to create large quantities of candle wax from their body a control it. He was able incapacitate Zoro in Little garden with a giant wax cake and even shown incapacitating giants Dory and Borgy. (albeit injured giants.) He uses it to create giant defensive walls, clones and even mechanized looking wax robot fighter. The downside of this Devil Fruit is it's weakness to heat. Someone like Ace would be a nightmare matchup for Galindo. An apart from his Devil Fruit being strong, Mr. 3 is kind of a dunce.

  • Crocus was a formally a doctor of the Roger Pirates and spends his current days as Laboon's caretaker and overseer of Twin Cape Lighthouse that guide ship coming down from Reverse Mountain into the Grand Line. He is shown taking no signs of damage from Vivi and Mr. 9's bazookas an apparently partook in the battle of Roger vs Shiki. I literally have no idea where to scale this guy. Has virtually 0 shown combat feats.

  • Wapol is one of the most hated One Piece villains but he is actually pretty strong for early One Piece. It required a mid diff fight for Luffy to put him down in Drum Island and he actually gave Tony Tony Chopper a lot of trouble. Wapol ate the Paramythia typed cursed fruit which allows him to eat and chew on anything. He can shape his body into all sorts of weird comtraptions and has an unique ability of fusing items or people together.

  • Chopper maybe a sweet childish kid racoon dog (I mean reindeer) whose role is to be a medic but through out the arcs, especially early One Piece, he is shown to be a very competent fighter who even strategies in battle. He ate the Hito Hito no Mi Zoan-type Devil Fruit that turn him into a human hybrid. Also randomly gave him the ability to speak to and understand humans which is completely random and unique compared to other examples of this not being the case with other animals eating fruits. His combat style revolves around him using his various Points through eating Rumble Ball which transform him into a plethora of different Hyrbid Forms all with different usage. The most applicable to battle at this point in time was his Walk Point which gave him big muscles and super strength. Other Points were Brain Point and Walk Point. His Scope technique allows him to scan for enemy weakness. He was the true MVP in his tag team match alongside Usopp vs Mr.4 and Miss Merry Christmas.

  • Nami had a pretty massive upgrade this arc. Having Usopp build her the Climate Baton. It took a while for her to get use to but she figured out away to combine bubbles with cold air and hot air to create strong cyclones. (Tornado Tempo) She also can change the density of the atmosphere that cause light to refract resulting in her able to creates illusion mirages of herself. And finally she can use the Thunder Bolt Tempo which is a jolt of electricity which can cause significant damage and defeat characters like Miss Doublefinger Zala.

  • Miss Doublefinger Zala is partnered with Daz Bone and ate the Toge Toge no Mi which turns her into a spike human. She utilizes various techniques that see her using her entire body as spikes through different methods. She is defeated by Nami via Thunderbolt Tempo.

  • Pell is a weird one to place. His only real feat is being beaten by Robin low difficulty. He's like King Cobra's top bodyguard and plays a pretty significant role in the arc saving the country from a bomb. I'll guesstimate him around this area. He did survive a giant ass explosion after all. Pell ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model:Falcon Zoan-type Devil fruit which allows him to transform into a falcon and fly where ever he wants.

  • Mr. 4 is one goofy character. His name Babe is meant to be a parody of the famous baseball player Babe Ruth. He had his dog Lassoo eat the Dog-Dog Fruit Model: Dachshund, a cursed fruit o order to become a gun-dog. Lasso shoots exploding baseballs through sneezes and Mr. 4 assist by wielding a baseball bat weighing 4 tons (8000lbs) and smacking the ball for more momentum into the enemy. So even without the a Devil Fruit himself he is a very physically strong individual. He isn't so smart though. Infact, he is really really dumb. This is the only reason he is ranked below Mr.3 according to Crocodile.

  • Mr.4's dog Lassoo ate the Dog-Dog Fruit Model: Dachshund, a cursed fruit o order to become a gun-dog. Lasso shoots exploding baseballs through sneezes and Mr. 4 assist by wielding a baseball bat weighing 4 tons and smacking the ball for more momentum into the enemy.

  • Miss Merry Christmas Drophy ate the Mogu Mogu no Mi a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows user to transform into a mole hybrid. Gives her super strength, razor sharp claws and digging ability. Along with her partner, Mr. 4 she gives Usopp quite a beating. Usopp hilariously mistakes her for a penguin.

  • Octoako's only appearance in the Alabasta arc is throughout the cover stories. She makes offical appearance in story in Fishman Island Time Skip arc. She is a snobbish fish-woman that cares only for herself who Hatchan falls in love with. In one of the cover stories she appears to have knocked out Hatchan? So by default, I guess that means I put her over Hatchan.

  • Hatchan is on here due to being part of some cover stories. This where I'd think he'd be in relation to other characters of these arcs.

  • Chess is minster of defense under Wapol and somehow even has a worse design. He wields a bow and arrow as well as a rocket launcher in which he fires flaming projectiles and even tranquilizers at the enemy. He is show defeating Zoan form Dalton with one of his tranquilizers. I have him above big animals like Banana Gator because he could simply do the same to bigger targets. Wapol combined him with Kumomarimo to create Chessmarimo (even worse then then Pearl LOL) which ends up being defeated by Tony Chopper.

  • Laboon is here for his size. Tanked bazookas

  • Kuromarimo is Wapol's magistrate and has worse design then Wapol and Chess both... lol. His bests feats include defeating fodder guards. He wears boxing gloves and has many trick involving his afro utilizing static electricity and spikes. Wapol fuses Kuromarimo and Chess together to form Chessmarimo who gets defeated by Tony Tony Chopper.

  • Chaka the Jackal is one of King Cobra's head guards who serve under Igaram along side Pell. Although he plays a significantly lesser role. Being mostly a background character asides from being fodder to Crocodile and Robin. Chaka ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Jackel which allows him to transform to Hybird Jackel at will.

  • Dalron was formally a Royal Guard who served under Wapol. He is kind of just there... He ate the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Bison which allows him to transform into a Bison Human Hybrid giving him super strength. He is defeated by Wapol and later on by Chess's arrows so I obviously can't scale him that high. Dalton is shown wielding a large round blade.

  • Usopp kind of remands stagnant this arc. Nami surpasses him through the equipment he provided her. Makes you wonder why Usopp doesn't create such an invention for himself. His best feat this arc his surviving his skull being broken by Mr.4's 8000 lb hammer. Pretty insane durability for a character ranked so low. This also marks the debut of Usopp's "5 Ton Hammer" which is literally just two frying pans bolted to a stick covered with paper mache actually weighing 2kg. Mr. 4 like an idiot oversells his hammer strike like it actually weighs 5 tons. lol

  • Mr. 5 has the powers of Paramecia-type Devil Fruit Bomu Bou no Mi which allows user to have any part of their body explode. He would offten utilize this with his boogers which he tosses into the enemy for a long ranged explosion attack. At Whiskey Peak him and his companion Miss Valetine are complete jokes to Zoro and Luffy who one shot them. He is seen again in Little Garden getting the better of Usopp but I trust by Alabasta, Usopp could probably beat him one on one.

  • Miss Valentine Mikita is partnered with Mr.5. Her Devil Fruit is the Paramecia-type Kiro Kiro no Mi which allows her to her adjust her weight from 1 to 10,000 kilograms without effecting the size of her body. Often times, she would make herself extremely light causing the umbrella she holds to send herself in the air and then rabidly coming down on to her enemy by increasing her weight. Her and Mr. 5 are easily defeated by Luffy and Zoro in Whiskey Peak who barley even pay attention to them.

  • Jango returns in the cover stories which show the dynamic between himself and Fullbody leading up to their eventual friendship and they also appear together at the end of Alabasta. No real feats from Jango other then scaling above Fullbody. Saved him from attackers and is also shown to use his hypnosis on him. I have Jango above some of the large animals because I assume he can hypnotize them.

  • Hasami is a giant desert crab who helped Straw Hats and Vivi escape from Crocodile. He is reoccurring in some of the cover stories and even films. Strictly here for his size.

  • A Baroque Work's transportation turtle. Bunchi is just here for his massive size despite not being aggressive.

  • Again, Tashigi has no feats this arc. Other than, being completely beaten by Robin with low difficulty. But I'd like to believe she gets progressively stronger each arc leading up to her actually having Haki during the Time Skip. So, I'll raise her a little bit higher then last time. She crys at the end of the arc for being weak. Some character progression. Self-realization.

  • Fullbody returns in the cover stories which show the dynamic between himself and Jango leading up to their eventual friendship and they also appear together at the end of Alabasta. No real feats other then being jumped and saved by Jango before fighting along side him. Fullbody is notably beefier then he was before so probably stronger then he was last arc.

  • Miss Goldenweek Marianne is paired with Mr.3 and has the power of Colors Trap which is a painted-based hypnotic ability. Not even a Devil Fruit user? Weird. I have her in this middle ground area. She is clearly not a fighter but she has techniques that potentially render the enemy immobile.

  • Nefertari Vivi is princess of Alabasta Kingdom and honorary Straw Hat by the end of Alabasta Arc. She first comes into the story as a double agent going under the alias "Miss Wednesday" hoping to get the upper hand on Baroque Works. She is shown to be pretty agile and has cutting attacks using her Peacock Slashers and also has low tier hypnosis. Often riding on the back of her pet duck Karoo who is very clumsy. Vivi is pretty much treated like fodder from the likes of Luffy and Zoro on introduction and even loses to Mr. 5. Her best feats include defeating the likes of Mr. 6 and Miss Mother's Day. (Two goofy characters) And a funny thing I want to point out.. Despite being "undercover" she still attempted to kill Laboon with a bazooka. Not so good after all.. lol

  • Koza is just a meh character. He is Vivi's childhood friend and in the Alabasta arc, leader of the Arabsta Rebellion. Other then being courageous he is just a regular guy who has a sword and wields firearms. He is shown training with Chaka in flashbacks. Doesn't really have notable feats.

  • Not sure how this fodder ranked so highly as number 7. Very minor antagonist of the arc who goes down to Vivi along side his partner Miss Father's Day. Not much known about him other than his goofy design an being a sniper. Logically he should be more capable than other members ranked lower then him I guess... Just shows how fodder most of Baroque Works was. It's pretty hilarious.

  • Partner of Mr. 7 and has a hilariously goofy character design. Her entire attire is frog based because why? LOL. Has no feats other then being taken out by a propelled Vivi low dif. She wields a gun shaped like a frog named Gero Gero Gun and is likewise a sniper.

  • Igaram was a double agent infiltrating Baroque Works as "Mr. 8." He is patterned with Miss Monday. Igaram conceals hidden firearms which shoot out his funny looking hair. In Whiskey Peak he is easily defeated by Zoro. Durability wise he survived a ship explosion set off by Robin which is notable.

  • Igaram's partner during his infiltration of Baroque Works. Miss Monday is notably a body builder. Despite her strength she is able to cause minuscule damage to Zoro even after directly hitting his face with brass knuckles. She goes down to a simple face grib as Zoro applied pressure.

  • Mr. 9 was partnered with Vivi during her time as a double agent. He wields two steel bats and is shown to be pretty acrobatic. Feat wise, him and Vivi are easily defeated by Mr. 5 and Miss Wednesday.

  • Mr. 11 is detained by Smoker during a cover story I believe and later killed off by random no names wielding firearms while he was tied up. Zero feats. Only ranking based on his number.

  • Mr. 13 is an otter who is part of Crocodile's criminal origination Baroque Works An otter with shades. Pretty hilarious. He packs guns and wields sharp shells for close ranged combat as well.

  • Miss Firday is a vulture who works along side the otter Mr. 13. She utilizes machine guns on her backs while in mid air.

  • Spunky old woman. Probably stronger than most other non combatants.

  • GOATED character. Zero feats though.

  • Vivi's duck. Super clumsy.

  • Zero feats for the King of Alabasta.

  • Camie doesn't actually show up in Alabasta but she is show in cover story meeting Hatchan. She doesn't meet Staw Hats until Sabody.

  • Igaram's wife. No feats other then cooking.

  • Kouza's dad. Zero feats

  • Like Camie, shows up in cover story meeting Hatchan. What the heck is star fish suppose to do combat wise?

  • The camel that accompanied Vivi and the Straw Hats in Alabasta.