My Favorite Asgardians

I've been reading a lot of Thor back issues lately, so I have Asgardians on my mind.

List items

  • Lady Sif was a very early strong female character for Marvel. Males tried to defend her like a damsel and she pushed through and showed them she was a warrior. Why Thor ever looked at another female when Sif was around was always a mystery to me.

  • Because he's Thor. Founding Avenger. No need to elaborate.

  • Maybe it's because I wrote a paper in grad school on Matthew Arnold's 'Balder Dead.' (Great narrative poem, btw) Maybe it's because of the sparks that fly in his relationship with Karnilla. No matter why, Balder is fascinating.

  • Up here on the list is where you would expect the favorite villain to go. Sorry, Loki. Amora is way more interesting. Not only is she gorgeous to look at, her combination of being devious but sometimes conflicted makes her fascinate. Plus she has the incredible super power of making Thor forget other women (see Sif above).

  • Not that I particularly like him, or find him very interesting. But when he pulls out his full power, the results are so staggering.

  • His character is as big as his frame. I've loved watching writers assert him as more of a hero after he was created initially as buffoon relief. When your character is so intense even a great actor like Ray Stevenson can't do you justice, that's impressive.

  • You start the Warriors Three, you have to have them all. Their characters work as a unit. Fandral's so dashing because of his contrasts with the others. On a sword & spear battlefield, I'd want Fandral and Sif on my right and left.

  • Can't blame for being boring, it's his job. Grim is how his mace makes opponents feel too.

  • Don't get too comfortable. He can see you right now.

  • Okay, the name says he’s not of Asgard. But it gets interesting when he shows up there. Seriously, he’s as hardcore a dragon as you're ever going to see.