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My comics life began on the slopes of Mt. Wundagore when I bought my first Avengers book (186) and was hooked. I read a lot of Marvel books through the late 70s early 80s, then stopped reading comics in high school.

I was away from the medium for over 20 years and missed a lot. Luckily, in middle age I gained the comfort with myself to go back and starting enjoying a lot of things I got too cool, or too old, or too serious, or too whatever for in the past. Initially, I just figured I would read around in the decades of back issues I had missed and never try to get current. But then listening to some comics podcasts, it sounded like some exciting stuff was going on. I jumped back into the current scene with Marvel Now Captain America 1. We'll see where it goes...

See my lists for my favorite franchises. My art taste runs to classic superhero style, with lots of detail and finished looks, clean layouts that don't interfere with the story.