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Wonder Woman Movie Scared of them getting her all wrong!

Im a big WW fan girl not hard to tell, i love the post 52 WW with all her powers and abilities making her the strongest female DC hero, the new 52 she is still powerful but not yet on her old level, If they do this movie let them show the world how really powerful she is, and show everybody that you don't need to be super to be a hero when you can be a wonder. i hope the writers do not try and changes her story and i pray they use the post 52 story, mixed in with the new 52. But i truly think if it is anything like the WW animated movie, but much more in detph it would be a best seller, maybe a block bluster, but i dont think so on the first one.

What you you guys feel and think about the WW movie they are trying to make this time around.

Wonder Woman Movie
Wonder Woman Movie

and they better make her look something like this