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Buts are for horses 0

So f****** hilarious. When I saw the cover I thought "X-Factor in Las Vegas? No way. A issue dedicated to show Layla and Longshot making a killing at every casino on the city". Luckily, it's much more than that and David takes adventage of the rare framework of the city to reward us with a lot of funny episodes of characters interaction. If some day Liefeld returns Shatterstar to the basis, I gonna miss the amusing troublemaker from Peter David a lot. Every scene involving him or his "father" ar...

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Deconstructing Laura 0

 Good issue. Marjorie Liu gives a pretty good portrait of Laura's world show us how all the players of her enviroment react to the enigmatic girl. Instead of relapse in the things that allready we know, the writer developes the feelings of the kids and other inhabitants of Utopia about her. Not like comics characters but real youngs of they're old. Perhaps it's not a relevant tale to the fate of the mutankind, but after all the last events I miss know how the characters mature with them. ...

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