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Better Luck Next Year 0

UpsideI picked up the recent X-Files: Conspiracy LS because I was just excited it existed. As a general principle, more X-Files is better. So the appearance of this Annual delivered the same pleasure. Double-sized issue; more should be better. Unfortunately, other than the back-up story art, this issue is at best an exception to prove the principle.DownsideI’m not a fan of the ‘annual as anthology’ approach. I think that if you are going to produce an annual, you should have a ...

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Timeline Saved, Promise Not Delivered 0

While this review is attached to issue 2, it reviews the 6 issue mini-series as a whole.UpsideWhen this series was announced, I was excited to see IDW expanding their X-Files offerings. The on-going Season 10 series has been a lot of fun and I immediately resolved to vote with my dollar to support IDW’s continued investment in this franchise. Sure the idea of a story crossing over with the Ghostbusters, Transformers, TMNT and Crow franchises sounded a bit goofy, but the important thing was...

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The Five Year Mission Can Wait 0

The GoodMike Johnson's plot in Star Trek 25 feints right effectively and then drive HARD left, moving the crew of the Enterprise well down the field into an interesting new arc. The issue starts with the ship docked at a space station, preparing for their departure for the first-ever five year mission. There are hellos, good-byes, equipment checks, and it feels like this will be a character-development issue, short on action. We meet Sulu's little sister, who is joining the crew. It is eas...

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As Interesting As It Is Ugly 0

It is difficult to confuse and fascinate a reader at the same time, but that is exactly what scripter Joe Harris achieves in this book. On the first reading of this book, I was not at all sure what was going on but I was not put off by that at all. I just wanted very much to figure it all out. After the second reading, I understood the events and connections more clearly but the emerging story of the Acolytes remained surrounded by interesting mysteries. This is great comic writing. Plus Cigare...

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Can’t Judge a Gorn by its Fangs 0

No Good/Bad/Verdict structure can apply to a review of this book. It was just plain great.Great Cine-Comic Continuity: Even though the “After Darkness” banner disappeared from this issue, Mike Johnson continues to weave connections back to the last movie into his script. A motivation for Kirk’s use of Spock in this mission is explained with reference to the last story in this book combined with two plot points from the movie. Kirk’s final decisions are given their context by the actions of the ...

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Transporter Beams Can Lie 0

The GoodLast issue’s cliff hanger was intense, so this issue was in a good place for an immediate payoff. We’re thrown into an intense fight in the middle of a lava field, with Kirk having to make a tough decision. The drama is played up by the coloring from the folks from Stellar Labs. The blacks and reds of the planet are sharply contrasted with the aqua tint given to the usually flat white interior of the Enterprise. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Very effective.Also well done were the emotional scene...

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Under a Candy-Pink Sky 0

The GreatThe writing. Joe Harris’ script, from his co-plot with X-guru Chris Carter, moves the story of Scully’s abduction by the Acolytes forward with style. We get a chunk of Mulder’s search, a chunk of Scully’s struggle and each both answers questions and poses new mysteries. And then is gets amazing. The where, how and what now revealed for The Lone Gunmen is SO COOL. If the new TLG hideout becomes a base of ops for this series, the possibilities are excellent.The OkayThe art. Michael Walsh ...

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Hot Time on New Vulcan 0

The GoodThis series often likes to give new takes on Star Trek TOS concepts, so I expected Spock’s Pon Farr experience to take a different turn. But the turn I expected was a relationship turn – focusing on the impact the Vulcan blood fever had on his relationship with Uruha. There’s some of that, but man does it quickly take a hard left into the unexpected too. This Spock’s fever on New Vulcan makes the original look like a slight cold.Erfan Fajar can really draw Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura. His...

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A Bit Too Far 0

The GoodRemender continues to simultaneously pull off non-stop action and intense character decision points at the same time. A lot of what matters in this book happens via dialogue but the conversations are woven so tightly into the action that the pace never slows down to focus on the relationships. The character reveal at the end was intense, not so much in who it was (pretty obvious from the cover) in how and when the character entered. Like most books in this run so far, the last page incl...

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I'm a believer 0

The GreatSimply seeing these characters back in action. I didn’t realize what a gap they had left until I saw them again.The GoodThe story has a quick start and Chris Carter and Joe Harris craft an expert plot that pulls the reader in with a mix of shocks and mysteries. If you like creepy, the little girl in this issue is for you. Harris really catches Mulder’s dialogue, especially in his interactions with Skinner. Artwise, the faces of the lead characters and their expressions are outstanding. ...

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Out of the Dark, Into the Heat 0

It looks like there is not a regular review of the ongoing Star Trek comic book, so I will take a shot at covering it for a while. Hopefully, next month I’ll get it closer to the issue date.The GoodIf you are frustrated or distracted by the differences between characters in the comics vs. the corresponding cinematic universe, then IDW’s handling of Star Trek is your antidote. Star Trek: Into Darkness screenwriter Roberto Orci is a plot consultant for the comics and the integration between the f...

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