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Power Scaling One Piece (Part 1) - East Blue Arc - Chapters 1-100

Going through a fourth reread of the entire One Piece Manga and decided to power scale every single arc as I go along. If the character made an appearance in the arc or even a cover story he/she will make the list. This list covers the first 100 chapters of One Piece.

PS: Do not take the Tier List Titles such as "Top Tier" so literal. We all know Luffy is know where close to being a Top Tier yet. This is just in relation to this singular arc.

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Missing Characters not on CV Database:

Lord of the Coast - This is the Sea King that bite Shanks arm off. He'd be right under Momoo the Sea Cow if on list.

Mr. Minatomo - A character that didn't actually show up in the manga but Oda created him on the spot and gave him a name in a SBS when a fan asked him how the door fixed instantly after broken by bandits. It was Minatomo the door fixer!!!! He'd be right under Matsu in fodder tier I guess...

Next Arc List

Power Scaling One Piece (Part 2) - Alabasta Arc - Chapters 101-217

List items

  • No need to explain myself here. The Pirate King. Has no feats in the East Blue Arc. Is used as a way to present the story.

  • Initially I was going to put Shank below Mihawk as Pre-Yonko Shanks from Chapter 1 but Shanks actually makes a 2nd appearance in the East Blue Arc with the scars on his face and obviously a Yonko at that point in time. And ironically talking to Mihawk. Shanks asking Mihawk if he was around for a duel and Mihawk responding with "I don't fight one armed has-beens." Oda leaves the power scaling between the two vague early on. Also, addressing the Lord of the Coast biting Shanks arm off thing. Oda retconned this later on to where Shanks let his arm get bitten off on purpose. I really don't think Oda intended power scaling to get so crazy early on and just made adjustments. Funny as heck.

  • Dragon is this high up strictly though hype. Leader of the Revolutionary Army, Luffy's father, etc. He does some crazy thing with the weather and saves Luffy's from being executed by Buggy the Clown in Louge Town. Also prevents Smoker from going after him. Dragon was the most mysterious character of the East Blue Arc and still is one of the most mysterious even now. Could higher or lower on the list. My logic for having Dragon above Mihawk is..... is the fictional trope of sons surpassing their fathers. Mihawk is a ladder for Zoro to climb while Dragon is one for the main character of the story. I could be completely wrong on this though.

  • Feat wise, Mihawk was the most impressive character of the East Blue. casually obliterating a platoon of ships with wind pressure of his sword swing. (This is commonly done now but was impressive for early One Piece standards) Mihawk is known as "The World's Greatest Swordsman" We see this on display when he beats Zoro with the lowest of difficulties with a pocket knife. He is obviously an end game character and still one of the strongest in the series.

  • Funnily enough, in chapter 1, Ben Beckman is referred to as "First Mate." Oda actually doesn't reveal Beckman and Lucky Roux name until a fan ask him in one of the East Blue Saga SBS. He doesn't have any feats in East Blue other then bodying fodder mountain bandits but he is obviously very powerful being Yonko Shanks First Mate

  • Presumably Shank's 2nd Mate? Again, like Ben Beckman, Roux doesn't have any feats other then killing fodder mountain bandits but through hype he should obviously be above characters like East Blue Smoker.

  • Usopp's father and one of Shanks top men. In Film Red it is revealed that he has Future Sight. One of the best snipers in the series.

  • Smoker's spot here is easy to justify. Luffy doesn't have Haki and can do nothing about his Logia smoke powers. Smoker would have easily detained Luffy in Louge Town if not for Monkey D. Dragon. Smoker wields the power of the Moku Moku no Mi Logia type which turns him into an intangible smoke man who can basically fly. His weapons of choice is the Nanashaku Jitte which contain Sea Stone Prisim which Smoker uses to weaken Devil Fruit users.

  • Luffy being here is obvious. He beat his opponents in the East Blue clean cut fair and square. He was a really big fish in a small pond this arc. Luffy wields the power of the Gomu Gumu no Mi which turns him into a rubber man. He is effectively immune to bullets, highly resistant to any type of blunt force attack by non Haki users and is completely impervious to lightning. He uses to powers to stretch, inflate and a plethora of other creative ideas the he conjures inside of his mind. Similar Shonen character to Goku of Dragon Ball, he isn't the brightest when it comes to every day life but he is a genius in combat.

  • Arlong is Luffy's toughest opponent of the East Blue Saga and Oda portrays Arlong as above East Blue Zoro and Sanji through his combat interactions with them. Zoro couldn't cut through Arlong's nose with his blade (albeit, an injured Zoro) and he man handles both Zoro and Sanji before being sent through a large building and losing to Luffy.

  • Early on in the series, Zoro can be argued as not that far behind Luffy in strength. (We see evidence of this in Whiskey peak which isn't that far ahead of Louge Town) I re-read Zoro vs Hatchan recently and was thoroughly impressed by how skilled he was. I feel 100% comfortable putting East Blue Zoro above Don-Krieg even if it would require a high diff fight.

  • Don Krieg gave Luffy a hell of a fight in the Baratie arc. Clearly Luffy's 2nd strongest opponent of this arc not including Smoker. The bounties reflect this as well. One of the best fights of early One Piece which saw a lot of innovation from Luffy's abilities. Luffy had to work around Krieg's mass amount of weaponry which includes the likes of poison gas, sharp objects and projectiles.

  • Sanji was a heavy hitter in the series even early on. Defeating the power house fishman Kuroobi in Arlong Park. Even having a major disadvantage underwater at one point. Yes, Sanji did "loose" to Gin in Baratie but I attribute this to Zeff being held captive and Sanji being heavily injured prior. Taking damage that he otherwise wouldn't have took. I don't think there are enough feats from Sanji in the East Blue to justify putting him ahead of Krieg but I could see him beating Kuro.

  • Captain Kuro is a speedster and surprisingly very strong based on how he neg diffed Hypnotized Butchie. He speed blitzed two characters at once that were fast enough to swipe Zoro's blades. Wears gloves like Freddy Krueger in which utilizes blades.

  • Gin being this high up is due to him casually breaking through Pearl's defensive armor and giving Sanji a competitive fight. A fight which he won due to Sanji's prior injuries. Gin is Don Krieg's 1st Mate.

  • Hatchan is the self proclaimed "2nd Best Fishman Swordsman" and presumably Arlong's strongest companion. (We learn of the number 1 Fishman Swordsman in Fishman Island) He is a pretty versatility character with his limbs and his ink which can be used to blind people. Pushing Zoro to a high mid diff fight warrants him being this high on the list. One of the better fights of the East Blue Saga.

  • Kuroobi is a Fishman Karate practitioner and heavy power house for this early on in the series. He gave Sanji a pretty tough time in Arlong Park. I think he could probably overpower characters like Hypnotized Butchie based on progressive scaling.

  • Regular Butchi would be right next to brother Siam below Jango. This is Butchie post hypnotism with the enhanced strength. He was already fast pre hypnosis and with this additional buff he can create big craters in the ground upon jumping the air and landing.

  • Buggy The Clown was a pretty formattable opponent early on in the East Blue Saga despite being mostly used for gags now. Caught Zoro completly off guard and stabbed him in the rib cage. His Devil Fruit powers can be pretty tricky in the way he separates his limbs. The Bara Bara no Mi is a Paramecia type which Buggy swallowed by accident.

  • Zeff was once a notorious pirate before losing one his feet. He doesn't really have much feats but I can justify putting him above Pearl based on how casually he avoided Pearl's attack.

  • Has heavy defensive armor that I'm not sure if characters like Usopp can penetrate and has wide AOE fire based attacks. He is Don Krieg's 2nd Mate. Side Note: Pearl has to be the worst designed goofy One Piece character of all time.

  • This spot for Usopp is with heavy asterisks. He could just as well lose to characters 10 spots lower then him. He is a tactic based fighter who uses brain rather then brawn. His exploding projectiles have been shown to the attack potency to take out characters stronger then him like Jango. And we can't just ignore his W against Choo with multiple Usopp hammer strikes to the head.

  • Choo is pretty strong character for early One Piece despite losing to Usopp. He has these projectile bubbles that he can shoot from his mouth that can wipe out a good chunk of the forest. He should be able to one shot characters like East Blue Jango based on that.

  • Jango has Hypnosis abilities which can be very effective if opponent is dumb enough to sit around and await. But asides, from the hypnosis he is shown to be a pretty competent fighter. He would not have loss to Usopp's exploding attack if not for Zoro's distraction.

  • Siman is pretty skilled despite being very goofy looking. He was fast enough to swipe Zoro's blades and gave Zoro a slightly more challenging fight then what Cabaji offered.

  • Cabaji gave Zoro a pretty decent fight in Orange Town. He rides a unicycle will wielding a blade and has a bunch of other fancy tricks like tops and whatnot. Cabaji and Lion Tammer Mohji are equal and are in a shared spot. In a cover story they are shown have both knocked each other out.

  • Lion Tamer Mohji has a shared spot with Acrobat Cbaji. They knocked each other uncurious in cover story. Not much to say about Mohji. He has a pet Lion named Ritchie that he wields in combat. Feat wise, he just gets negged by Luffy.

  • Could be higher or lower on the list. Big imposing Sea King. But Luffy pretty much gave it the same treatment as Lord of the Coast. (The Sea King that bite Shanks arm off) Lord of the Coast isn't in the CV data base but if he was he'd be one spot below Momoo. Momoo tanked more. Took the same punch from Luffy and I believe two kicks from Sanji before going down.

  • Like Alvida, another fodder villain for both Luffy and Zoro can low dif individually even arly on. This guy some how has the same military rank as East Blue Smoker.

  • Zoro's teacher is completely featless. He should at least higher then known fodder based on his occupation.

  • If feels weird putting Tashigi this low but she didn't really do anything in Pre-Time Skip One Piece. Pretty much featless. She could be higher or lower then Morgan but it should be noted that she has a lower rank.

  • Nami doesn't really have a lot of combat feats in East Blue Arc other than knocking out nameless fodder by wacking them in the head with her pole. Her best feat in east Blue is probably easily detecting Usopp after he made a smokescreen and fake killing him. (Probably could have killed him if she wanted.) Another reason why Usopp's spot is with heavy asterisk.

  • Bell-mere use to be in Marines and should be some what competent in combat. We even see this in action, when she sweeps Arlong off his feat. Too bad she couldn't damage him.

  • Alvida is the first villain Luffy steamrolls. It takes absolutely minimal effort. You could maybe argue that post Devil Fruit Alvida would scale above likes of Cabaji and Mohj through portrayal but I haven't seen or don't remember any evidence of that. Feats are completely fodder. Sube Sube no Mi Paramecia type makes her skin really smooth and slippery allowing physical attacks to glide off her body.

  • Patty's best feat is beating down a starving Gin. Which isn't really saying much. I have Patty this high because he has a lot of weaponry and seems to be competent and using them. He just fought the wrong opponent in Don Krieg who has defensive armor. Patty also got low diffed by Pearl.

  • Eh.... Introduced in Logue Town. Completely featless. This is the projection guy that also gives us Bounty Reveals. His rank is a lot higher now then his debut here. I'd probably have him higher on the list if latter version. He survived in Marineford I guess...

  • This guy's only feat his getting one shot by Choo. So much for the self proclaimed "Elite Fighting Unit." Can't even beat a guy who lost to East Blue Usopp.

  • Fullbody's only feat in East Blue Arc is beating Johnny and Yoasku low diff. (Two characters who are featless) In return Fullbody got low diffed humiliated by Sanji right after.

  • She was an obstacle for Zoro early on but Kuina's just a kid. How high could I put her on this list really?

  • The Mountain Bandit from chapter one who was eaten by the Sea King.

  • Johnny is basically featless fodder who got neg diffed by Fullbody. Being a swordsman puts him above other fodder at least.

  • Yosaku is basically featless fodder who got neg diffed by Fullbody. Being a swordsman puts him above other fodder at least.

  • Ripper should have Dourki level of 5 I guess. lol. This is the guy that took orders from Morgan initially put Koby in the marines.

  • Carne's only feat is getting low diffed by Pearl while wielding a giant knife.

  • Genzo wields a firearm and survived a Fishman assault I guess.

  • Gaimon is only here because he packs a pistol. Would be lower then a bunch of the other fodders otherwise.

  • How is this guy even a Captain? The same rank as East Blue Smoker and current Koby... Complete fodder who was neg diffed with a platoon of marines on his side and gets wacked in the head by Nami as a closer. I was tmepted to put him even lower on the list. Cleary early One Piece.

  • Not even his real name... Not to be confused with the Mink Carrot later on. Viz goofed up here. Anyways, this an Usopp Pirate. A lot of spunk and courage but still fodder.

  • Boddle is a fodder I put higher then other fodder because of how spunky an assertive he is.

  • Weapon's shop owner in Louge Town. Higher then other fodder for owning weaponry.

  • Helmeppo was a very weak character in early One Piece. Very unlikable too. Character has made a 360 since then.

  • Koby from Chapter One East Blue Arc was a midget, spineless and really weak. His character arc involves becoming stronger over time. It's no surprise he is this low on the list early on.

  • No idea why Oda even bothered to give this random kid from Nami's town a name. lol