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Yusuke Urameshi easily bare minimum gets into the Large Planetary Ranges (in progress)

First I'm just getting get the direct translations from the Japanese out of the way before getting into feats.


  • Sensui who is Lower S-Class states that Human Realm can not handle 50% of his power
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  • The context is made clear when Yusuke ask Sensui why doesn't he just destroy the planet via flexing his power.
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  • Sensui responds by saying no. Because he loves the world, it's air and sky, etc.
  • This made is important that is literally no other context he can being talking about other then wiping out the planet when mentioning the air and sky.
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  • It should be noted that Sensui never went 50% on Earth at any point in time. Went through a hyperspace portal into the Demon Realm which is tens of thousands of times larger than Earth before going max power later on.
  • After the Chapter Black arc is over Genkai basically reaffirms Lower-S Class Yusuke could easily wipe out the planet
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Before anyone says "Hyperbole." No clearly not.

This is a Hyperbole.

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This is not.

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  • The author makes it abundantly clear what the intent is and the method of destruction.
  • There is no flowery language involved. There is no destroying of the planet via balancing effect or any of that nonsense.

A Sense of Scaling.

Basically in YYH the Demon Classification goes like this. Top to bottom

  • Upper S- Class (Eos Yusuke)
  • Mid S-Class
  • Lower S-Class (Sensui - at 2x Planet level via statements)
  • Upper A-Class (King Enma who can sink continents)
  • Mid A-Class
  • Lower A-Class
  • Upper B-Class (Toguro)
  • Mid B-Class
  • Lower B-Class
  • Upper C-Class
  • Mid C-Class
  • Lower C-Class
  • Upper D-Class
  • Mid D-Class
  • Lower D-Class
  • E-Class

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

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S-Class Demon Treat other S-Class Demon as fodder even

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Raizen form Yusuke was many order of magnitudes stronger then Sensui and low diffed within a couple of panels. And we also see Upper-S Class one shot 48 other S-Class Demon into outer orbit later on.

  • The gaps between classes is massive enough to where Demons of the same class can completely atomize one another. I will post scans later on.

Size of Demon World

There is no possible way to get an accurate size of Demon World, but you could at very least get a bare minimum size.

From what we already know of Demon World, it is stated to be endless, vast and deep with unimaginable depths etc.

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I'm going to come back and cover this section in more detail when I get off work later on. But stuff I'm going to through out there which is relevant to what I will be covering is...

  • Yusuke running to Raizen's country for 5 days straight without rest and how this can be used to get a bare minimum estimate
  • The size of Okuneju Trees which house

Large Planet Level Feat Bare Minimum

In the anime (yes using the anime because Togashi had health problems and could not flesh out the arc in the manga) Yusuke and Yomi trade punches which results in a massive blast of energy to shoot into the horizon with the curvature of Demon World being fully visible.

  • Here is curvature of Demon World in the scene that Yusuke sends 48 other S-Class Demon into outer orbit via blitzing and one shotting them. Outlined in red.
  • The dots in horizon that look like stars are the Demons Yusuke sent flying
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  • After 59 hours of fighting Yusuke and Yomi trade punches resulting in this
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  • Atari HMB took the calc Death Battle used for Sasuke vs Hiei but with more accurate Demon World sizes
  • On the Mid Lower End gets 229790 Zettatons of TNT or 229 Yottatons of TNT meaning Large Planetary ranges of power from just traded punches of fatigued characters.
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Remember this is after 59 hours of fighting.

Potential Star Level Meta

  • If you take statements like there being same amount of countries in Demon World as there are stars (which is in the billions) then you are easily looking at Star level Yusuke based on his feat being curvature based.
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But personally, I do not use this. It's fun notion the thing about but statement could be hyperbolic and not as clear cut as the Sensui and Genkai ones. (This would also only apply to anime Yusuke)

To Be Continued...

This is still ongoing.

I'm going to post more information on Okunenju Trees and the distance Yusuke traveled to get to Raizen's country, etc. Lots of stuff I still have to add.

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